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Entrepreneur + Manifestation Coach helping you build the path to your future

Welcome to the Entrepreneur Accelerator!

A 9-month Entrepreneur Accelerator to help you create sustainable business systems, expand your impact and drastically increase your wealth! 


Are you an Entrepreneur who….

  • has launched a product or service but isn’t making the impact (or the money!) you dream of?

  • is unsure what to do everyday to grow your business?

  • is here to make a big impact, but has doubts about if and/or when it will happen?

  • feels like there’s more available to you, but you don’t know how to access it?

  • is ready to accelerate the path to your future and become the entrepreneur you are meant to be?


Some people dream of success… others do the work to create their success. (1).png

I’m here to help you be a better entrepreneur.


  • being visible AF so people see you as the go-to expert in your industry,

  • developing an unshakable know/love/trust factor with your clients + customers,

  • making a huge impact in the lives of your clients + customers,

  • doubling, tripling or quadrupling your revenue.

The Entrepreneur Accelerator will:

  • teach you best practices for business expansion,

  • help you develop your unique strategy to success,

  • guide you to accelerate your business towards your goals,

  • elevate you to become the leader + CEO of your business.

Applications are now open:

Why is ‘The Entrepreneur Accelerator’ different?

I approach business from two complementary perspectives - the execution perspective and the energetic perspective.

Because I’ve learned over the last 12 years that one or the other isn’t effective - you need both.

You can take ALL the actions in the world…. but if the actions aren’t aligned with you + your beliefs - they’ll never produce the results you want.


You can do all the inner, energetic alignment in the world…. but if it’s not coupled with inspired actions - you’ll never bring that incredible vision within you to life in the world around you.

This is your opportunity to up-level yourself AND your business through a holistic approach.


Some people dream of success… others do the work to create their success. (1).png

The path from Solopreneur to CEO is not a straight line

The good news is, getting started is the hardest part. And you’re already past that. Having one or two years of business under your belt is a huge accomplishment.

Did you know 50% of businesses fail within five years?

And 88% of businesses never cross the 6-figure mark?

Growing a business is not easy. Hell, if it was… everyone would do it.

But… growing a business also doesn’t have to be hard.

Yes, there are hurdles you will need to face in pursuit of growing your business… I’m here to let you know - you don’t have to face them alone and you don’t have to learn year after year through trial + error.

I want you to be in the minority of businesses - thriving, creating impact and experiencing complete freedom. This is an invitation to learn what you need in order to grow and thrive within a safe community and through guidance + support.

Let’s get really real for a hot second: What’s it going to take for you to not only still be leading your business into year five… but to be thriving as a business owner, supporting a team, serving the world with your products/services, implementing a give back/give forward component to your business, developing and executing marketing + publicity blueprints… all while feeling strong, competent and successful?

From experience, I can tell you - it’s really freaking difficult to get there on your own.

You have a huge opportunity in front of you to grow your business and become an incredible CEO. You get to learn what it will take to double or triple your revenue, to maximize your profit margin, to build a team, and to become the best leader you can be.

You’ve been sprinting… I want to help you train for a marathon. Let’s set you up for incredible success.

Can you imagine knowing your financial goals are already met during the first month of the year?


“Working with Bri changed my life. The things I was able to create from her guidance is nothing short of miraculous. My business is BOOMING and I wake up everyday feeling calmer, more confident and powerful!” -Jen K.

Jen easily met her 2018 financial goals from her business in August of that year. By January 2019, she had already signed enough contracts to meet her 2019 financial goals AND had 50% of her 2020 income secured.



Some people dream of success… others do the work to create their success..png

What is The Entrepreneur Accelerator?

It’s a holistic Business + Entrepreneur development program to support you in growing your business - quickly. Think: more revenue, a team of contractors or employees, increased impact and incredible visibility for you + your business. All in 9-months.

The Entrepreneur Accelerator is your chance to become the leader of your business on the inside - all while strategizing and executing your expansion on the outside. Not to mention, an incredible group of entrepreneurs by your side… Led by my 13-years of entrepreneur experience + spiritual guidance.

This is your moment to develop your mindset while drafting your budget, understanding your breakeven points, adjusting your profit margins and mapping out your financial freedom.

Now is the time to address the issues keeping you small while creating and implementing a consistent marketing and social media strategies.

You can set yourself up for success by breaking through your visibility blocks while booking press placements and interviews.

The Entrepreneur Accelerator will increase your:

  • Profitability

  • Income

  • Visibility

  • Consistency

  • Confidence

All while developing and executing foundational structures, daily/monthly/yearly systems, building a team and taking a stand to become the Entrepreneur you were born to be.

This is your opportunity to become the Entrepreneur you are meant to be.

As your guide, my job is to:

  • share Universal wisdom and business best practices with you,

  • hold space for your expansion,

  • encourage you outside your comfort zone,

  • stretch you to see yourself and your business from a different perspective, and

  • give you everything you need to create the results you so deeply desire.

I am a firm believer you don’t need any additional information to have the business you desire - you need to apply, engage, get your hands dirty, and have an intimate community with a powerful mentor by your side to help you keep moving forward.

 Can you imagine giving yourself a 30% {or more} raise this year?


"I feel so much more confident in my vision which has resulted in massive expansion in my business. I have been getting clients left and right out of nowhere.” -Maggie C.

Maggie quintupled (that’s a growth of 500%) her new client investable assets after our first call in 2017 - and it didn’t just happen once, it became her new, consistent normal. Now she’s on track for her first 7-figure year. May 2019 is her largest month in business to date (and we’re just a few days into the month!)


What is included in the Conscious Business Accelerator?

  • Monthly training audio and worksheets

  • Two group coaching calls per month led by Bri

  • Two private, small mastermind meetings per month with your accountability group

  • Monthly Guest Expert Trainings

  • Online community (available 24/7)

  • 2-day in person intensive in Manhattan September 21 + 22, 2019 (travel and lodging not included)

Can you imagine partnering with household brands and landing on the cover of a magazine? 

Untitled design (1).png

"Bri taught me to believe in myself, who I am called to be and to dig deeper to learn more about myself. She taught me to look at my relationship with money and gave me confidence I needed to take steps forward in my business that I was TERRIFIED to take on my own." -Stephanie G.

Stephanie has worked with brands such as Alice + Olivia, Cynthia Rowley, and Kendra Scott, her design skills were featured on the cover of ‘Live + Style Magazine’ after she was asked to design a what if wedding dress for Taylor Swift, and she has quadrupled her business income every year for three years as a result of our work together.


Guiding you through this personal and business evolution is my greatest honor. Your journey has only just begun. I’ll see you inside The Entrepreneur Accelerator!!!

Love + Leaps,

Signature_2101 SMALL.png

P.S. Applications were already rolling in for this program before I formally launched it. There is a limited capacity and applications will close in the last week of May. What are you waiting for? Today is the best day to take action on making your vision your reality.

Still unsure if The Entrepreneur Accelerator will work for you? Watch this to learn about Genevieve and how she 10x’ed her business, opened a store front, partnered with companies like Patagonia and landed a major television interview…. all in under a year.