‘Activate the Path Within’ Affiliate Details

 Hi! Thank you for your interest in being an Affiliate Partner in my most popular training Activate Your Soul’s Path. This page will give you more information about the program, the benefits to your community and our payment agreements. 

Note #1: all suggested copy and marketing is simply that - suggested. I’ve found that if your audience is familiar with your voice, it’s best to make the marketing sound like you. Feel free to adjust the wording to fit with your style so it sounds authentic and genuine.

Note #2: signing the agreement at the end does not bind you to any promotional or marketing requirements, it is simply a place for us to be on the same page about the partnership and the financial payments that will take place upon the completion of sales.

What is Activate Your Soul’s Path

Activate Your Soul’s Path is my signature 6-month group coaching program. It was designed to support people in acquiring the tools to bring their dreams to life. The experience incorporates conscious coaching with subconscious reprogramming (in the form of RTT hypnotherapy), as well as incredible knowledge and personalized guidance to support participants to access their inner wisdom and create the path to their dreams from the inside out. It was designed to help individuals take the leap towards their vision, while healing their fears, developing an abundance mindset and harnessing their own personal power.

Who is Activate Your Soul’s Path for?

Activate Your Soul’s Path was created for those who are currently unfulfilled and frustrated with their current experience of life, and who possess a deeper desire to live a life aligned with their true soul’s purpose. The people who have succeeded in this training generally:

  • Are unsure HOW to bring their dreams to life.

  • Need accountability and support to make their dreams happen.

  • Require a shift in how they approach life in order to create new results.

  • Feel like their life is running them, rather than them running their life.

  • Struggle with accessing clarity.

  • Either have no idea about what to focus on, or too many things to focus on.

  • Bump up against resistance and procrastination daily.

Who is Activate Your Soul’s Path NOT for?

Activate Your Soul’s Path is NOT for people who: 

  • Want someone else to give them the answers they seek.

  • Are unwilling to look within.

  • Desire to copy/paste someone else’s path to success. 

  • Don’t wish to take responsibility for their life.

  • Play the victim.

  • Want to continue living in a scarcity mindset.

Goals of Activate Your Soul’s Path 

The goals of the program include: 

  • Gain clarity about the path and journey ahead.

  • Develop and implement a consistent daily success practice.

  • Take less actions with more + better results.

  • Increase your capacity to receive wealth.

  • Learn + apply tools you can use for life to continue creating your dreams.

  • Reprogram your subconscious to be rid of your limitations and focused on your goals.

How the program is set up 

Each client will receive: 

  • 6 Monthly Modules - audio training modules with homework assignments, specific meditations, hypnosis tracks and wealth training.

  • Weekly LIVE Group Coaching from me + my team - three call-in times are offered each week to accommodate schedules of participants

  • Slack Online Community - 24/7 support from peers, insight from the coaching team

  • Access to my ever growing Meditation Vault

  • Clients receive lifetime access to the training modules (including updates) once their program is paid in full.

How is Activate Your Soul's Path different?

  • {Guidance} This is NOT an information based training. Let's be real - if people could do this work from a book or podcast, they’d already be living their truth unapologetically. Information is not what is needed for transformation.... It’s feedback and support around application that will make the biggest impact.

  • {Community} The community in this training is remarkable. The connections made in this setting blossom into lifelong friendships. Past participants have traveled across the country to visit one another, gone on trips together, maintain weekly phone calls and continue to find support in each other long after the training ends.

  • {Results} Committed and enthusiastic participants of my trainings generally begin to see results within the first month. My theory is: no one needs to wait any longer to make the changes they desire - participants apply the lessons immediately and thus, getting new results in real time. Past participants have changed environments, quit their jobs, been hired for new jobs, started businesses, increased their wealth, found clarity, left old relationships / created new ones, and more - all while enrolled in the training. 

Monthly Module Outline

Month 1 - Create Your Foundation

You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. This is a month of radical honesty to take a temperature of where you are + where you’ve been, as well as setting up daily habits to support you in bringing your dreams to life.

Month 2 - Meet Your Future Self

Your future self has been exactly where you are and knows exactly what is yet to come. She has a perspective you do not have and her perspective can be accessed to help you walk your path more confidently and with a greater ease.

Month 3 - Heal 

Healing the doubts, fears and limiting beliefs which are holding you back is an integral part of bringing your dreams to life. You can’t carry the weight of the past with you as you journey forward. This month is all about uprooting the past and healing it so you can move forward unencumbered. 

Month 4 - Developing Your Vision

Create a clear vision for your future and use tools to begin strengthening your connection with your vision in your mind.

Month 5 - Taking Inspired Action

Learn how to take less action, while producing more + better results. Plus, begin taking daily inspired actions to build up momentum and create your inner vision in the world around you.

Month 6 - Creating a Sustainable Path Forward

Look forward to see your soul’s path continuing to unfold ahead, develop practices for continued momentum after your graduation and begin planning for the future.


"I noticed changes straight after our first call. Bri asks the kind of questions you might get asked and you push aside, but Bri doesn’t let you push them aside. She will challenge you to change and grow and step into the discomfort, which you’ll realize isn’t uncomfortable at all and that you should have stepped sooner." -Penelope W.

Client Investment

The investment in Activate Your Soul’s Path is one full payment of $4997 or 6 monthly payments of $950.

For each successful enrollment from your referrals, you will receive $750 from me. 

Commissions for paid-in-full agreements are paid-in-full at month’s end. Commissions for payment agreements are paid as follows: Half at month’s end, and half the following month’s end. If the client requests and is granted a refund for services within 30-days of the program start date, then commissions will be recalled.

Note: all client agreements indicate that their investment is non-refundable. However, certain situations may arise in which we would honor a refund. This will be assessed on a situational basis.

In order to proceed and become a partner in Activate Your Soul’s Path, please click the button below and sign the affiliate agreement. Thank you!

Our partnership is incredibly important to me. At any point you have any questions or would like to brainstorm creative ways to share this opportunity with more of your community, please email me directly at bri@briseeley.com

***NOTE: Please do not share this page with anyone without my explicit permission. Our partnership was specifically chosen based on our common interests and relationship. If you know of someone who would be a great partner for Activate Your Soul’s Path, please send me an email with their information to review, and I’ll get back to you once I’ve reviewed it. Thank you for your understanding! 

Marketing Plan + Ideas

The great news about Activate Your Soul’s Path is: it’s an evergreen program. Why is that great news? Because you can promote it as much as you want and receive consistent affiliate payments any day of the month.


  1. Send your community to one of my multiple online trainings. My marketing calendar is released quarterly. I will send you dates and links each month which you can share with your community via newsletter, facebook, twitter, private invitations, etc.

  2. Invite me into your online community for a private training. Please email me directly to schedule.

  3. Share my evergreen 6-day Anti-Manifestation training: http://challenge.briseeley.com

  4. Send people to my guide Activate Your Soul’s Path at: http://guide.briseeley.com

  5. Send a direct introduction between me and the prospect.

  6. I’m open to being creative - if you have alternate ideas about how to promote this to your community… let’s chat!

Note: these options have been listen from the highest possibility of conversion to the lowest probability of conversation (with the exception of #5). I’ve found that people are more likely to take action from a live training, then from a digital file. Of course, the option is yours based on the alignment with you brand.