Well friends, it's that time of year! Time for all of us to start thinking about the beautiful gifts we wish to give in celebration of our loved ones + the holidays.....

I invite you to consider gifting a copy of The Inspirational Woman Project to any + all of your female friends, coworkers, and family members.

It makes a great gift not just to inspire the women in your life.... but because they get to BE the 100th woman in the book!

The idea is a combination of inspiration and introspection for all women regardless of age, ethnicity, occupation, etc. For a full 48-hours between 12:01am today to 12:01am Wednesday.... you'll receive free shipping when you enter the code 'FREEship' at checkout.

What are you waiting for? Click HERE.

The Red Circle

The Red Circle is a sacred space for women to learn, grow, and laugh together.

This is where we will bust myths and trash the taboos that keep us separated, misinformed, and isolated.

How many beliefs do we each carry around that have been passed on to us from our parents or our peers? Each of us picks up beliefs throughout our lives that have been passed down through generations - and like a game of telephone.... they are often miscommunicated or misunderstood and lose the meaning they originally intended OR were skewed by cultural events that no longer pertain to us.

For example, did you know that the shame around a woman's menstrual cycle was linked with the witch hunts? Ancient romans believed menstruating women were dark witches. Women began hiding their monthly cycles because if they were found (or turned in to the authorities by other women!) they would be burned alive. Funny how the embarrassment many of us feel every month stems from such an old, outdated event. Yet, we continue to carry the secretive and shameful nature in our lives and pass it on to the subsequent generations.

So I want to ask you..... how are your old beliefs working for you?

Do your current set of beliefs align with the woman you want to be?
Are you ready to shed them like a snake who has outgrown its skin?

This CAN be an easy process. You CAN be supported in building a new foundation for yourself. I am gathering with eight phenomenal women to cover six key areas to self-empowerment as follows:

  1. Inner Game: This is my week. I'll be teaching intuition, setting your mind up for success, and goal achieving.
  2. Hormonal Balance: Learn if your body is out of balance and some practical ways to get back in balance.
  3. Nourishment: Break up with dieting for good and learn the keys for your optimal health.
  4. Relationships: Examine how you can feel empowered in all your relationships - including the most important one with yourself!
  5. Financial Freedom: Change your belief system about money and build a solid + positive relationship with your finances.
  6. The Mysteries: Learn old rituals, self-care, and embrace your menstrual cycle.

If you're ready to make better choices in life, tap into your true potential, and gain clarity around ALL aspects of your life - please join me for a supported and safe 13 weeks in The Red Circle.

It's time for you to thrive.
See you in the circle!

The Life of a Fempreneur


As much as I hate labels and boxes, this is one I wear proudly. It's an distinguished title. One that I believe resonates with the immense commitment and focus that all successful female entrepreneurs embody.

Fempreneur is a badge of honor.

It's one simple word that describes so much.....

  • insatiable exhaustion from all nighters
  • lack of makeup (because who has time for that?)
  • the complete exhilaration of being in service
  • a refrigerator full of condiments + takeout containers
  • the 5 ft. stacks of laundry
  • never knowing your schedule for more than two days into the future
  • being available 24 hours day to answer emails/calls/tweets/etc.
  • the need for a mobile office (aka. the car filled with multiple changes of clothes, notebooks, extra chargers, two yoga mats, and empty water bottles)
  • business on top, pajamas on bottom
  • the deep inner knowing when aligned with your purpose

And more than anything....

it describes this phenomenal sisterhood of women looking to make phenomenal change in the world. 

This is the aspect that makes it so much more than worthwhile. What does Fempreneur mean to you? Comment below and share why you're proud to be (or know!) a Fempreneur!

Also, This Thursday is Female Entrepreneur Day. So, to all my fellow Fempreneurs out there.... please be sure to celebrate yourself on Thursday. Like, really - truly - celebrate YOU. Because you deserve it. 

Sending a virtual CHEERS to each + every one of us! 

And if you happen to be in LA..... join me + The Amplify Collective on Thursday for Female Entrepreneur Day to click our glasses in celebration for reals.

Eventbrite - AMPLIFY Celebrates!
Eventbrite - AMPLIFY Celebrates!

The Life I Almost Lived

When we are born, we are all handed a set of circumstances - location, genetics, economic level, culture, etc. For most, they accept these circumstances as their reality. I was different.

At a very young age, I somehow knew that the circumstances I was born into where not ones that I wished to keep + began exploring other options. I began, as most do, knowing what I did NOT want. Things like having children and staying the mid-west were not my cup of tea. I was in love with New York City before I had ever left the central time zone.

I was always that kid that challenged authority and the status quo. I never accepted anything I was given as absolute truth. I've actually been known to do the exact opposite of what I'm told to do - on purpose.

Case in point: In high school we were told that we weren't allowed to have or wear bandanas as it was a gang sign. Well, I felt that my pink 'Little House on the Prairie' style kerchief didn't fall into those parameters so I wore it faithfully through the halls with my head held high. And when the Vice Principle pulled me out of class to discuss my behavior..... I happily told him that I was, in fact, NOT wearing a bandana and if he had a problem with it he was more than welcome to send me home, and to expect an angry call from my mother later.

So when it came to designing my life, it goes without saying that I purposefully did everything in the exact opposite manner than those around me. But even with all of this.... there was a time when I almost didn't go after my dreams + follow my heart.

There was a time I nearly said yes to a life that wasn't mine.

I know what you're thinking, "YOU!?!?! The Queen of living by the beat of your own drum?"

Yes, it's true. It was Spring, 2004 and I was completing my first semester in Florence. My college boyfriend and I had been talking during my absence. But we weren't just talking - we were envisioning and creating our future together.

To a point it felt comforting and so amazing. I had a man in my life that wanted nothing but the absolute best for our life together. But I knew every time we talked.....

I knew that the Nuclear Lifestyle was not for me. And the decision tore me to pieces..... I had constant mental anguish other whether to take the easy / stable / comfortable road filled with abandoned dreams, ignored passion, undeniable regret, and never-ending 'what if's.... or dive head first into the depths of the complete unknown to trust that there was something bigger out there for me.

I mean, we all know which path I took, right? Cause, seriously..... can you imagine me living in Minnesota with 2.5 kids and a white picket fence? Hilarious.

What I know now, and must have recognized back then as well, is this:

The discomfort of traveling an unknown journey to live from
your heart is NOTHING compared to the immense + constant
pain of playing it safe and following the status quo.

My question to you is..... where are you choosing to play it safe and live by other people's rules for your own life? And where could you follow your heart more? Share your thoughts + experiences in the comments below!!!

Creating Community

This past week I did something incredibly revolutionary (to me)..... I hit the unsubscribe button. A lot.

Here's my concern with a lot of newsletters and blogs out there - the people writing them are not relatable. I feel as if they are standing on some self-made platform as an 'expert' and telling me all the things I'm doing wrong with my life and business. And that doesn't feel good to me.

There is enough separation happening in our world today without 'experts' arbitrarily putting themselves up on pedestals.

The traditional model for marketing has been all about quantity of followers over quality. But let me be clear - I don't NEED hundreds of thousands of subscribers. In fact, I don't necessarily WANT hundreds of thousands of subscribers. I would rather have 100 women receiving my newsletter with a 100% engagement rate, rather than 1000 women with a 10% engagement rate.

A few months ago, I was asked to be part of a summit where several experts gather and share their knowledge through interviews. Want to know what happened? I was rejected because I didn't have enough subscribers {mind you, I have 22,500% more people receiving my newsletter than I could ever serve each month!}. 

My intention with my blog and my newsletter is not for it to be just another email that you get every week.... but instead something that you're excited to be a part of. A community. A tribe. A place where YOUR voice and YOUR opinion are equally important as mine.

I don't do what I do for me. This isn't a popularity contest for me. I put myself out there for you {let's be honest - on any given day I'd really just prefer to just hang out with my cats!}. I write + speak + coach to connect with you. I write + speak + coach to inspire you to share YOUR voice. 

Because you're not my customer. And you're not my client. I am building a community and I'd love for YOU to be part of it. I really don't care about the quantity of women in this community. What I do care about is the impact you experience from being here alongside me.

So, my question to you is.... what can I do to make you feel as if this space is YOURS as much as it is mine?

Please share below in the comments what would inspire you to engage with the content and how you would feel most included as a member of this tribe.

What Does Success Look Like?

I have always had this great definition of success. It has resonated with me for years. And when I had my day job, I lived that definition of success. But then I let my day job go. And all of the sudden I was living my dream and extremely happy.... but I started seeing myself as unsuccessful based on my old definition!

The past 18 months of my life have seen the most phenomenal successes - publishing my first book, transforming my life and business, my first national television interview, a successful Kickstarter, a private invitation to write for a huge international publication, numerous collaborations, and more. And through it all - I haven't considered myself successful.

Why am I sharing this with you?  Because the concept of success is huge for me and has come up several times in the past month. I was asked again last week on a podcast interview:

What does success mean to you?

I have realized recently that my definition has created a huge separation in my life and disconnected from the energy of success.

A friend so kindly pointed out to me something rather revolutionary..... success is not about the amount of money you see in your bank account. Success is about the beliefs that you hold around it. If success is somehow dependent on the amount of money in ones bank account, then one will never achieve success.

*Mind Blown*

I mean, this is how I live in other areas of my life. If I want to be something on the outside, I must first embody it on the inside. I repeat this like a broken record, and I KNOW it works. So to help me with this, I have been using a new daily mantra:

I am successful. My increased success only means a greater version of who I am NOW.

The trick is to see success within ourselves, not as something that is outside of us. Becoming successful doesn't mean changing anything about who I am, it means amplifying my current reality.

Share with the community below your definition of success and HOW you plan to embody success more and more everyday! 

You are Only ONE Person.

Humans have this funny idea that it’s possible to live each area of our life in different ways. As if we can be one person at work, and a different person at home, and a different person in our business or personal relationships. Except it doesn’t work like that.

I can’t even tell you how many women say to me on a regular basis, “I can’t be myself at work. It’s like I have to turn part of me off.” or “I have to turn off my emotions so that I can be effective in business.” or “I can’t be a mom in the boardroom.”

When I worked my day job for eight years, I tried to do this. I had these different ‘Bri’ personas that I would take on depending on who I was at that point in time. I had ‘Work Bri’ and ‘Business Bri’ and ‘Personal Life Bri’ and ‘Friend Bri’ and I would bounce between these personas. Kinda like this......

Let me tell you a secret - it was exhausting and it didn’t work. Want to know why?

Because I’m only ONE person.

You are only ONE person - one whole person experiencing life in the present moment. Turning off parts and pieces of yourself will only create negative consequences. It is imperative to show up fully and completely in every aspect and in every moment of your life (this is especially important for women because of how our brains work!).

A client asked me not long ago, "How are you inspirational ALL the time? There are days when I just don't want to be inspirational. But I have to be for my employees"

My response to her was - I'm not! On the days when I don't feel inspirational, I honor those feelings and be present with them wherever I am.

There is nothing MORE inspirational than being present in your
entirety, regardless of what that looks like.

So if you're feeling down or un-inspirational, what if you could just let your employees know? What if you could be honest with them and ask for some space for the day? Isn't that infinitely more powerful than faking a smile or happy mood?

Since I have begun to be present as ‘All of Bri’ in every situation, I’ve noticed a few things:

  • I’m happier.
  • My body feels less stressed.
  • I am able to stand in my power and communicate my needs clearly.
  • My energy levels are more consistent.
  • I feel more intensely.
  • I have built deeper connections and relationships in my life.
  • Life is WAY more fun!

I invite you to consider…… Do you feel as if you’re turning parts of yourself off in certain situations? And if so, what would happen if you were to show up as a whole person in every area of your life? What would it look like if you could embrace every aspect of yourself in every moment?

Share with me in the comments ideas of how you could integrate, even just 10% more, into ONE version of you!

The Future YOU

I guarantee that this is not the first you will have read of manifesting or the Law of Attraction. For those of you that haven't, it is a 'like attracts like' concept that states every person has the ability to attract things into their life with their thoughts and intentions. So, what makes this blog different? I think there are some very big steps missing from most Law of Attraction articles, so I'm here to share them with you.

So The Law of Attraction is that thing where you think of something and you get it, right?

Well, yes AND no. If you begin to align your energy with having a red car, it doesn't necessarily mean that a red car will show up in your driveway unexpectedly with a big bow on it. I mean, it could. But......

My biggest complaint with the majority of Law of Attraction material is that it approaches your desires from your current state of mind. From my perspective, there is a reason that you don't have what you want right now and it's probably that you are not fully aligned with what it would be like to have this thing in your life.

So, if you don't start from where you are now..... then where do you start? Here is MY secret for manifesting:

What do I mean by that? In order to be a happier person, one must start by being happy. In order to be a lovable person, one must start by being love. In order to be a successful person, you must first SEE success within you.

Back to that red car example. If you start to align yourself with the energy of a red car, it is VERY likely that you will start to see red cars everywhere. But it is unlikely that you will actually own a red car. That is, until you BECOME the person WHO JUST IS the owner of the red car.

The energy you want in your future must be
EMBODIED in your present.

If you attempt to go to the energy, it's approaching it as if you are some how currently separate from the energy - as if there is a disconnect. If you continually see yourself as separate or disconnected from the energy.... you will never realize your desires. 

I connect with my desires and embody them in the present using two methods:

1. I experience what it is that I think I want in life. I fully immerse myself in the energy of that thing so that I can FEEL what it's like to be the kind of person who lives in a loft in Downtown Los Angeles or drives a luxury vehicle or commits to her life partner. Once you are aware of the feeling of that energy, it's important to dwell in that energy repeatedly and frequently. The more you can feel yourself being one with whatever you want - the more quickly it will manifest in your life.

2. I spend time with my future self. I think this is the easiest way to manifest. I look at who I need to be in the world in order to receive the experiences I want in my life. 

And just because I love you so much..... I've recorded a Future Self visualization that I personally use to gain clarity around who I need to be in the world for my dreams to reveal themselves to me. Click below to access the visualization, and be sure to follow up with a comment here to tell me how it went for you!

PS - Don't forget that the registrations for my LASER FOCUSED group coaching are closing THIS WEEK! There are only two spots left, so if you're ready to just be your future self.... Click here.

Life Does Not Get Better By Chance.

Life does not get better by chance. It gets better by taking bold action. It gets better by taking a stand for who you are and declaring to the world, "I am worth it."

A lot of people categorize 'bold action' as risk. 

Yes, risks may seem scary...... but I'll clue you in on a little secret - not risking anything is actually the biggest risk of all. Because by 'playing safe' and keeping yourself 'free' from risk, what you're actually doing is risking your happiness, risking your future, risking your greatness.


What if you were to embrace your happiness? Embrace your future? Embrace your greatness?

It is seriously that easy. Life gets better by taking BOLD action.

I am giving a very select few women the opportunity to take BOLD ACTION during the final quarter of 2015. Join me, and an intimate community of fellow action takers, to end your 2015 with some power!

Starting October 15, I will be leading you through achieving a specific goal by addressing the obstacles that have held you back all year long, increasing your natural ability for positive thinking, and providing an extremely high level of accountability.

What do you say? 

Are you ready to finish the year in boldness
and set yourself up for a magnificent 2016,
or will you ring in the New Year by
setting the same goals as you did last year?

Space is extremely limited. To submit an application for consideration click below: 

Finding My Voice

People are always surprised when I reveal that I am an introvert by nature. That my natural state is when I am at home, either alone or with one to two close friends. No one believes me when I tell them that I have to psych myself up to leave the house and they're always blown away when I explain the meaning of the tattoo on my hand - a constant reminder for me to SHINE and not default back to my wallflower status.

You may ask, what changed? And why do
I force myself out of my natural state?

See, it was about five years ago. I was sitting in a person transformation and growth class when my epiphany hit. In order for me to impact the world and affect change like I desire to do, I cannot hide. 

It was the moment that life as I knew it shifted. I could no longer pretend that playing small was serving me or the world.

Over the past five years, I have broken out of my cocoon and spread my wings more than I ever thought was possible. One of the biggest ways I have done this is by finding my voice.


It is something I resisted for a long time - most likely because I knew the power that it held (I tend to fear success more than I fear failure). This year is when I finally unleashed my voice. I stopped anticipating judgement from people. I stopped filtering my experiences. I took of the self-imposed shackles and realized that my words have the ability to inspire.

I fully recognize that shared experiences and standing in your
power can change the world. 

Are YOU ready to find your voice? Whether you're doing it for you, for your loved ones, or to change the world - IT IS WORTH DOING! Next week I will be hosting a workshop with the phenomenal Sonnet Simmons to support you in learning to Speak Your Dreams.

During this event, Sonnet will work with you to provide vocal tools and support to find and strengthen your true voice. And I will support you in connecting with your natural gifts and insights to clearly create your dream life. The event will be held at Paper Dolls Co-working Space in Los Angeles. Get your ticket to join us - there is limited space:

Eventbrite - Speak Your Dreams

Universal Purpose

Did you know that over 40% of Americans have not discovered a satisfying life purpose? Research has shown that "having purpose and meaning in life increases overall well-being and life satisfaction, improves mental and physical health, enhances resiliency, increases self-esteem, and decreases the chance of depression."

So, what is our purpose in life? There is one thing and one thing only that every living being is put upon this Earth to experience. Growth.

I would go as far as to say:
GROWTH is the purpose of life.

The purpose of life for man is growth, just as the purpose of life for trees and plants is growth. Trees and plants grow automatically and along fixed lines; man can grow as he will. Trees and plants can only develop certain possibilities and characteristics; man can develop any power which is or has been shown by any person anywhere. Nothing that is possible in spirit is impossible in flesh and blood. Nothing that man can think is impossible. Nothing that man can imagine is impossible of realization. ~ Wallace D. Wattles

Clearly growth happens on a physical level in all living organisms. But what about growth that you can't see? Growth that you can't touch? It's this kind of growth that calls us to be greater than we currently are. It calls us to our potential. Life without growth is death.

Life without progress becomes unendurable, and the person who ceases from growth must either become imbecile or insane. The greater and more harmonious and well rounded his growth, the happier man will be. ~ Wallace D. Wattles

The question becomes - are you willing to commit yourself and your life to the possibility of genius within you waiting to come forward?

You may think that you're different or incapable of achieving the same results as others. But I tell you this - we are all given the same potential for greatness in life. It's up to you to decide if you wish to embrace it? You can become whatever you want to be. The decision is yours.

"Growth is the only evidence of life." John Henry Newman

Growth begins with personal responsibility. So, if you're ready to embark on a path of growth, but don't know where to start - CLICK HERE - to schedule a call with me. I'm an expert in guiding people through periods of growth and becoming master's of their life.

Collaboration is the New Competition

It's no surprise that women can have a very intense air of competition between them. I'm convinced that this is a root cause of bullying. Women are taught to be divided. We're taught that if someone else has something we want, that we need to compete with them because there isn't enough for both of us. Or that if we're doing something similar things that we need to compete because there can't be nearly enough clients/customers for us both to be successful.

That's hilarious to think about, right? The world is HUGE and abundant. How could one persons success actually diminish the success of another? Want to know what's even funnier?

The world 'compete' actually comes the Latin word 'competere' which means "come together," and in later Latin meant "strive together." Which means, the word compete originally meant collaborate!!!

The good news is that change is in the air. Many women are waking up to the idea that competition is counter productive and separation is an illusion. 

During the month of August, my business coach challenged her private clients to get out and interact with new people. I absolutely took this challenge to heart. From August 3 to August 31, I went out of my way to connect with OVER FORTY new women either in person or via Skype. And that doesn't include any of the phone calls that I had!!!

Want to know how nearly every interaction ended?

With both of us asking how we could support the other woman in her life and business.

Isn't that amazing? These are mostly women that I have NEVER met before, and here we are offering to help each other grow into better versions of ourselves. Not because we have a history or have developed the know/like/trust factor. Why?

  • We know that we can't do it alone.
  • Seeing women succeed makes it more possible for other women to succeed (like a ripple effect!).
  • There is exponential growth when 2+ people are working toward a common goal.
  • We can support each other because we understand what the other woman is experiencing.

I highly encourage you to explore the idea that collaboration is the new competition.

It will seriously rock your world. I have seen more opportunities, more referrals, more laughter, and more adventure in my life already - and I plan to continue this challenge as a part of who I am in the world. Be sure to share your results in the comments below - I want to know how this shift impacts your life, your relationships, and your business!

Happy International Women's Friendship Month!!!

September is one of my favorite months! Not only does the weather cool down (theoretically....), but it's also International Women's Friendship Month!!!

My sorority, Kappa Delta, created International Women's Friendship Month in 1999 to remember the important roles our women friends play in our lives. I love it because gives me a whole month to celebrate my cherished friends! 

"Ask any woman--there's something special about her friendships with other women. Our female friends know us better than anyone else. They are there to listen, to console, and to encourage. They are our loudest cheerleaders and our most compassionate confidantes."

I will be celebrating our favorite girlfriend moments ALL month on Instagram! Be sure to follow The Inspirational Woman Project for the weekly challenge themes. I can't wait to see the images of you and your girlfriends - be sure to spread the love and share the challenge with them so they can play along!

PS.  Don't forget to tag @InspWomanProjct in your photos AND use #InspirationalWomanProject

Achieve Your Goals

The self-help industry is HUGE and growing by the day. Despite it's $10 billion per year revenue, there are still millions of people who are failing to live fulfilling lives on their terms. Did you know that 95% of people procrastinate on their goals? 

Let's be honest. If you are truly serious about achieving the goals you talk about - buying another book, reading another article, or listening to another podcast is not going to get you there. 

The thing about the self-help industry is that it is not really designed to help you achieve your goals. It is designed to make you think that you're missing something, or that you are broken in some way, or that your past actions and mis-steps somehow dictate your future. That way - you buy their next book. Am I right?

My view? Screw that. 

I like to think of self-help books as ignition starters. They will give you the inspiration to get started. But after that, it's up to you to implement what you've learned. 

So, let's talk about what you don't need in your life to achieve your goals. You don't need to become an expert by gathering more information. You don't need more time. You don't need to learn a new system or technique. You don't need to attend another seminar or webinar (Unless, of course, these things are designed to help you actually get started from exactly where you are AND supporting you through the process of achieving your goals.).

You just need to get started from exactly where you are. Because if you are truly serious about achieving your goals - you will start regardless of your perceived setbacks or limitations.

There will never be a perfect time. There will never be perfect circumstances. You will never have saved "enough" money. For me it boils down to this: either you're serious about going after your dreams or you're not. While time, money, and circumstances may look like real reasons to stay where you are - they are just excuses. You get to choose if you allow them to stop you.

Ready to really start achieving your goals NOW?
I have put together a list of my TOP FIVE steps for doing just that.
Download the FREE report here.

I'm Not Obsessed.

Earlier this summer I sat in on Hilary Rushford's Instagram with Intention course. Since that day, nearly eight weeks ago, one could say that I've become a little..... "focused"on my Instagram feed. Ok, let's face it. I'm borderline obsessed. 

Prior to this time, social media had become a chore. I was doing it simply because I felt I had to. I had lost my passion for what can be a highly creative outlet. The past two months I have fallen back in love with the platform. Not only for the ability to post and interact, but also for inspiration and joy. I wanted to share my top six favorite accounts with you, in hopes that you find inspiration in them as well. Enjoy!

I love this account for two reasons:

It’s GORGEOUS! It’s no secret that aqua is one of my power colors. I’m even wearing it as I type this. And EVERY photo in their feed features aqua.

The mission for this organization is phenomenal. They are dedicated to opening up conversations on eating disorders and body image. Their recently launched #IAmPerfectMovement is raising money to create the largest platform in the world to empower both women and men suffering from eating disorders and body image issues.

I’m going to try to restrain my crazy cat lady-ness for this one…. but no promises. This cat stole my heart the second I saw her. She is the epitome of thriving despite your circumstances. No front legs? No problem - her life is full of love and adventure. Watch one of the videos - your heart will melt.

I met Courtnee several months ago and was blown away at her podcast. She is dedicated to telling the stories of how creatives got their start. But it’s not just any podcast - she combines the interview with photographs to tell the stories fully. This instagram account gives behind the scenes glimpses (and advice!) to the lives of creatives in a fresh way. Oh, and did I mention the interactive Q&A that you can do with each creative? Yeah. Go follow them.

This account speaks to all things feminine and fun. I peruse this account for straight up visual stimulation. The colors, textures, and richness satisfies my cravings for beauty. BONUS: She is also a huge proponent for self-love, and we can never have too much of that #AmIRight?

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine is a full service magazine that hits on your health, mind, body, and spirit. Their articles are not only inspiring, but also have tactical ways to improve your life. Their feed, along with the accompanying descriptions, feeds my soul with so much goodness. 

Maybe it’s just because my mind is focused (and excited!) on moving into a new place….. but I am obsessed with all things home dec lately. Jessica’s Instagram provides the kind of inspiration that everyone needs to make their home look and feel magical - but in their own, unique way. The combinations of spatial arrangement, textures, shapes, light, patterns, etc. all leave me wanting more!

And who could forget my last two favorite Instagram accounts….


I admittedly have a problem with Instagram, that I am transferring to everyone I meet! I reimagined my feed about two months ago and since then - I cannot put it down. I have found a balance of providing great and inspiring content with a feed that resembles an art gallery. Here’s a sneak peek, but be sure to hop over to the account to see what I mean!

I’ve also spent this summer redoing the Inspirational Woman Project account. The account is not only featuring more powerful quotes from famous women, but also never-before-read quotes from OUR inspirational women! We’re currently working through the interviews from Volume 1, but soon we’ll start releasing content from Volume 2….. so be sure to follow for early glimpses of the new book.