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What is sexy?

Victoria's Secret recently released their annual list of "What is Sexy" which led us to ponder on that question: What is exactly the meaning behind being sexy? After talking with a few of our favorite women, we have come a few agreements - the main one being that sexiness is confidence. A woman is at her sexiest when she has a good attitude about who she is and has the confidence to share it with the world. We believe sexiness has nothing to do with the amount of clothing you're wearing but by the attitude you carry it with and the happiness in being sure and confident in who you are.

That being said, we picked three categories from the Victoria's Secret list and identified our own winners in each category.


#Sexiest Sense of Humor: Emma Stone

We picked Emma Stone because she is always very confident in her sense of humor. From standing up and lip synching 'All I Do is Win' to her witty, fun answers in interviews, Emma is a woman who is confident enough to laugh at herself and bring on the funny. These are qualities we can get with any day of the week.


#Sexiest Natural Beauty: Beyonce

Beyonce definitely woke up flawless and she lets us know with her occasional make-up free selfies. It's good seeing someone own the natural look and sing about empowering women to feel confident from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep, regardless of the make-up they might or might not be wearing. 



#Sexiest Smile: Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres is a woman who has been through it all and she's still smiling at the end of the day. Happiness is the number one thing that makes a woman beautiful and sexy and Ellen has it down. She is always smiling and always joyful and that's something to emulate in our everyday life. 

How do you define sexiness? Who would you nominate for the "What is Sexy" awards?

How To - Layered Necklaces

At Bri Seeley we are jumping on the accessory trend of stacking necklaces. We are loving this trend because it's a fun way to add interest to outfits that have simpler silhouettes. It's a trend that also works wonders with one tone dresses that don't have a lot of detailing. By piling on the necklaces you turn what would be a minimalistic outfit into one that says 'Look at Me!'. Here we will demonstrate the trend with two of our favorite dresses: the Eva and the Mischa.

First off, the Eva. With a deep plunging neckline, a stack of necklaces is the perfect way to keep it demure. We layered three gold necklaces to add the shine and keep the outfit in appropriate territory for those who aren't prepared for such a plunging neckline. If you're more comfortable with decolletage, then go for shorter length necklaces for a pop of metallic.


For those with a penchant for higher necklines, we have a take on the trend with the Mischa dress. A great way to stack on the necklaces with higher necklines is to play with the lengths. Add one necklace above the neckline, another immediately below where it hits in the collar-bone, and final touch with a really long one to keep the focus on the jewelry and around the face. 

How do you layer your necklaces? Show as on Instagram by mentioning @iambriseeley

It's a Sea Foam Summer

Remember the amazing sea foam resort trend seen on the summer runways that we mentioned a few weeks ago? Well, summer is not over yet and the beautiful ocean color is the perfect way to pay tribute to the last month of summer! The delicate color is perfect for a feminine look and you can pair it easily with a variety of accessories. 

Check out how Italia Ricci wore the sea foam colored Charlotte dress in Regard Magazine. The structured bodice give it an edgy feel, but the color keeps it feminine and cool. Add some white pumps for a summery feel or go darker with your accessories leading up to the Autumn months. 

The Coutourier

Last week was haute couture fashion week. And with it, we got to witness some of the greatest fashion houses debuting their hand sown collections. The haute couture collections have long been the epitome of high fashion -that being the literal translation-. When we think of haute couture we think of class, elegance, Paris, Chanel and that’s exactly what last week brought to the table. It has long been though that this branch of fashion is only for the very wealthy and with good reason, these piece go up the tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So what exactly is a couturier? It’s the person who hand stitches every piece. There’s also the element of sheer extravagance that goes into every look. Haute couture is supposed to make you dream of glamour. And think of the amount of time and effort that goes into every extravagant piece. Think of the patience that has to go into every stitch.

At Bri Seeley we strive for the quality that makes Couture fashion so special and desired. The simple lines, the use of materials worked to perfection so it fits the body to a tee. It is this work of the couturier that we always wish to honor in every garment, because it is that hard work that adds that special je ne sais quoi to the very elegant and timeless couture fashion.

Italia Ricci wearing The Lily

Italia Ricci recently posed for Regard Magazine wearing all Bri Seeley. One of our favorite looks from the spread is our new take on the Lily dress – a perfect piece for summer!

Here are three reasons why this is our favorite:

1. Black is always in style and a guaranteed way to look chic – yes, even in the summer! It looks elegant and polished. The Lily is the perfect dress for this statement.

2. The sheer trend is everything. We love how this dress plays with opaque and sheer – a fun and unexpected way to be more daring with your look. Sheer is one of the trends of the season guaranteed to go all they way into fall and it’s such a fabulous way to show your shape without baring too much skin.

3. Is there a better way to stay fresh this summer than a plunging neckline? The perfect balance for a black dress in the summer is to dare to bare on top and with plunging necklines – you’re guaranteed to look polished and sophisticated with a touch of allure!

Advice for recent fashion graduates

With graduation season in full bloom, I’m sure the nerves of finally getting to the real world are kicking in. A lot of you are probably wondering if you’ve got what it takes to make it in the fashion world and others are probably certain you will make it. Looking back on it, these are the 5 pieces of advice I wish I had gotten when I first graduated:

1.Network, network, network!!!

Fashion is all about who you know, in fact anything in life is. The best way to get a job nowadays is through personal connections or referrals. Even if you don’t think the person you’re meeting is important to your future now, you may find that one day they could help you get a leg up in the business. Always be professional and always make a good impression – you don’t know where it’ll take you.

2. Communication skills are key

Being shy is not an option, especially in an industry like fashion. Being passionate isn’t enough if you can’t express that passion to others. Remember this is a creative industry so you have to be able to express what you represent and how you’re different. You need to sell yourself and your point of view.

3. Intern

Take every opportunity that is presented to you. If nothing else, you’ll learn a lot of stuff – even if is how not to behave! If you think there aren’t any opportunities around you, make them. Open your own doors, make your own opportunities. In a world where social media is key to our lives, that’s a great way to make connections.

4. Be creative with your resume

Think outside the box! These people reading your resume have read hundreds of resumes, so make sure yours stands out. Keep it short but keep it interesting. List the things you think will help differentiate you. And be sure to address the qualifications required for the position in your resume – it is possible that you will need to alter your resume for each job you apply for!

5. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses

This is key and something you have to work at. If you’re not great at something say you’re willing to learn but don’t lie and say you can do it. Always spin your weaknesses into positives and highlight your strengths. This way any job interview will be easy for you.

“The doors will be opened to those who are bold enough to knock” -Tony Gaskins
Good luck!!!

Denim + Bri Seeley 2

Are you guys ready for the second denim jacket look? Here at Bri Seeley we are really excited about it because we get to mix the denim jacket with a feminine girly dress. The cool thing about this look is it’s mixing two opposing trends to come out with a refreshing take on summer dainty dresses.

We went with the lilac hued Bea dress (available on to add to the feminine factor. Nothing like pale spring like colors to set off that ladylike feel. Because we’re balancing it out with the vintage denim jacket you can play off the girly feel with a ton of accessories. We went with an iridescent statement necklace in similar tones to the dress and a bracelet with flower detailing.

Finally, we finished the look with cream color wedges with detailing at the from to add to the girly factor and a black clutch, to add that French girl style to the look. All in all, a great look for a summer date night, a brunch date with the girls or even a shopping day out in the sun. A guaranteed way to look feminine and sophisticated but with a cool edgy vibe.

Show us how you would pair off that denim jacket with a dainty feminine dress!

Denim + Bri Seeley

Another summer trend we are obsessing over here at Bri Seeley is the denim jacket. Whether studded, vintage, brand new, with leather panel, cropped or full, it’s all fair game with this summer trend. We love the versatility of them too: want to wear them with a beautiful summer dress? It’s all good. Want to try them with shorts for a cool summer vibe? It’s fair game. Want to go denim on denim? Hey, models have been rocking that Canadian tuxedo for a while now.

This week we’re giving you a couple of ideas for looks to try out this fun summer trend ASAP. Today we will feature the cool vintage Bill Blass denim jacket worn over high-waisted shorts. Since denim on denim is for the brave hearted we decided to tone it down with merlot colored shorts with black detailing (available Our favorite pairing for this look is a black crop top – to pick up on the black detailing on the shorts.

We finished the look with a caged statement necklace, JustFab with gold detailing and a Sole Society. All the perfect finishing touches for a day out in the town or a party. Remember: the outfit gets pulled together in the details so that’s a great place to add your unique and magic touch!

Don’t forget to show us how you rocked this trend. Tweet us at @BriSeeley or Instagram the look and tag us with @IamBriSeeley – and don’t forget to check back on Sunday to see a more feminine way to style the denim jacket!

The Resort Trend

There was a time when resort collections didn’t really mean that much to us. Those days are long gone with major fashion houses and designers providing some very strong trends that are determining street style everywhere. The Bri Seeley team has identified our three favorite resort trends as follows….


Sea foam is a major inspiration,especially living in SoCal, the ocean determines much of how we live our life here and is the perfect touch for a resort collection. After all, resort collections are about summer and vacations – which are frequently experienced somewhere around the sea. Designers Antonio Berardi and Honor both included the touch of sea foam in their resort collection.

The inspiration also hits close to home for us at Bri Seeley with The Eleanor Dress and The Sidney Skirt. In the end E.E. Cummings said it best, “For whatever we lose like a you or a me, it’s always ourselves we find in the sea.”



The fit and flare trend is the perfect synonym of femininity with a style designed to highlight a woman’s curves. Cinched at the waist and flared at the hips, this classic silhouette is perfect for the summer season. Designers from major fashion houses like Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen, Pamella Roland and Band of Outsiders all included the silhouette varying in textures, fabric, color and print.

Here at Bri Seeley, where the feminine and classic aesthetic take precedent, you can find the fit and flare style with The Mae Skirt




The sheer coverage trend is a special favorite for us at Bri Seeley as we think there’s a way to do classic and feminine without being conservative. This trend allows us to use more conservative silhouettes such as higher necklines and fuller and longer skirts without looking like we went shopping at grandma’s closet. Chanel, Burberry Prorsum and Christian Dior seem to agree with us because they all included it in their resort collections.

You can find our take on the trend with The Belle Blouse and The Louise Blouse


Full Skirts - part 2

Thursday we wrote about our favorite summer trend – the full skirt. We showed a professional way to style the skirt as seen on Italia Ricci in Regard Magazine

Today we’re showing you a more casual chic way to style the full skirt trend. Our very own lead designer Bri Seeley styled the Jaclyn Skirt for an afternoon in the design studio.

She keeps the look fun and interesting by pairing the printed skirt with a solid color top. Crop tops are the best way to style the full skirt in a fun way. Crop tops emphasize the smaller part of your body (your waist) and look very chic worn with a full skirt. The sweater version worn by Bri is perfect for the office -if they’re not very strict about dress code- and for a fun weekend outfit. Flats are a great way to keep it simple and casual and during the summer, don’t forget your sunglasses. Bri’s added the perfect old Hollywood glamour touch with a pair of zeroUV sunnies.

Hope you guys enjoy styling your full skirts – don’t forget to send us images of how you style your full skirts! Tweet us your images at @BriSeeley and tag us on Instagram @IAmBriSeeley

Full skirts

Here at Bri Seeley we are obsessed with the full skirt trend for the summer. We think it’s the perfect way to look professional in the office and fun in the weekends. If you’re really risky, you can combine the fun and the professional to create really unexpected looks. If you’re wondering how you can style this summer trend, we got you because we’re going to help you style the full skirt two different ways.

Today, we’ll show you the full on professional look as seen worn by Italia Ricci for Regard Magazine. She’s keeping the look interesting by combining a gold colored skirt with a traditional button up shirt. This way it looks different but still professional. Go for bold colors either in the skirt or the classic button up shirt to make the look really stand out. She finishes the outfit with strappy heels, the perfect summer touch that can still look very office appropriate and help transition the outfit from day to night.

Check back on Sunday to see how we styled the full skirt for a more casual chic look! Send us photos of how you would style the full skirt trend – tweet us your look at @briseeley or instagram it and tag us with @iambriseeley.