Take a Minute and BRAG a Little!!!

We have such a difficult time bragging. We're taught that it's selfish, and inappropriate, and egocentric, etc. Every connotation with bragging is negative, am I right?

What if I told you that it's actually incredibly healthy to brag? 

Last week on a group call with my business coach, she actually made us brag. Like - no holds barred, full-on BRAGGING about how amazing we all are. That call changed my life.

I will fully admit that there is a place for being humble, but only if we also recognize that there is a place for bragging as well. I just feel like we all spent too much time being humble, and that the actual split should be 15/85 (humble/bragging). 

Because what are our accomplishments if we can't celebrate them?

This afternoon, I hosted an online hangout where six of us spent 20 minutes gushing about how amazing we are and how amazing our lives are. From engagements, to new relationships, to graduating college, to moving across the country, to being grateful every day - we celebrated ALL OF IT! Not only is it powerful to recognize these things within ourselves..... but verbalizing it and having witnesses takes it to an entirely different level.

My intern looked at me after it ended and said, "Even though you made me be on that call.... Thank you. It feels so good to recognize and be acknowledged for my accomplishments."

Need a takeaway from this blog?


And if you don't have anyone to talk to at this exact moment, share your brag in the comments below so that I (and all the other readers) can witness and celebrate your amazing, courageous, and remarkable life!

Imagine a time.....

This amazes me and saddens me at the same time.Imagine living in a time where your utterly exceptional talents were...

Posted by The Feminine Key on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Growing Pains

Why is it that when I think of reaching out to ask for support from my network my mind is filled with "what if they think I'm using/abusing our relationship?" or "what if I come off as too sales-ey and they say no?" My logical mind knows that the people in my network support me - and most of you have reached out to tell me as much! But my heart always seems to forget this when my inner naysayer jumps up with all of her "what if"s.

I'm facing some major growing pains today. Like the ugly-crying-and-blowing-my-nose-like-a-trumpet kind of growing pains while my cats circle me with thoughts of "WTF is going on with her?" and "Just make her stop." 

Because let's be honest - while I've 'committed' to my new path, I've still very much found a way to play it safe and not have to put myself out there. I mean, I've kinda told some people about it..... I've created a Facebook page (which I haven't advertised)...... I've changed my job title on all my social media...... But I haven't actually taken the bull by the horns and declared my new vision to the world. Which does two things:

1. It protects me from rejection. Yay! I can just kinda put my intentions a few places on the internet and hope that someone who needs my services see it - while also sheltering me from any negative feedback or criticism. 

This is the common reason that we don't fully embrace our dreams, right? But we also fail to recognize the second reaction to this behavior.....

2. It prohibits me from success. Because, to quote my mantra from last year, if you don't ask the answer is always no. By holding back, I'm not actually embracing my potential and achieving my definition of success.

When I launched The Inspirational Woman Project kickstarter last year, I had no hesitations. I knew it was going to be successful. Someone asked me what the plan was if it wasn't fully funded, and the thought had not even occurred to me. How can I take that fearless (and maybe naive) approach and apply it to my current actions? How can I view my new services like I viewed the project and just embody the success of it without focusing on my doubts and hesitations? How can I turn my head off and dive heart-first into this new role?

It's funny that this is what I inspire women to do all the time. And I inspire them to JUST LIVE their dreams. And to take actions. And to love on their resistance while moving through it. I guess this is what makes me an expert in what I do, because I'm not just saying it to inspire others - I'm living it everyday with them. 

I think what frustrates me about giving into my resistance more than anything is that I AM A BOLD ACTION TAKER! I don't sit around waiting for life to come to me - I do what it takes to make quantum leaps in my life despite any anticipated failures. So why am I allowing this discomfort to hold me back?

I was smart enough to reach out for help to move through this. Two very important people reminded me of my presence and my power to say to myself, "I love you, but I'm doing this anyway."

What I realized was that it really boils down to was acceptance. Because inspiring women isn't just what I choose to do, it's WHO I AM. It's interesting how this simple reframe allowed me to embrace myself and my place in the world to such an extent that my excuses no longer matter.

This is how it feels and this is what it looks like when you open your heart to follow your passion for serving the world..... Here's to boldly asking for what you want today and everyday. And embodying your passions as more than just 'what you do' but instead who you are in the world. 

I'm off to go reach out for some support and declare my vision to the world.......

Vlog: The Truth About "Success"

The vulnerable truth: When I appeared on the Today Show and everyone called me a success, I actually felt like a failure because I only had $20 in my bank account at the time. What does it mean to be "successful?" How do you view it vs. how society views it?

Baroni's Inspiration Collection

How do you stay inspired?

This is a question that I have begun asking everyone. It is a common question for me to pose on my weekly podcasts and in general life. It's such a powerful question. So many of us are out doing LIFE CHANGING work in the world - so what do we do for ourselves to keep from burning out and continue to inspire the world around us?

One way that I have found is to literally imprint reminders into my life. I've done it historically through tattoos, but let's be honest.... seven is enough for this girl!

Which is why I was so excited and honored to find Baroni jewelry's Inspiration Collection. Their pieces are great reminders to keep gratitude and love in your heart, around your finger, and in your daily thoughts. 

I have worn my "Practice Gratitude" ring daily since it arrived in the mail. It regularly brings my attention and focus back to the happy, positive things and people in my life. While also keeping my style game strong!

What I've found since wearing the ring and journaling daily on gratitude is that gratitude begets gratitude. And only great things can grow from there. My life has seen more abundance, love, and success just from this simple mindset shift.

This wrap bracelet is my other favorite.

"Join me in the pure atmosphere of gratitude for life." -Hafiz

It's completely outside of my normal jewelry routine, but I think that's why I love it so much. It's an exploration into a new world of jewelry for me! And so far it's working like a charm!!! These Baroni pieces have elicited SO many positive comments....

Check out Baroni's Inspiration collection on their website to infuse your life with some inspiration and gratitude reminders. I promise their pieces work to keep your energy in a positive flow and your vibrations high!

An Evening of Indulgence!

Last week we hosted a Girls Night of Indulgence with The Caress Forever Collection at Baby Bea's Bakeshop - the hottest new bakery in Beverly Hills! Women were greeted with a delicious array of baked goods from mint chocolate cupcakes to cake pops to champagne - and even some gluten free selections!

The purpose of the event was for the women to truly allow themselves a night of fun, connection, and inspiration - a time to indulge for themselves! The spark for the event came during a conversation with Beatrice (founder of Baby Bea's Bakeshop) wherein we observed women holding themselves back from what they really want in life. Ranging from a simple cupcake to that dream job or making a big move - a lot of women tend to talk themselves out of their desires.

So, why not throw an event where women can just say yes to taking time for themselves without agenda? Or to that cupcake (or three!) that they would usually decline? Or getting their hands dirty to play with frosting?

What I've realized about life as I get older is this:

I much prefer collecting GREAT people and experiences to things.

This night was one of rejuvenation. And, even if just for an hour or two, allowing ourselves to let go to smile, toast, be messy, and overload with sweets. There is nothing like laughing and dreaming with a room full of amazing women. 

So..... Please share with us - What can you do CONNECT and INDULGE in your life this week?


The Caress Forever Collection is the world's first body wash with fragrance touch technology. The breakthrough technology of Fragrance Release PearlsTM releases bursts of perfume with every touch of your skin. The collection delivers long-lasting, unforgettable, fine fragrance for up to 12 hours.

And a huge thanks to Jen Renee Photography for the amazing images from the night!!!

IWP Launch Party!

It's been just about a month since our Los Angeles launch party for the Inspirational Woman Project. I feel a little guilty that this hasn't come sooner.... but once you know what I know about the past month, I guarantee you'll understand ;-)

What an amazing evening! We were so lucky to have around 150 women join the party, including 18 amazing women from the book who shared their inspiration on a panel. PLUS - we couldn't have pulled off the night without the following sponsors and partners: Caress, GLAMSQUAD, Hint Water, TGIF Guide, and Women Empowered. 

And we're so excited to announce that an image from our Caress photobooth ended up in OK Magazine! You can see more photos from the event HERE and from the photobooth HERE.

OK Magazine Italia Ricci

Thanks again to everyone who attended! And don't forget.... if you purchased a book, be sure to send us your 100th woman answers so we can share them on our social media!

VLOG: A New Transition, A New Plan

Hm. This. 

I made an announcement this morning about my mentorship program that I've been developing. And was reminded last night by a few lovely women that the best way to impact the lives of others is to share my story. Sometimes my story isn't pretty, but it's still my story. So..... This is what a leap of faith looks like. From the front lines.

Part 1 - The Announcement (4/2)
Part 2 - My breakdown (3/31)

SoGal Pitch Summit

March is Women's History Month. While I believe it's important to look back and celebrate what has happened in our past, it's equally important to recognize how our actions now will be looked back upon. The SoGal Summit happening in Los Angeles on March 28, 2015 (this Saturday!) is an event that could change the course of history for women.

The SoGal Summit is a day-long event created to empower young millennial women to take the lead in entrepreneurship by providing the mindset, inspiration and resources to succeed in all aspects of their startup journey. Hosted by GirlsUp, the event features fireside chats, keynotes, entrepreneur lifecycle panels, and mentoring sessions with over 40 top-notch female CEOs, investors, executives and influencers in Southern California. 

I sat down with the founder, Pocket Sun, to find out more:

You're about to host Southern California's largest all-female entrepreneurship summit. What inspired you to do this?

When I started my organization GirlsUp in November, I was amazed by how fast the young female entrepreneur's community was able to grow. Sara Clayton, President of Girls in Tech USC, had a similar idea as well, and I thought it would create a unique opportunity to connect female students to successful women mentors, experts and investors.

Why do you think there is still a gap between female and male entrepreneurship?

When I came to USC, I went to many entrepreneurship events, both inside and outside the school. At Startup Equinox, I was one of the three females on stage among 40 teams or individuals. I've heard girls complain to me that they felt intimidated and uncomfortable going into "a men's world". I am taking a class teaching venture investment in startups, and we have venture capitalists and entrepreneurs as guest speakers every single week. But throughout the whole semester, there are NO women coming to speak. None. This is not the right message we want to send to female students in college. 

What are the main issues facing women entrepreneurs?

  • Lack of role models - Most CEOs are men; most success stories out there are about men; most speakers and mentors are men... Women can feel excluded. Or even worse, they feel not good enough and disadvantaged because they are female. When there's not enough female investors, women's startup ideas are less likely to be valued and funded. 
  • Underestimation and underselling - One of the most common responses I got from young women about starting their own businesses is "That's good, but I think I'll start my business when I am 30 / richer / more experienced / more resourceful / more mature...". What I've been trying to do is to convince them that they are just as ready and equipped as anyone else. At this young age, people WANT to see you succeed! Women are less comfortable about "bragging" than men. They can lose an opportunity because the world doesn't know how good they really are!
  • Lack of access to essential skills - Few women are in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields, and few women have sufficient knowledge to handle finances. Traditionally labeled as "guys' thing", these skills are very essential to a startup's success. 

How can women entrepreneurs overcome these issues?

  • Be in the right network - Being around a group of motivated, driven, ambitious women is the fastest way to get yourself going. GirlsUp is growing this community in Los Angeles at an amazing speed by bringing together like-minded young women who are not afraid to chase their dreams. You never know how quickly your business will grow with the right network!
  • Learn how to sell - Find the genuine voice in you that is persuasive enough to close deals. Know what you are good at and let people know about it. Getting a coach can be helpful! 
  • Be fearless - You lose 100% of the shot you did not take. I've always told myself that and have seen amazing things happen out of it. Do things that scare you a little bit first, and the rest is easy. 

What is your vision for the next generation of female entrepreneurs?

The next generation of female entrepreneurs should be hard to define, because they can wear many different hats all at once - founders, executives, speakers, writers, travelers, mentors, students, chefs, fashionistas, creators, artists, yogis, surfers... Meeting a diversity of young women every day has inspired me to build a collaborative community and make more magic happen for them. They are more connected than ever, and more supportive of each other. There are so many opportunities to create amazing things together just through meeting each other. I am very excited to see that many GirlsUp members have taken actions on their venture ideas since joining, and hopefully the SoGal Summit will open even more doors for them!

Join the over 330 women who have already registered (including myself!) HERE. See you Saturday!