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Posted on October 25, 2011
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I love to go to dance clubs. I always have since my first dance club experience around the age of 17…. Ask me the story sometime – it’s hilarious and resulted in me being grounded (oops!!!). Anyway. I love getting dressed up. I love moving my body to the beat and singing along with the songs I know. I love connecting with my girlfriends. I love enjoying a glass of champagne. It’s just so much fun! Unfortunately, I don’t do it nearly often enough…. mostly because I work 60+ hours a week and by the time the weekend comes, I’m not able to shake my 10pm bedtime. But it was a girlfriend’s birthday about a week ago, so I decided to help her celebrate at Masa in Tacoma.

I had asked another friend to join us, but she wasn’t able. So she and I agreed to meet first for a drink so that she could get home early. Well, we only decided to meet about 35 minutes prior to our meeting time. In case you don’t know – I live about 35 minutes from Tacoma. Which meant that I needed to leave NOW. I ran into my closet and grabbed the first shirt I saw, kept on my same jeans, forgot jewelry and perfume, didn’t get to touch up my hair or makeup, brushed my teeth, threw on the heels that were on my kitchen floor and I was out the door. Needless to say…. I looked fine, but would usually take at least a little care to touch up here and there as needed.

Fast forward to the dance floor. My girlfriend and I are shaking our booties. The dance floor is pretty empty, but surrounded by all of the people that didn’t want to be seen dancing on an empty dance floor. I see a body pass me on the left, and then from behind me someone leans towards my ear and says, “You’re the most radiant woman here and I thought you should know.” I smiled and thought, “Me? Who barely brushed her teeth? Who nearly threw on dirty clothes as she ran out of the house?” I was flattered!

I forgot to mention one other thing I love about dancing – people watching!!! So over the course of the evening, I was watching all of the girls walking in (and of course noted what they were wearing). I can’t tell you how many girls had obviously spent HOURS getting ready, and had ended up wearing something that visibly did not jive with their being, didn’t fit their body type, or was the wrong size. I saw a ridiculous amount of fidgeting, adjusting, repositioning body parts, etc. as it was clear they were not comfortable in what they had worn that evening.

This was my full circle moment. The girl who was 100% in line with what she was wearing (even though it was rushed and casual) was the one getting asked to dance (and for her phone number) repeatedly. And the girls who had spent hours primping their looks, but were obviously uncomfortable – were alone on the dance floor, or standing on the side.

While I do not go to dance clubs to meet guys – let me impart some wisdom on those of you that do….. it’s more about how you feel in the clothes you are wearing, than what you wear. Don’t get me wrong – what you wear is a little important (ie. If I ever see anyone in Uggs or Crocs at a dance club I will do them a favor and slap them). But in general – your inner feelings will translate to your outer appearance. So wear something that makes you shine :-)

“Know first who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.” -Euripides


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