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Bring Your Vision to Life
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You know that there is more available to you. Life is calling for you to be more in the world. And while you’ve taken a few baby steps to find out more, the thought of jumping without a parachute terrifies you.


You can feel yourself torn between the comfort that you know and that invisible whisper inviting you into the expansive and vast unknown.


The doubts and ‘what if’s are paralyzing you on the fence of indecision. You look left to the comfort and right to the possibility. And left. And right. Which side do you choose?


‘Permission to Leap’ will guide you through the process of leaping from the day you commit to the day you land softly on the other side.


Because the world needs you to leap sooner than later.

Each chapter of 'Permission to Leap' contains a combination of theory, science and stories from over two decades of my personal life experiences with taking leaps. They include assignments designed to be completed as you progresses through the book and while giving you to access printable versions of worksheets for each. 

Here's what some people are already saying about Permission to Leap:

"I was tired of life happening to me, but I didn't know how to change that. Until I read Permission to Leap, I wasn't aware how unprepared I was to take some big leaps in my life. I was at a precipice: I could leap or be shoved, hitting every rock on the way down. I needed permission to choose my own destiny. Permission to Leap gave me the tools I needed to create the life I wanted. Now that I have a daily practice of checking in with myself, leaping isn't so scary anymore!" - Liz E.

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"Reading Permission to Leap gave me a new perspective on bridging the gap from corporate 9-5 to living a life by design. I was inspired by the personal examples and honesty given by the author, and I appreciated the helpful application and execution strategies laid out for me." - Katie S.

"Permission to Leap is a visceral journey through the 'leaping' process. I've written best-selling books about taking risks and rejecting the status quo, but Bri has formalized the concept of leveling-up your life by developing an executable system around it. Her writing is raw and unapologetic, yet profound and refreshing. You'll finish this book with renewed strength, along with an actionable plan. You'll be marching toward your best future self with your head held high, knowing nothing can stop you." - Jesse T.


This is for you if you are…

  • overwhelmed and/or terrified by your vision + desires, and would like to lean on the perspective of a powerful woman to guide you along the journey of saying YES to your leap. 
  • ready to stop allowing your fears + hesitations to dictate your actions, results and circumstances.
  • unwilling to let another day pass without making the impact you are here to deliver
  • committed to vast transformation in your personal and/or business lives
  • willing to embrace your discomfort knowing that it’s necessary for your expansion
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From my heart to yours.... Thank you for your support in helping me bring this vision to life. I've never desired to write a book before now, but when I receive such a clear, calm and concise message in meditation - it is something trust innately + without question. I see the power of this book to touch millions of lives and it would not happen without you here right now. I take this all very seriously. And I make a solemn promise to you that I will do everything in my power to make an unmistakable dent in the world.

Love + Leaps,