Click Your Heels Together Three Times

Growing up I was obsessed with The Wizard of Oz. In fact, the amount of memorabilia that still exists at my parents house is a little silly - borderline obsessive.

I remember wanting to escape the boredom of my small-town for the vibrancy of OZ. I wanted the technicolor. I wanted the Lollipop Guild and the Lullaby League. The journey down the yellow brick road - with the dancing and the scary forrest and the new friendships and even the Wicked Witch. I wanted it all.

I was speaking with a friend a few weeks ago about what movie character we would have DIED to be as children. Of course, mine was Dorothy. She was laughing as she recently got to play her character (the princess from A Neverending Story).

And it was in that moment that I realized I have been Dorothy over the past few years.

No.... it's not because I own ruby red heels.

Dorothy was on her journey of discovery. She was transported to a magical new land, had to travel an unknown path to learn who she was, how she dealt with adverse situations {like witches throwing fire balls and flying monkey's}, and came out at the end realizing that she was more powerful than she knew.

That's totally MY story {ok, maybe minus the monkey's}.

I have spent the last seven years discovering who I am, what my gifts are and what kind of impact I want to make with my life. In the process, I moved to Los Angeles. I've faced hurdle after hurdle - figuring out business strategy + logistics, dealing with unsavory people, learning how to be my own boss, and more. And in the end, I finally found access to my center that has allowed me to harness my power {yup, I even click my heels together} to create what I envision in my mind.

Magical, right?

And now, I get to be Glinda. I get to support other women in traversing THEIR path and finding THEIR power and creating THEIR story. I get to uncover with women why they are on this planet and share with them the tools they need to make their visions a reality.

I get to show women what is possible when THEY click their heels together three times.

Yup, I condense all of my expertise {including tips on how to surpass the very expensive mistakes I made} to share with YOU what is possible for YOUR life - and it won't even take you the seven years that it took me!!!

I just reopened enrollment to The Group Sessions and YOU are invited to apply to join this small handful of women in discovering YOUR Dorothy story. Let me support you in uncovering the magic that lies before you + walk by your side while you traverse YOUR yellow brick road.

For more information + to complete an application, click here:

See you on the other side! XOXO

The Zombie Apocalypse is Here

Zombies. They're everywhere. I can't escape them {thankfully, I mean that in a figurative way}.

The problem is that zombies give me nightmares. I made it through two episodes of The Walking Dead before I swore it off permanently due to lack of sleep that night.

Let's be real - who really likes to watch humans being eaten by creatures of the undead? So, why is everyone obsessed with them?

My theory?

People understand zombies.

Think about it.... The zombie apocalypse is happening. All around us. Right. Now.

No, I don't mean that there's some terrible virus spreading across our world.... but instead we are living in a world populated with human beings who are so disconnected that they might as well be undead.

No wonder it gives me nightmares. That's terrifying, am I right?

Our population has become REALLY good at turning off our emotions, denying our desires + straight up avoiding everything that makes us the unique species we are. Why?

Because if we were to actually FEEL the vulnerability in our emotions, it would lead to pain.
Because if we voiced what we WANTED in life, we would be disappointed.
Because if we shared who we ARE, we would be rejected.

Because it's easier to just go through the motions than actually engage with life. Right?


How do I know? Well, I was a zombie a few years ago. I worked at a job I hated, but I did it because the money was good and I was convinced I couldn't possibly make enough from my business to pay myself a salary. I would have to flip this imaginary inner switch when it came time to work, because I couldn't possibly face the pain it caused me to be so out of integrity with my actions.

How you are in one area of your life is how you are in all areas of your life.

Pretty soon that switch wasn't so easy to flip anymore. The animosity I held towards my job seeped into every area of my life. I never wanted to get out of bed because it meant doing my job. When I finished working my job, my hatred for it was all I would think about. I would have anxiety attacks even looking at my laptop.

So I just turned off. I lost my passion for life. I stopped doing the things I enjoyed, and started watching a lot of reality television {it was about the only thing that made me feel semi-normal}. I was a shell of a human. A zombie.

It took some deep soul searching and a few Universal 2x4 moments to put me back on my path + reignite that undeniable passion which naturally flows through my veins. But I was willing to do the work to make sure my life wasn't wasted. I wallowed in my sh*t. I felt the pain. I faced the anger. And I made it through.

But unfortunately the same can't be said for a lot of our population.

We need a massive Universal 2x4 to help us stop running away
from life + start running towards it.

What would it look like to embrace the ENTIRE human existence - joy + sorrow, euphoria + despair, birth + death, soaring + sinking? Humanity is an experience of contrast. In denying one end of the spectrum, we end up denying both and living in a perpetual state of 'meh'.

This is a topic I am especially passionate about. It breaks my heart to know that people are voluntarily choosing a life of numbness. Which is part of why I have chosen to reopen The Group Sessions, a 10-week course designed to support a small handful of women in building lives that inspire them.

Because if you're not inspired by your life, what's the point?

Applications are currently open + I invite you to consider taking this step towards falling in love with your life. This step in embracing ALL of who you are. This step of dedicating your existence to fully living in every moment.

I have witnessed the impact it has on every woman that has enrolled, and it gives me such satisfaction knowing that there are women out there defying the trend. Women who are willing to feel + embrace + live ALL of life. Here are two examples:


I'm looking forward to supporting you as you choose to embrace your inspirational future! 

RIP Prince

In light of Prince's untimely death yesterday I was inspired to post this on Facebook. I was terrified to speak so boldly and so candidly, but I did it anyway and it received a warm response. So, now I'm sharing it here for any of you that need a little boost.....

Disclaimer: what I’m about to say is not to diminish the death of an icon. He was one of the greats. This post is in honor of a life well lived. (also, I swear in this post. Sorry mom.)
What makes me most ragingly upset about all the posts regarding Prince is the lament about how young he was. Yes, he was young. Yes, he deserved MANY more years on this planet. And…..
Prince f-ing LIVED. He did it. He put himself out there. He faced ridicule and failure and disappointment and scrutiny and heart break - EVERY time he took the stage or opened his mouth.
Prince was a man who put his soul purpose first - above ALL ELSE. Even when he faced his darkness, he worked his ass off to make sure that his life mattered. That he inspired as many people as possible. That he made a gigantic {insert The Artist Formerly Known as Prince symbol} shaped dent in our humanity. That in every single day of his 57 years of life - not one breath was wasted.
Instead of crying about how young he was.... What if we were to honor a life well lived and then use it as inspiration for our own lives? What would it look like to act with just ONE ounce of the courage that Prince displayed on the regular?
Stop complaining about how hard it might be. Or what if you fail. Or what if someone makes fun of you or doesn’t like you. Or what if…. what if…. what if….
NONE of that matters. What matters is that you’re LIVING. That you’re using every breath you take to fuel your heart, your soul, and your passion. To push you further INTO life, rather than shrinking away from it.
Do you think it’s easy for me to keep putting my heart on the line to meet my man? No. Most days it sucks. Do you think it was fun to go into debt for my dreams? No. But it was f-ing worth it. Do you think I don’t have days where I wish I could just stay in bed all day? Or just run away from adult-ing on the regular?
Yeah, it’s f-ing hard. Yeah, there are people don’t like me. Yeah, I have days where I wonder if I will make it through, or if my bills will be paid, or if I am making a big enough Bri Seeley shaped dent in the Universe. And days when my fears try to get the better of me. But guess what - when I die I want to say that, like Prince, I spent my days TRULY living from my heart + soul + purpose. That I left this place + the lives I touched better than I found them. That I inspired as many people as possible to live + love + hurt in the process.
So, whatever is in your heart RIGHT NOW. Go f-ing do it. It’s probably going to be difficult. You’re probably going to stumble a few times. There will probably be tears shed. But that’s what we’re ALL here for. Yup - all of us. {no, you're not exempt.}
Next time you consider shrinking from your dreams…. Maybe you could try instituting a “What Would Prince Do?” policy.
And then go f-ing do it.
Now, if you'll excuse me. I have some Raspberry Beret to dance to in my kitchen while I cook dinner with my cats.

Busy is BS.

A few weeks ago I was on a date. As the date closed he said, "Well, let me know when you're not busy and we can get together again."

I looked at him with a deadpan expression that would rival Buster Keaton, "Oh, I'm never busy."

His response was along the lines of......


It's true - I run THREE businesses including private + group clients and a quickly accelerating women's movement. I have compiled two books in two years (and now working with a book agent!). I have very active social life. Plus, loads of built in down time for meditation, yoga, and kitties. And yet..... I am NEVER busy.

What's my secret magic sauce?

I only say YES to things and people that fill me up
I prioritize things that make my heart sing.

I hear people say all the time, "Ugh! I'm just SO busy."

As if it's some badge of honor. As if being busy validates that they are being purposeful or successful or important. But I have found the exact opposite to be true. 

In my experience, being "busy" is generally not a good thing.

The conversation of "busy" isn't a conversation about how much is on your schedule - it's about WHAT is on your schedule and WHY. It ultimate boils down to priorities and boundaries. Are you able to say NO to things that are not a priority? Are you able to set boundaries around respecting yourself + your time so much that you don't commit to superfluous activities. 

What I see in the world is people filling their calendars with things that are NOT purposeful. Things that are not aligned with their success. Things that diminish their importance. AND {most importantly} things that keep exactly what they desire from reaching them.

Yes, you heard right. Being "busy" is actually creating the opposite results that you desire in your life.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself about your "busy" life:

  • Is "being busy" a status symbol for you?
  • What is your busy-ness distracting you from? {more on this in next week's blog!}
  • What would it look like to create space in your life and your schedule?
  • When you create this space, what would you finally have to face that you've been avoiding? 
  • How would it feel to ONLY say yes to things that you love instead of committing to things you feel obligated towards?
  • What new results would you experience by using your time more purposefully?
  • What FIVE things in your calendar this week can you say NO to right now?

I decided a long time ago that my life is about fulfilling experiences + being in joy in everything I do. It is a very, very rare occasion that I say yes to something that isn't aligned with my heart + purpose. Because I know that by doing this {and by having space in my life} I will see infinitely greater results. Life is about quality over quantity. 

If you're ready to shift your habits and create a life that actively supports your expansion into your ideal future, read more about the next round of The Group Sessions and consider submitting an application to join.

The Amplify Collective

A lot of times in life, we are convinced that we know what is best for us. We have a vision that is SO strong and guides us SO fiercely. We plan and scheme and schedule and overthink and we plan some more...... which usually leads to us preventing the magic from sneaking in to surprise us. 

This is why I love the founding story of The Amplify Collective

I doubt I will ever forget that afternoon. It was Tuesday, August 4, 2015. My intern and I were in the office doing the usual Inspirational Woman stuff.... when I got a call from my friend Thaís. We had met in March, but only really started developing our friendship when she moved to LA in June.

An out of the ordinary meek and soft spoken Thaís rang my cell, "Bri, I'm hosting that dinner tonight and I have food poisoning. Can you cover it for me? I cannot cancel."

I looked to my right at my intern, "What are you doing tonight?"

The rest is history. One dinner party led to THIRTEEN sold out events in under eight months.

So why is this special or exciting? It was during a time in my business that I was frustrated. The things I was focusing on were not going the way I desired. I could not create the results I wanted, no matter how hard I tried.

Yet, with The Amplify Collective.... I wasn't trying. And event after event sold out. October was three weeks early. November was five weeks early. December was 8 weeks early.

I never placed pressure on The Amplify Collective to succeed. And that's exactly WHY it has succeeded so brilliantly.

Well that, AND...... the events are creating powerful connection + community in the lives of every woman it touches. #NoBigDeal

So when Thaís and I both came together in March and {practically in unison} said, "I just got the most amazing idea for how we can take Amplify to the next level and impact the women of Los Angeles in an infinitely deeper way!" It's no wonder that our epiphanies were EXACTLY the same.

Once you take stress and obligation and pressure off of a situation, it has NO CHOICE but to flourish. The water always boils when you look away. And the grass always grows when you focus on something else.

Magic happens when you allow the Universe to do it's job. Because it is only our job to envision WHAT we want. It's up to the Universe to figure out the hows. And when you're squeezing the how's out of your what's..... well, let's just say that it doesn't work very well.

I know what you're thinking - what was this great epiphany? Am I right?

Well, in order to deepen the experience for The Amplify Collective women.... we have launched The Coterie. A Coterie is a small group of people with shared interests or tastes. In this case - a group of women who want to connect in a different way. Women who don't want to network in the usual way {aka. walking out of the event with a pocket full of business cards of people they don't know and will NEVER contact}. Women that desire deeper and more meaningful connections.


The Coterie is officially open to ALL women in Los Angeles. Get more information about membership and its benefits by clicking the button below.

There is a new wave of connection happening in the world. One that doesn't revolve around surface level conversations to generate business. Be on the forefront of this movement and join us in The Amplify Collective.

And don't forget to tune into KTLA's morning show on
Thursday, April 14, 2016 to see us announce The Coterie to the world!!!

Women Learning to Love

You probably have learned that the women in my life are very important to me – including you – which is why I’m posting this invitation.

I know a lot of amazing women - many of whom are struggling with self-acceptance and worthiness. 
This saddens me because I believe we are ALL inspirational and worthy of everything we desire in the world! 

I recently received a special invitation to partner with P.J. Dixon (The Love Guru) and his phenomenal team for the Women Learning to Love summit. 

This unique video summit features 21+ experts in the area of self-love and will position you to explore and discover a love for yourself that will profoundly change your life forever!  FOREVER! It is my privilege to extend this invitation and encouragement to you:

Click Here to Join Us Now! Register for the Women Learning to Love Summit and listen, with thousands of other women, to 21+ experts (including me) as P.J. skillfully interviews each one of us and allows us the opportunity to freely share our insights into the wisdom of being a truly beautiful + inspirational woman.

This summit will provide you with the wisdom to help you sincerely embrace the messages of:

  • forgiveness,
  • releasing resistance,
  • mind-body connection,
  • the importance of uninterrupted emotional expression,
  • exploring, discovering, and living your authentic life,
  • methods of manifesting,
  • ways of opening your heart fully to genuinely fall in love with yourself, and
  • how women are designed – naturally – to embrace their inherent value with open arms and blossom into their most beautiful essence of innate femininity.

I am genuinely honored to be a part of such an important and influential summit. I respect and admire P.J. for his integrity with his mission To Love Deeply and Teach Others to Do the Same!

Imagine, for just a moment, being able to let go of all the negativity, hurt, disillusionment, doubt, and disappointment that you hold about yourself.  

Imagine looking in the mirror and hearing – and feeling – I Love You!  

Imagine having the wisdom, courage, and self-esteem to Choose You First - and not feel guilty or selfish.

You are worthy of genuinely loving yourself!  And you’re supposed to!

People who love themselves have healthier, happier relationships; experience less emotional and physical pain (scientifically determined); have closer friendships; and live more fulfilling lives.

They show up bigger in the world and, therefore, leave a more lasting, positive impact on those they love – because they recognize, accept, appreciate, and live from that place of self-love and inherent value.

Wouldn’t it be nice to look in the mirror and hear your mind say, “She’s Pretty,” only then to realize . . . you’re looking at yourself?!  Or have this constant, and ever-present, feeling of joy, peace, serenity, connection, appreciation, gratitude, and, of course, love – for yourself?

I know because as a woman who personally lives from this space – my life is significantly richer!

Is it really possible to leave behind the negativity and other self-defeating thoughts, beliefs, and practices?!  ABSOLUTELY!!!  I’ve done it, P.J.’s done it, and so have ALL the other featured experts – and Now It’s Your Turn!

If you're ready for real change, I invite you – and ALL of the women in your life – to Join Me and my fellow thought leaders NOW for the Women Learning to Love Summit!  

This Promises to Be an Epic, Life-Changing Event!

Looking forward to seeing you in the summit!


Note: The summit runs from 4/11 to 5/1. My interview is scheduled to be released on 4/13. Register HERE.

Losing Balance

It's true that I've been a little quiet this month.... And as easy as it could be for me to say, "I've been busy," the reality is that my priorities and focus have been somewhere else for a bit.

The month of March has had me not only burning the candle at both ends, but attaching extra wicks up and down and around the entire candle and lighting them all on fire - all at the same time.

I very quickly realized that it was just too much. I was skipping meals, I stopped doing yoga, my sleep schedule was all messed up, and I was judging myself harshly for "neglecting" parts of my life/business. I was teetering on a very precarious line of functioning / not functioning.

Then I sat back last weekend and watched Eat, Pray, Love. I cried hearing the beautiful, flowing rhythm of Italian spoken on screen. I smiled with my liver. And I took in all of the juicy wisdom, including:

"Sometimes to lose balance for love is part of living a balanced life." -Ketut Liyer

Yes, I know he was talking about romantic love.... but it still applies because I am completely in love. From my private clients and my group clients to strategic planning for my two women's movements...... I am completely in love. My heart is so deeply invested in what I'm creating right now.

I had to step back and remember that THIS is what it looks like to be an Inspirational Woman in the world. We don't get it perfect. We don't get to give 100% to all million areas of our life. We just get to focus on what's in front of us right now that is important - and give THAT our all.

In the coming months you will be seeing huge announcements regarding both The AMPLIFY Collective and The Inspirational Woman Project, as well as a launch for another round of The Group Sessions


One of my focuses this month has been re-igniting The Inspirational Woman Project and completing the 99 interviews for Volume 2. Here are four interviews that I released on The Huffington Post this month featuring some pretty inspirational women. Click on each photo to read each article in full:

"In an age where feminism is treated as a dirty word, it’s inspirational for me to stand up and refer to The Archer School for Girls as a feminist institution.” -Elizabeth English

"In an age where feminism is treated as a dirty word, it’s inspirational for me to stand up and refer to The Archer School for Girls as a feminist institution.”
-Elizabeth English

"My super power is my willingness to listen, relate in the form of empathy, and show compassion for other people (but only because I’ve learned to have compassion for myself).” -Audrey Bellis

"My super power is my willingness to listen, relate in the form of empathy, and show compassion for other people (but only because I’ve learned to have compassion for myself).” -Audrey Bellis

"We are inspirational because we’re showing that owning a small business is attainable even at a young age and even as a woman.” -Bea + Leah Koch

"We are inspirational because we’re showing that owning a small business is attainable even at a young age and even as a woman.” -Bea + Leah Koch

"Femininity means celebrating all aspects of being a women from soft to strong and everything in between.”
-Anna Lecat

Divine Perfection

What if everything in your life was perfect - right now? What if everything was exactly as it's supposed to be in this very moment?

Could you look at your life right now and see perfection in every aspect? Every interaction? Every situation? Every breath you take?

I have said that I believe in divine perfection for a while now. I believe that The Universe has my back and is playing out my life exactly as it needs to be, even if I can't see the bigger picture at the time.

And then last week happened. A friendship ended. My sewing machine was ruined. I thought the content for Volume 2 of The Inspirational Woman Project was gone forever. My heart was incredibly tender with my dad's suicide anniversary approaching.

All I wanted was for things to be fixed. For things to go back to how they were before. But it doesn't work that way.

I've realized that if I truly believe in divine perfection like I say I do, then I don't get to be upset about things - about ANYTHING. 

I don't get to doubt when friendships expire. I don't get to stress when my sewing machine gets dropped and becomes completely unusable. I don't get to question whether my event is coming together properly. I don't get to sit in anxiety wondering if I will have to conduct 99 interviews over again.

Because divine perfection means that everything is exactly perfect in every moment. No matter what the situation looks like at the time.... it's exactly perfect. 

And you know what? My book wasn't lost. I made new friends. My sewing machine is being fully covered by insurance. And I felt more supported than ever before.

So, next time you're stressing out over something you can't control..... I invite you to consider surrendering. Maybe, just maybe, it's exactly as it's supposed to be and you just can't see the other side yet. 

International Women's Day

I love to celebrate. You probably know this about me. I celebrate everything.

Birthday? Celebrate. Anniversary? Celebrate. New client? Celebrate. Friends in town? Celebrate. Took out the trash? Celebrate. Sunset? Celebrate.

Because the more you celebrate, the more you will have to celebrate.

And with next week being International Women's Day..... well, I just couldn't help myself - we're celebrating BIG. I will be co-hosting an event with Thaís and The AMPLIFY Collective with the sole purpose of celebrating women. Our lives as women, the lives of the amazing women around us, the lives of the women who have come before us and the ones who will come after us.

This is your OFFICIAL invitation to join us next week on March 8th in Beverly Hills. There will be music, dancing, a photo booth, and 200+ amazingly heart-centered people in one room {men are welcome to join us!}.

AND be sure to check out our amazing sponsor H2rOse who will be featured in our specialty cocktails for the night!!!.

My Dream Office

We are only seven weeks into 2016 and, for me, it has already been infinitely more expansive and amazing than 2015 was. What changed? My focus. My intention. My trust.

What do I mean by that? Last year I efforted. I pushed. I felt like I had to do everything alone and it was 110% up to ME to make my dreams happen.

Something switched within me at the end of December. I felt backed into a corner. I almost quit. I was one waitressing application away from giving up on my dreams.

And that's when I surrendered. I threw up my hands and had a heart to heart with the Universe that went a little something like.....

I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm frustrated and my life seems to be falling apart all around me. And I just don't have the strength to care. So I'm going to trust that you know what's best for me. I put my life in your hands. I promise to be guided by you and still do my part to take inspired action. I'm going to follow the signs you drop for me. I'm going to speak my truth. I'm going to live from my heart. More than anything, I'm going to be explicitly clear on what I want AND let you figure out how it is going to show up in my life. Because I just don't have the energy to micromanage that anymore.

Know what happened? January was the best month of my entrepreneurial life. Because I stopped telling the Universe how it was 'supposed' to look, and just let it happen. I stopped pushing and allowed life to come to me.

Now, don't get me wrong.... I did MORE work in January than ever before. But it was more focused on aligning my energy with WHAT I wanted, rather than pushing to figure out HOW it was going to show up.

Let me put it into different terms. When you go to a restaurant, you sit at a table and tell the waiter/ess exactly what you want. Then what do you do? You sit back, forget about it, relax and engage in some great conversation until it shows up in front of you. What do you NOT do? You don't go back into the kitchen and tell the chef exactly how to make it, or what ingredients to use, or how long to cook it. You just trust that once you place your order, you will be served exactly what you requested.

The Universe works in exactly the same way!

In the past seven weeks I have gotten immense clarity on what I want my life to look like and how I want it to feel. I have spent time every day dwelling in that energy and in those feelings. And in return, the Universe has brought me more amazing women to serve, more financial abundance, more expansive opportunities, and as of last night..... my dream office that I have been wanting for a year.

Here's a video to share with you my exact practice that I do EVERY day. It is this practice that has brought me all of the amazingness I just mentioned. AND has even been working for other women.... one woman brought her dream to her within 15 hours of doing this exercise. Which, of course, means it can work for you too - just as quickly and just as powerfully!

Come back and comment below to tell me of your successes using this technique! I can't wait to celebrate them with you!


The Power of Intention + Creating Magic!

The Power of Intention + Creating Magic!

Posted by Bri Seeley on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Living Your Future Now

What if you didn't have to wait for your future?
What if you could live EXACTLY like you wanted to (and how you see in your mind) right now?
What if all it took was a change in your mental habits?

That gaping chasm between who you are and who you want to be isn't real. It's only a perception. A perception stemming from your current mental habits.

What if you could create NEW mental habits, thus eliminating the chasm, so that you can JUST BE the woman you envision?

It is that simple. Or, at least the concept is that simple. Yet so many decided not to cultivate these new habits.

Maybe the old habits are too comfortable. Or maybe you're too 'busy' to be bothered. Or maybe forming new habits would upset your family and friends. Or maybe you don't believe you're worthy of the life you desire.

Or maybe you're terrified because you don't know what you want. You can't move towards your future because you are unclear about what it looks like.

As I say to my clients all the time.....

you cannot hit a target that you cannot see.

I have a great tool for you to start accessing this clarity that I would love to gift you. It's a meditation that has helped TONS of women get clear on their futures. And.... this is the FINAL week it will be available for free! Starting next week, I will be releasing a new version that will ONLY be available for purchase on {and for you men out there, I'll even be recording one for you too!}.

Once you've finished the meditation, please be sure to drop a comment here about your revelations and experience with the meditation.

Femme Beat


There comes a time in every woman’s life when you decide that you want to feel good about yourself, love your body, enjoy your sexuality, and celebrate your life. In the midst of the noise, obligations, expectations, beliefs, untruths and fatigue, the real you emerges from what resonates as your truth. Femme Beat is a speaker dinner series dedicated to women taking ownership of their lives.

Next week I will be co-hosting the Femme Beat event with a provocative discussion on femininity. Come break bread, break-through and bond with other extraordinary women for an evening at a fabulous Scottsdale restaurant. Ticket includes dinner and wine.

Owning and loving yourself in a deep way is a life long process and you don’t have to do it alone. Meet us at the table and come as you are with other explorers who want to live boldly, speak their truth and embrace their individuality. We’ve saved you a seat.

Love is not attracted to hate.

Our world is experiencing an awakening. An awakening of consciousness. An awakening of spirit. An awakening of passion.

And as exciting as this is, it's important to recognize that this awakening is a process. While much of the world is opening to this new way of being, we're not all the way there yet. The world is straddling the fence of how things were and what is to come.

I see this divide creating discomfort in so many. How do you continue to live in what has been when your spirit is calling you for more?

For many, this is playing out in the workplace. We have been able to deny our hearts to work outside our passions for so long. But that time has passed.

For others this might be in your love life. With Valentine's Day coming up, I've already started to see posts from friends who are bitter about the impending Holiday of Love seeing as they don't have anyone to share it with.

What's the solution to living in what has been while calling in what is more alighted with your spirit and heart?

Fall in love with exactly where you are - RIGHT NOW.

You must transform your hate, frustration, disappointment, etc. into love.

Why? Because like attracts like.

If your primary energy around your job is negative, it means that positive experiences + opportunities will not be attracted to you.

If you're resentful of your relationship status, you will not attract someone who makes your heart sing.

In order to live a life you love, you must first fall madly in love with the life you are living.

I can already hear you, "But how do I fall in love with something I hate?" The answer: gratitude + appreciation.

I recommend you start small. Find something - even if it's the smallest thing - that you love about your current situation {for example: I love that I have free parking at work. I love my office. I love my commute. I love having my bed to myself. I love that I don't have to consult someone else about what movie to see in the theaters. etc. etc.}

Zero in on ONLY what you love about your situation. And then dwell in that energy FREQUENTLY. Seriously set an alarm if you need to be reminded.

While this might feel forced at first, the more you can feel love around your situation the more things you will find to love about your situation AND the more you will be drawn to new experiences and opportunities that are more aligned with your inspirational future.

Comment below and share with me ONE thing you love about your current situation + your plan of how often you'll be dwelling in that energy.



Why Affirmations Don't Work {Yet I Use Them Everyday}

You're standing in front of a mirror and reciting statements that you wished were true about yourself. But your mind just cannot let go of the fact that you're saying a lie. No matter how many times you recite the same affirmation, it's immediately followed by your internal voice saying, "Lies. Lies. Lies. All of it lies."

Affirmations in and of themselves do not work. 

In order for affirmations to work, it requires a change in the chemicals of your brain. It requires that you create new neural pathways, and then continually reinforce these new connections to actually embed new beliefs into your life.

Whoa. I just got all sorts of scientific, right?

Think of it this way, if you've walked the same path everyday for your life.... it's pretty well worn, right? You could walk it with your eyes closed. Backwards.

Then one day you look to your left and see this shiny gold 'Emerald City-esque' panorama just on the other side of a large patch of thorny brush. But in order to get to the shiny gold buildings, you have to forge a new path.

It might require that you use brush cutters. And that you put on gloves. And you may break a nail {gasp}. But during the process, you never remove your eyes from the panorama. You keep your focus and stay set on the vision of the shiny gold buildings - never doubting that you will reach them with consistent + persistent action in the direction towards the skyline.

Your hands may be bloody. Your manicure may be ruined. But all you can see is yourself immersed in that oasis on the horizon. You can feel the warmth of the beautiful golden glow on your skin. You can hear the sounds of the people around you and visualize the perspective from the city.

Little by little you make this new path. And one day you are standing at the gate to the beautiful golden city. You cross the threshold to be one with your vision.

That is what it looks like to successfully use affirmations. It isn't just talking about the city in front of the mirror. It's about feeling, smelling, touching, and intimately knowing what it's like to BE in the city.

And it's about living from that place every single day.

So, here are my top three tips about how to make affirmations work for you:

1. You MUST believe it. If you're going to be countering every positive statement with a negative one, just save yourself the time and don't do them at all. As described above, it's about more than words. It's about believing and feeling that what you are saying is truth.

2. Focus on the SAME affirmation for a minimum of a month. They say that it takes 21-days to form a habit. I like to make sure that the habit has stuck and add a few additional days onto the end. Also, if you miss a day..... it's better to be safe than sorry - so be sure to start from the top again.

3. Incorporate movement into your affirmation practice. I love to feel into my affirmations either during my yoga practice to deeply root it into my being. OR I will throw myself a dance party and repeat the affirmation during the entire thing. I like to think of it as shaking up all the atoms in my body to be in alignment with the affirmation I'm working on.

Comment below to tell me your experience with affirmations + what affirmation you're going to start using TODAY!

The Group Sessions FAQ

What is the process to get started?

In order to ensure that The Group Sessions is for you (and to maintain the integrity of the group dynamics), please fill out the application HERE. Following the review of your application, I will contact you to set up a phone call to review your goals for the program and ensure that it’s mutually beneficial to move forward.


How do you deliver the sessions each week?

All of the group sessions are conducted through Google +.


What is the structure of each weekly session?

The first 30-minutes of each session will be to present concepts and materials to support your transformation. Each week is themed and outlined below.

The second 30-minutes of each session will be hot seat coaching for the participants. You will be able to get individual, hands on coaching through any doubts, fears, or resistance that you are facing in the moment.


What is included in the investment for The Group Sessions?

Me. Lots and lot of me. This isn't one of those coaching packages where you just get an inbox full of emails. Or pre-recorded video teachings. Or formulaic + generic guiding. 

It's 10-weeks of LIVE and intimate conversation with me. I will be presenting materials, and then opening the floor to talk through your deepest desires + work through your fears and resistance.

I, along with the entire group, will be next to you through the ENTIRE process. This isn't about you figuring it out on your own. It's about community. It's about collaboration. It's about all of us to come together as a united + supportive collective while striving for our individual goals.

And just in case a weekly call wasn't enough..... you will get a DAILY check-in from me. Yup, that's right. I will personally be with you EVERY step of the way. Because if you're invested in you, I'm invested in you. End of story. 


What is so special about The Group Sessions?

Passion + Transformation + Community = The Group Sessions

You're doing all the things that the world tells you should make you happy, but instead you feel the deep emptiness of unfulfillment. And the constant struggle between your vision + your reality. And the overwhelming numbness that you allow so you don’t have to acknowledge the pain burning inside your heart. And an aching disconnection from your true nature.

You have within you the power to be remarkable - Every. Damn. Day. Why are you wasting this power on mediocrity when instead you could be using it to create a life you WANT to be living?

During this 10-week period, you will apply LASER FOCUS to one specific goal + completely conquer it, while becoming the kind of woman you envision in your dreams.


What will I get out of investing in The Group Sessions?

As the client, anything less than your complete dedication and participation will not lead to success. I ask that you accept full responsibility for yourself and your actions that result from our coaching relationship.

I cannot guarantee your results - only YOU can do that. However, I have seen powerful results with clients who have the courage and determination to apply the principles we discuss.


What’s the difference between a Coach and a Counselor?

In my experience, Counselor relationships are more focused towards the past. They help you to work through what you have experienced that shape the person you are today.

With a Coach, your experience will be more focused towards the future. We will be looking towards what you want to create and experience in your life. It will be aimed towards your life transformation and goal setting/achievement (or, as I have begun to call it, Soul Setting).


What if I’m not in Los Angeles?

Every part of The Group Sessions is conducted online. All of the video meetings are done through Google + and the accountability through Facebook. You do not need to be in a specific location in order to participate in The Group Sessions.


What is my responsibility to you as a participant?

I commit to:

  • Be on time and in the proper heart space to be fully present and focused on your transformation.
  • Provide expert direction to introduce you to principles and ideas that will help you access tools to guide you towards your desired goals.
  • Listen, understand, and support you when you may not see clearly
  • Encourage you outside your comfort zone, offer perspective, celebrate your wins, and commit fully to your desired transformation.
  • Provide you 24 hours notice if, for any reason, I am unable to be fully present for you during our coaching session.

What is your responsibility as a participant?

All participants commit to:

  • Take action each day in service of your transformation.
  • Follow through on your commitments to all course materials and real world application.
  • Show up on time and be fully prepared to participate in all activities.
  • Working through any fears, defeat, and discouragement in a proactive manner - including reaching out to Bri Seeley and the group for support throughout the sessions.

What dates do The Group Sessions run?

We're starting on Monday, January 25th, and will conclude our final session on Monday, March 28th. The group of women who have said YES to their futures are phenomenal. We would love for you to be included in our transformation. The only question remaining is.....

Are you ready to join us?

Talk to you soon! XO, 


The Biggest Complaint I Hear From Women

Imagine it. You hear the tranquil melody of water lapping the land just past where you lay. Your eyes open to see the most majestic trees hovering over you. The sun warms your skin as it peeks through the light cloud cover. You're waking up in the most brilliant paradise.

You are simply radiant from the sand and the sun. Your heart explodes from being so deeply immersed in a place of passion - every day. Your cheeks ache from the constant smile plastered on your face.

Then one day you wake up and look past the sights and sounds of paradise. Past the sun and the sand. And you realize you're on an island. But you're living your passion, so it doesn't matter, right? 


Until it REALLY starts to matter. You crave human interaction. Your creativity bombs. You stop living in your heart, and rely only on your logic. You're in a total void. And without the compassion of others to help reignite your spark for life.

It happens to all of us. We get so entrenched in our passions that we forget about the world around us and end up in complete isolation - living on an island of our own making.

What's interesting is that this isn't a trend that is happening with just one segment of women - it's happening from Entrepreneurs to Employees, from CEO's to Creatives, from Actresses to Accountants, from Engineers to Editors, from Social Workers to Stewardesses, and everything in between.

This was a catalyst for re-launching The Group Sessions.

After hearing woman after woman after woman approach me with the same heartbreaking issue.... I knew that continuing to ONLY offer individual + private programs was not serving your needs.

It's time for community. It's time for collaboration. It's time for us to come together as a united + supportive collective while striving for our individual goals.

Being a hermit is not helping you be the inspirational woman you are. Neither is hiding behind your computer screen on the daily. Neither is listening to the inner naysayer that tells you "this is just how it is in life."

{This coming from a woman who will make excuses for five consecutive days as to why she doesn't need to leave the house}

I invite you to take off the blinders that have embedded themselves into your temples. Look around you. There are literally women everywhere who would be so excited to support you. But no one knows you need it because you haven't asked for it.

It's time to ask for it.

And just in case you're not comfortable asking for it.... this is me inviting you to join The Group Sessions. Yes, you. You're invited to embark on a 10-week journey of discovery with me + a small group of women.

What will we be discovering? Clarity. Creation. Purpose. Balance. Momentum. Inner Game. Presence. Abundance. Receiving. Plus..... a few surprises along the way!

The reality though, is that the program is already half full. And it's my goal to finish enrollment in the next 10-days before we set sail to bid adieu to our lonely islands {population one} on the 25th.

If you're on the edge, teetering between the isolation + discomfort of your island {party of one} and the supportive, warm community of inspirational women around you - I would invite you to look at the difference in possibility between the two options.

What possibilities does isolation open up for your year?
What possibilities does community open up for your year?

It could literally mean the difference between a "just getting by" year and a "super, thriving, expansive" year.

Because super, thriving expansion is what happens when you take the bold action of asking the Universe to support you.

Magic happens as miracles start to unfold all around you.

I promise.

Please, please take me up on this opportunity. Not for me. For you. Continuing to do it alone is not the answer.

Talk to you soon! XO. Bri