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The Inspirational Woman Project has been a labor of love since July. I have poured most of my waking moments (and even some of my sleeping ones!) into making this project a reality. So when I woke up to an email from the printer this week, I about burst seeing the first images of the finished product.

When a person has spent as much time and energy, and poured as much love into a project..... to describe the feeling of seeing it come into reality is indescribable. I truly want this book (and subsequent movement) to change the world - and each of the lives it touches. 

The book is for sale HERE - with shipping happening in mid-December. The book makes a perfect holiday gift for the women in your life (and is also good for recent grads!). The 99 women featured are nothing short of powerful, motivational, and unstoppable! As is the 100th woman in the book - YOU! The final interview in the book is blank so that your story can be included as part of The Inspirational Woman Project. We are developing a way for you to share your story directly with us as well, so stay tuned!


Being a fashion designer means that I am always put together and have an amazing closet filled with fun, inspiring clothes, right? Well, my secret is: I hate dressing up. I mean, I love getting dressed up.... but it's the deciding what to wear and how to pair things. It stresses me out. 

On any given day, I am super casual - skinny jeans, flats, and a tank or tee. I dress as minimalistically as possible because my main focus is usually being productive and making strides in my business.

2012 was my first year of attending fashion week events. I went to nine shows over a course of two weeks. Leading up to this - I was a complete wreck. Luckily my best friend went through my closet to find my outfits, then took me to the mall to finalize the looks with accessories. Then we photographed each of the complete outfits so that I knew exactly what to pair with each look for each night.

This year again I had nine events to attend in two weeks. But instead of going to the mall to find my accessories - I reached out to my network of inspirational women. I pulled together looks featuring three jewelry designers, a shoe company, my handbag designer, and a fellow fashion designer (plus a little Bri Seeley for good measure!).

Dress by Kucoon | Clutch by MOFE | Necklace by Joanna Morgan

Dress by Kucoon | Clutch by MOFE | Necklace by Joanna Morgan

Dress by Kucoon | Clutch by MOFE | Necklace by Joanna Morgan

Dress by Kucoon | Clutch by MOFE | Necklace by Joanna Morgan

I find this calm confidence in surrounding myself with the work of powerful women - that are talented to boot! Plus, it gives me great talking points to brag about their talents when someone compliments me!

Necklace by Safia Day | Cuff by Robyn Rhodes | Handbag by MOFE | Shoes by Sole Society | Sunglasses by ZeroUV | Dress by Bri Seeley

Necklace by Safia Day | Cuff by Robyn Rhodes | Handbag by MOFE | Shoes by Sole Society | Sunglasses by ZeroUV | Dress by Bri Seeley

Cuff by Safia Day | Handbag by MOFE | Skirt by Bri Seeley

Cuff by Safia Day | Handbag by MOFE | Skirt by Bri Seeley

Blouse by Bri Seeley | Cuff by Safia Day

Blouse by Bri Seeley | Cuff by Safia Day

Check out the websites of these amazing women/brands that I am proud to know:
Safia Day
Robyn Rhodes
Joanna Morgan
Sole Society

Oscar de la Renta

Yesterday, one of the greatest fashion designers of our time passed away. His legacy lives on in his spectacular creations worn by the likes of Jackie Kennedy, Sarah Jessica Parker and Princess Diana. A man who wasn't only talented but kind, joyful and full of wisdom. His words will continue to inspire designers like me when he said, "My job as a designer is to make a woman feel her very best". In his honor, we have picked six of our favorite fashion moments from the great designer himself.

Amy Adams at the 2013 Academy Awards

Amy Adams at the 2013 Academy Awards

Lupita Nyong'o at the White House Correspondants Dinner

Lupita Nyong'o at the White House Correspondants Dinner

Cameron Diaz at the 2010 Academy Awards

Cameron Diaz at the 2010 Academy Awards

Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2014 Met Gala

Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2014 Met Gala

Jessica Alba at the 2013 Golden Globes Awards

Jessica Alba at the 2013 Golden Globes Awards

Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen

An Inspirational Halloween

This year, we'd like to give you some ideas so your Halloween costume is a bit more on the inspirational side rather than the spooky side. After all, what is Halloween if not to make a statement and what a better way to stand out than as an inspirational woman? Here are three ideas of things we would love to go as!

1. Rosie the Riveter

She may not be real but she did inspire a whole generation of working women and for that, she is definitely an inspiration to us! And also, a great Halloween costume.

2. Suffragette 

A period costume that represents women fighting for their right to vote? Count us in! Don't forget the wonderful sash with the 'votes for women' and voila! A great inspirational women costume.

3. Madame Curie

The famous scientist and twice winner of the Nobel award is one of the most inspirational women out there. Another great period costume and a way to remember the famous scientist. 

This Halloween, looking like an inspirational woman is where it's at! Which inspirational woman will you choose to honor this year?

Day to Night at the W Hollywood

Right after Phoenix Fashion Week, we were given the opportunity to showcase our collection at the W Hollywood. It was a great experience and we even debuted a few new things like.....

The Harper maxi in a Chevron inspired print:

And the Belle blouse in the same pattern with an Adriana maxi skirt in black.

We loved every moment of the evening!!! We'd like to give special thanks tom Sole Society shoes, Zero UV Sunglasses, MOFE handbags, Safia Day jewelry, and Clutch Crowns for their support in making our looks stand out and be the most they could be! And more thanks to Parker Whitaker Productions, Media Play PR, Mannfolk PR, Alexis Bellino, Kiara Belen, and all of our fabulous models!!!!


We received this message from one of our Inspirational Women that we just had to share with you!

"What I like about the selection of women featured in this project is that these are real women of all types. Everyone will find a woman in here who they can connect with and be inspired by. Sometimes it is hard to be inspired by celebrities because they are so far removed from our lives. These women represent us, and every single woman can find someone in this book who inspires them." -Jacqueline Depaul


Bare Campaign

Friday, September 29, 2014

I am about to go in and shoot my #BareCampaign for Women Enough

I shared a bit in a video blog about my initial anxiety regarding this photoshoot…. but the reality is that it was only the beginning. When I originally got the email from the Women Enough founder about this opportunity, I didn’t think that I had much work to do around body image issues and didn’t think that I would have much come up emotionally during the process.  Oy vey, was I wrong. 

Two weeks passed between her email and the photoshoot. While it wasn’t top of mind for me on a regular basis, I feel like my subconscious was all over the place with it. Little by little memories began to pop up. Like that time I quit gymnastics because I felt fat in my leotard.

Or the phase I went through of wearing the baggiest clothes I could find to hide my body. 

The week leading up to the shoot really opened the flood gates and revealed to me all sorts of limiting beliefs that I hold about myself. There were two in particular that really kicked me in the butt…. I found myself on my bedroom floor in the fetal position more than once. I burst into sobs while driving. My heart ached. For these beliefs are not silly little musings - they are beliefs that I hold about myself on a really deep core level. I can consciously acknowledge that they are nonsense, but the deeper part of me sees and labels them as truth. 

So here goes - my confession of what I really see when I look in the mirror:

    1.    I do not consider myself attractive. To a certain point, I can recognize that people would think I’m good looking, but on a core level I do not identify myself as gorgeous or beautiful. Periodically there will be a photograph that I can say, “Wow! I look pretty!” But on a daily basis, I just see myself as normal. To an extent this affects such a multitude of aspects in my life. You know those times when you see a drop dead gorgeous man….. the first thought I have every single time is “But he’d never be interested in me. I wouldn’t be attractive enough to go out with him.” Or when I do go out with someone that is ridiculously attractive, I’m always waiting for the shoe to drop. Like one day he’ll look at me and say, “This was all just a hoax. You’re not good enough to date me.”

    2.    I do not think that I’m particularly inspiring. Funny, huh? The woman starting the Inspirational Woman Project movement doesn’t identify with being inspirational….. maybe that’s why it bothered me so much when the other women expressed this same sentiment. How am I supposed to be inspiring other women if I don’t see myself as inspirational? Plus who is going to believe me and want to join the movement of someone that is an impostor?

My goal with this photoshoot today is to release these two beliefs. I am choosing to write a new story for myself. One where I know in my deepest heart that I am beautiful and inspirational. One where I truly believe this in the deepest reaches of my soul, instead of just in my head. One where these are my reality, not my facade.

A wise man told me last night….. fearlessness is not about being free from fear. It’s about looking those fears in the eyes and moving forward despite them. That’s the path I now choose.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

It’s been a week since the photoshoot. I have had to include a few additional activities in my daily routine to make sure I’m supporting the release of my old believes and cementing my new reality in place.

One thing that has really helped is a tip I got from one of our inspirational women, Emily Greener. 

“I want to share a challenge. I challenge the women reading this to wake up every morning and look at yourself in the mirror. Stare at yourself for longer than it might be comfortable until you start to see past your face, behind your eyes, and you begin to see who you really are. Then say the things out loud to yourself that you wish that others would say to you. Look at the parts of you wish you could change and say “thank you.” Share this love with yourself and see how the world around you changes.”

In addition to my daily affirmations, I have added some self-love affirmations that I say while looking in my eyes in the bathroom mirror. “I am beautiful. I am inspirational.” It may seem silly, but I swear to you that it helps. Call me crazy - but I believe that repeating something and redirecting the thoughts of the brain in a focused way creates a new understanding. Ask me again in three weeks……

You may be asking, what’s the purpose of Bri sharing all of this? Sympathy? No. The reality is that I have a HUGE and vast group of supporters and cheerleaders in my life. I would guess that the majority would be surprised by my admissions here. And these beliefs are despite the amount of love, support, empathy, and encouragement that anyone outside of me can express. The point of this post is that we ALL hold onto limiting beliefs. My hope is that by my vulnerability of sharing my darkest beliefs about myself….. that I can inspire YOU to delve into yours. So I ask you….. what beliefs are you holding onto that are keeping you from achieving greatness? What lies are you labeling in your head as truths? I encourage you to be fearless and let go of whatever this is for you. If I can do it, so can you.

Photography by Jana Cruder  | ****Shameless plug - Jana is one of the MOST talented photographers I have ever encountered! Her aesthetic is phenomenal, her presence is calming, and she is absolutely a generous soul. Be sure to look at her website and send her some love!!!

Photography by Jana Cruder  |
****Shameless plug - Jana is one of the MOST talented photographers I have ever encountered! Her aesthetic is phenomenal, her presence is calming, and she is absolutely a generous soul. Be sure to look at her website and send her some love!!!

Stacy Eden

We're hoping to bring you SO MUCH MORE content!!! We just started doing brief video interviews with our inspirational women where they share how they are inspiring the world around them in that given moment. Watch our first video with Stacy Eden from Clutch Jewelry:

Starting a Movement

It seems so easy, right? You come up with a great idea that has the power to literally change every life it touches. You do the work to make that idea a reality. And then you put it out to the public and pray for a positive response. I'm lucky in that The Inspirational Woman Project has been received very well across the board. But if I'm to be 100% transparent here - most of my days feel like this:

Me sitting around my apartment/office alone, giving myself high-fives. 


The beginning of a movement is so difficult. Putting all of the energy, passion, and heart from the past three months on the line - completely bare for the world to see. And critique. I watched this video a few years ago, and it completely sums up:

I see the things in the world I want to change. I see the impact that these 100 stories can have on the women who read the book. But I wonder - are there enough people who believe in the power of this movement that are willing to dance with me?


Most days, I see the world through rose colored glasses. But lately I've let some fear creep in. I do pretty good at not letting others see it. But it doesn't mean it's not there. I read something on Instagram this morning from Matt Potts that I'd like to share with you. 


"Perhaps your love or desire for something is creating a new level of fear inside of you. You don’t have to pretend that it’s not there. You simply need to shake it’s hand and ask it (politely of course) to wait in the waiting area. The waiting area of your thoughts. There it will stay. And although it will complain and insist on seeing you again. You allow it to sit there. During this time, you sit down with your dreams. Over a long cup of coffee. You chat and talk all day about where you want to go. When we have this perspective, we’ll realize that life is far more expansive than our fears tell us. That desire is actually stronger . That courage is greater. That hope is higher. All that I hope for you today is that you honestly challenge yourself. Have that conversation that you’ve always wanted, with at least one dream. Meanwhile, let those fears talk themselves out. Now I would like to officially welcome you. Welcome to your authentic life. The real you, your life! The life that you have always been called to live."


So this blog is me shaking the hand of fear. Stepping out vulnerably and admitting my weakness. I am terrified that this project won't gain enough momentum to get off the ground. And then what?  There is a lot about life that I haven't shared publicly (sorry to disappoint.... I'm not telling you here, but it is ALL in the prologue - so goorder your book NOW!), but this project has been the reason I have gotten out of bed for the past three months. And I am terrified of the possibility that it will just disappear into thin air.


The good news is that I truly believe in the power of this book. I truly believe that CAN change the world of every single woman (and man!) it touches. But the reality is - I can't do it alone. I invite you to come dance with me. It may be just what the world needs right now.


No, it's not filled with celebrities. It's not endorsed by the Kardashians. It's not seen on the pages of People or Vogue (yet!). It's not superficial. It will make you think and it will encourage you to look at your place in the world. It will question whether or not you're showing up to your full potential. It's probably not going to be as fun as the fashion police, or as glamorous as NYFW. But I will tell you - it matters significantly more than those things.


We need to raise just $440 a day in order to make this book a reality. Let's be honest - that's 60 people a day saying "I will forgo my Starbucks or pack of cigarettes today". 


How can you help? 

Please Read, Connect, Support, Pledge, SHARE our Kickstarter:

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Be sure to use our hashtag #InspirationalWomanProject so that we can interact and share your posts too! 

Melinda Easterling

We just launched a BRAND NEW feature on our website where you can share your inspirational powers with The Inspirational Woman Project. Be sure to visit our 'Share' page to send us your story and we'll feature it on our blog!!!

Melinda Easterling

How do you inspire other women?

I'm bringing meditation rooms, quiet spaces, 'third spaces' to the workplace. I want my daughter (and my sons) to have a corporate culture available to them that supports their employees as whole beings, values them as humans, not as cogs in a wheel.