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Entrepreneur + Manifestation Coaching to build the path to your future

Welcome to the Entrepreneur Accelerator!

A 9-month Mastermind to help you create sustainable business systems, expand your impact and drastically increase your wealth! 


Being an entrepreneur is not a one-size-fits-all experience. And yet, most of the teachers, trainers and coaches in the marketplace treat it as such.

The truth is, there’s no “five step formula” to the success you dream of. There’s only one way to create what you envision for your business… Your way.

That’s where The Entrepreneur Accelerator comes in.

  • What is The Entrepreneur Accelerator? It is a 9-month mastermind to support you in creating your unique path to the successful business you desire. Think: more impact, more visibility and more revenue.

  • Why should you care? 65% of small businesses in the United States make less than $100,000 a year (the percentage is even higher if you’re a woman) and 81% of small businesses in the United States don’t have employees. Translation: You’re working your butt off to barely make ends meet… and it’s not changing anytime soon.

We didn’t become entrepreneurs to struggle and be miserable. Most entrepreneurs start to have freedom, autonomy and to make an impact. But, that’s clearly not happening based on the statistics above.

Why do those statistics exist? Being an entrepreneur has a steep, steep learning curve. Not to mention, most of the entrepreneur trainings out there don’t actually teach you what you need to know.

That is what inspired me to create The Entrepreneur Accelerator.


Some people dream of success… others do the work to create their success..png

I remember my first year in my coaching business… Bouncing from one thing to the next, unsure of what I was offering or who I was, totally unable to stand in my worth and communicate my value to potential clients….

And not only that - while I had a vague idea of what I wanted, I was completely blind to what I needed to do and focus on everyday to achieve that vision within. I woke up everyday unsure of what actions to take. Which created a full-on  inconsistency in my messaging, my actions, client outreach + marketing.

I totally fell into the trap of letting other people tell me what I needed to do to create my vision… I’m sure you can about guess how well that went {points to dumpster on fire}.

I had no structures. No consistency. No patience. No understanding of how to make money in my business.

My energy was unfocused. My beliefs weren’t aligned with the success I desired. My thoughts were inundated with doubts, debt and discouragement.

I had managed to make some money in my business - I brought in a little under $20,000 in my first 12-months as a coach.

But unfortunately that wasn’t going to cut it.

Considering that I had spent $14,000 on coach before I even made a penny with my business… and my income was equal to my rent each month… something needed to give.

What was the tipping point?

Don’t get me wrong - as an entrepreneur, you have to start somewhere. You have to take risks and make big decisions to invest before you’re ready.

I knew I wanted more. And I wanted it quickly. I had made it through year one, but if I wanted to make it to year five… I had to figure it out.

Just three months later, I identified an aligned system, complete with a full-on marketing strategy, which worked for me. A system which allowed me to serve 3,000 people and create 6-figures in revenue in just under 90-days.

What shifted to create a 750% growth in my business in such a short time?

First, I shifted.

Second, my perspective + understanding of business shifted.

You see, my first step when I launched my coaching business was to invest in a funnel course. I thought, “If I just follow the same steps as everyone else, I will succeed.” Wow, did I not succeed with it.

In fact, I failed miserably with it. Which ignited within me an understanding that business strategy was bad. Since I couldn’t strategize myself into success, what was my other option?

My response was to immerse myself into the spiritual approach to business. I believed that if I was aligned enough on the inside, I didn’t need an email list or a business structure to succeed. Yet, no matter how many positive thoughts I threw at my business… No matter how much I hoped... The clients weren’t coming.

Strategy didn’t work…

Alignment didn’t work...

What was the answer?

The a-ha which forever shifted the course of my life + business was this: Strategy and alignment are not contradicting approaches, they are complementary approaches.

Strategy and alignment are two sides of the same coin.

And yet, most entrepreneur trainings + programs on the market still continue to only focus on one or the other.

What I learned in my 2nd year of business was success comes from a combination of inner alignment plus outer strategy.

No amount of alignment can make up for a lack of strategy.

No strategy can make up for a lack of alignment.

But here’s the thing - your alignment and your strategy are unique. They’re yours. One of a kind. I get that everyone on the internet wants to give you the step-by-step process… an easy path to success. I’ll be real with you - that’s very likely not your path.

So you need alignment and you need strategy, but it’s not as simple as following a recipe.

What’s the solution?


Some people dream of success… others do the work to create their success. (1).png

Let’s break down what this quote means to you as an entrepreneur….

Preparation is your systems and strategy. It’s your budget, profit margin, marketing, outreach, public relations, etc.

Opportunity is your alignment, beliefs, energy and thoughts. It’s attracting the right people, things and experiences at the right times to match your goals, dreams + intentions.

If you’re not prepared, you won’t be able to say yes to or capitalize on the opportunities you attract because you won’t be set up to accept them.

If you’re not aligned with the opportunities you desire, your preparation won’t get you anywhere because the opportunities, clients, collaborations, etc. won’t be available to you.

Some of the questions I answer form business owners just like you everyday include:

  • How do I know what systems are necessary at this stage of my business?

  • How do I know where my energy and alignment is in this moment?

  • How do I finesse my budget, as well as my expenses to increase my profit margin? And to reach financial freedom sooner?

  • How do I know what beliefs are helping me and which are hurting me?

  • How do I pitch and secure press placements?

  • What will it take for me to double or triple my income - both in terms of preparation and in terms of opportunities?

These are all things you will need to face in your business… Do you want to face them alone and learn through trial + error? Or face them within a safe community and learn through guidance + support?

The path from Solopreneur to CEO is not a straight line

The good news is, getting started is the hardest part. And you’re already past that. Having one or two years of business under your belt is a huge accomplishment. You’re already in the top 80% of business owners, considering 20% fail in their first year.

What’s it going to take for you to stay in the top 50% of business owners over the next few years?

Because 50% of businesses fail within five years. And I don’t want you to be one of them.

What’s it going to take for you to not only still be leading your business into year five… but to be thriving as a business owner, supporting a team, serving the world with your products/services, implementing a give back/give forward component to your business, developing and executing marketing + publicity blueprints… all while feeling strong, competent and successful?

Are you running your business, or is your business running you?

You have a huge opportunity in front of you to grow your business and become an incredible CEO. You get to learn what it will take to double or triple your revenue, to maximize your profit margin, to build a team, and to become the best leader you can be.

Being a solopreneur is one thing…. Growing a team and developing a sustainable (and long-term) business model that can be run with or without you is an entirely new game.

You’ve been sprinting… I want to help you train for a marathon. Let’s set you up for incredible success.


Some people dream of success… others do the work to create their success..png

What is The Entrepreneur Accelerator?

It’s a holistic Business + Entrepreneur development mastermind to support you in growing your business. Think: more revenue, a team of contractors or employees, increased impact and incredible visibility for you + your business.

The Entrepreneur Accelerator is your chance to become the leader of your business on the inside - all while strategizing and executing your expansion with an incredible group of entrepreneurs by your side {led, of course, by my 13-years of entrepreneur experience + spiritual guidance} .

This is your moment to develop your mindset while drafting your budget, understanding your breakeven points, adjusting your profit margins and mapping out your financial freedom.

Now is the time to address the issues keeping you small while creating and implementing a consistent marketing and social media strategies.

You can set yourself up for success by breaking through your visibility blocks while booking press placements and interviews.

The Entrepreneur Accelerator will increase your:

  • Profitability

  • Income

  • Visibility

  • Consistency

  • Confidence

All while developing and executing foundational structures, daily/monthly/yearly systems, building a team and taking a stand to become the Entrepreneur you were born to be.

Entrepreneur’s are not born…. They’re made.

The Entrepreneur Accelerator will provide you guidance in a small group to help you find your unique approach to business. It’s a place for you to explore best practices, and then develop your one-of-a-kind strategy to create the best outcomes for your business. It’s a place for you to stretch past your comfort zone and get into alignment with your greatness, all while actively applying what you’re learning (and refining your plan of attack when necessary).

Because not everyone’s business model will be the same. You need to find what works best for you. Which means… you can either do it by trial and error, or you can do it with guidance and save yourself a boatload of time and money.

As your guide, my job is to share Universal wisdom and business best practices with you, hold space for your expansion, encourage you outside your comfort zone, stretch you to see yourself and your business from a different perspective, create consistency and give you everything you need to create the results you so deeply desire.

I am a firm believer you don’t need any additional information - you need to apply, engage, get your hands dirty, and have an intimate community with a powerful mentor by your side to help you keep moving forward.

What is included in the Conscious Business Accelerator?

  • Monthly training audio and worksheets

  • Two group mastermind calls per month led by Bri

  • Two private, small mastermind meetings per month with your accountability group

  • Monthly Guest Expert Trainings

  • Online community (available 24/7)

  • 2-day in person intensive in Manhattan September 21 + 22, 2019 (travel and lodging not included)

Can you imagine knowing your financial goals are already met during the first month of the year?


“Working with Bri changed my life. The things I was able to create from her guidance is nothing short of miraculous. My business is BOOMING and I wake up everyday feeling calmer, more confident and powerful!” -Jen K.

Jen easily met her 2018 financial goals from her business in August of that year. By January 2019, she had already signed enough contracts to meet her 2019 financial goals AND had 50% of her 2020 income secured.


 Can you imagine giving yourself a 30% {or more} raise this year?


"I feel so much more confident in my vision which has resulted in massive expansion in my business. I have been getting clients left and right out of nowhere.” -Maggie C.

Maggie quintupled (that’s a growth of 500%) her new client investable assets after our first call in 2017 - and it didn’t just happen once, it became her new, consistent normal. Now she’s on track for her first 7-figure year. May 2019 is her largest month in business to date (and we’re just a few days into the month!)


Can you imagine partnering with household brands and landing on the cover of a magazine? 

Untitled design (1).png

"Bri taught me to believe in myself, who I am called to be and to dig deeper to learn more about myself. She taught me to look at my relationship with money and gave me confidence I needed to take steps forward in my business that I was TERRIFIED to take on my own." -Stephanie G.

Stephanie has worked with brands such as Alice + Olivia, Cynthia Rowley, and Kendra Scott, her design skills were featured on the cover of ‘Live + Style Magazine’ after she was asked to design a what if wedding dress for Taylor Swift, and she has quadrupled her business income every year for three years as a result of our work together.


Guiding you through this personal and business evolution is my greatest honor. Your journey has only just begun. I’ll see you inside The Entrepreneur Accelerator!!!

Love + Leaps,

Signature_2101 SMALL.png

P.S. Applications were already rolling in for this program before I formally launched it. There is a limited capacity and applications will close in the last week of May. What are you waiting for? Today is the best day to take action on making your vision your reality.