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Transformational Coaching to bring your dreams to life

I want to help you live the life you dream about.


Because you deserve to thrive in a life that ignites your heart + soul.

You are capable of such exquisite excellence + greatness.... I dare you to live the life you've always dreamt of.

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I am motivated by a deeply-held belief that everyone deserves to live a life that inspires them. Because why would you live day in and day out in misery - playing out someone else's idea of a perfect life?

My work in transformation and self re-creation reflects the deep remembering that your desires are ultimately inevitable. The fact that they exist inside of your heart means they are possible of existing outside of you.

Through my signature 6-month training Activate Your Path Within (plus my best-selling book 'Permission to Leap' + 'But, How?' the podcast) I will guide you through the process of bringing your dreams to life from the beginning through everyday of the journey ahead.

"Bri didn't teach me what I expected. No. Instead, she taught me exactly what I needed." - Lindsey H.
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A catalyst, speaker, and best-selling author, Bri is known around the world for her compassionate, yet tell-it-like-it-is guidance that creates massive and epic changes in everyone she encounters.

Bri has been featured on The Today Show, Forbes, Medium, Inc. Magazine, multiple NBC syndicates, and Huffington Post.


There's an undeniable quality about Bri that puts her on par with the great female leaders of our time. She more than helped with a "life problem" I had been struggling with; she equipped me with tangible reachable goals that will systematically lead me to the success I've always dreamed. I know without a doubt that she changed my life.” - Lamar L.


Bri has been more than a coach; she says what you wish your friends would say, even if it's hard, because ultimately she's there to support your greater good - your higher self. Bri didn't just coach us and leave us hanging, she reminded us who we already are and gave us the tools we've needed to continue living in that knowledge.” - Liz Von E.


"I have had the pleasure to hire and listen to MANY amazing women speakers and YOU, Bri are within the top 5 I've heard speak!! You are living out your destiny for sure! AND, YES, you ARE beyond an inspirational woman!
So thankful our paths crossed!
” - Tracey V.

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My Story:

Looking back, I feel like I’ve always had a deep knowing that leading, mentoring, inspiring, reflecting and disrupting was my nature. 

From the age of five when I was training college-students to wait on customers, count change, and operate the cash register...

To running and managing the family store at the age of 15...

To jumping straight onto the leadership board of my sorority in my first semester at 18...

To starting my first business while concurrently working a full-time job at 23...

The through lines in my life have all centered around leading, training and igniting sparks within others.

Despite nearly 30 years of leadership, management and training skills, I had no idea I could inspire people. For many years, I was unaware the journey I was traveling would support others in being able to walk their journey. I didn't know my learned expertise could teach others how to create their futures.

I didn't understand the power I possessed inside of me to help women turn their visions into their realities.

Even though it’s been staring me in the face for almost my entire life, it’s only been in the last few years that I’ve fully owned my ability to mentor + guide others towards their goals.

I specialize in one-of-a-kind life and/or business creation. Why? I have always known I needed to do life and business my way, not the way I was “supposed” to do them.

Because the best lives and businesses are built on personal alignment + values (and not based on what other people are doing).

While I believe we can learn a lot from successful people who have gone before us... Your journey is unique and needs to be treated as such.

The very fact that you have a vision means that it is a possible reality for you. I can’t wait to support you as you give yourself permission to leap into the journey to create the life and/or business that you envision in your heart + soul.

Love + Leaps,


My Philosophy:

I dare you to live the life you dream about.

You don't need to learn more. You have everything within you to create what you desire right now.

I'm not here to tell you HOW to create your dreams {yes, even though that is what 100% of my clients hire me for!}. My job is to ask the right questions and guide you to look within to find the answers you seek. My job is also to raise up your capacity for success and hold you to your desired standard of excellence. My job is to hold space for your evolution so you may become the woman you see in your dreams.

The path you're seeking is inside of you. I am here to remind you to see it, trust it and walk it.

"You don't need to be helped any longer. You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself." - Glinda the Good Witch

I am not here to be your friend. I am here to expand and transform your experience of life. I am here to be the catalyst and guide who forever alters your trajectory.

My teachings are not “easy” remedy fixes. They’re not about becoming an overnight millionaire or formulaic recipes for success - because those things are just clever smoke + mirrors marketing tactics to play on the ‘white horse syndrome’ within all of us..... and they only ever create temporary results.

The trainings I facilitate are about building a solid and sustainable foundation for your continued growth not only while we work together, but for the rest of your life. The tools you gain during our work together are timeless ones which you will call upon year after year after year.

Working with me involves a blend of knowledge, experience and techniques from a lifetime of leading and instructing which I actively utilize and apply with each my clients to facilitate their transformation in real time.

  • ALIGNMENT: Lean on Universal principles, energetic techniques, emotional healing + release, and daily practices to create the inner alignment with your vision.

  • CONSCIOUS TRANSFORMATION: I utilize eight years of expertise as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor + Certified Disability Management Specialist, as well as 17 years of psychology + personal development education, wherein I learned extensive listening, communication and guidance strategies to support you in looking at what's holding you back, identifying what you desire and creating for yourself a life you're excited to wake up to everyday.

  • SUBCONSCIOUS REPROGRAMMING: Access + heal your subconscious blocks, wounds and traumas using Rapid Transformational Therapy (a hypnotherapy modality), then introduce positive programming into your brain to create new results.

  • INTUITION: It is through developing your intuition and truly creating from an inspired place that will bring you the results and create the future you desire. 

  • BOLD ACTION: Your success will not be measured by the number of actions you take, but by you taking one or two right + aligned actions per day.

It is true that a one time epiphany can be the catalyst or spark for your transformation, but it’s your commitment to the daily practice of life that changes everything. The most powerful transformations are a regular series of winks and nods from the universe that allow you to change your perspective, your thoughts, your beliefs, your patterns and your actions little by little, day by day, week by week.

Why Coach with Bri?

  • No B.S. approach. Yes, that's right. Even though those are my initials.... they're not who I am.
  • My approach combines tested and proven theories with real world experience. Over a decade of coaching and counseling experience.
  • I believe in and practice horizontal leadership. I would never assign something to a client, which I would be unwilling to do myself.
  • Combination of spiritual and human. Everything is energy. Simply taking action is not enough. Magic happens at the intersection of energy and action.
  • I am unwilling to believe the lies you tell yourself. I will see nothing but your greatness. I will give you no option but to live in your possibility to create what you desire.
  • I demand greatness from my clients because that's what they ask of me. I kick people out of the 'should's of mediocrity and into the expansiveness of their destiny.