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Entrepreneur + Manifestation Coach helping you build the path to your future

"I don't speak to inspire. Inspiration is a dime a dozen in our world. No, I speak to create transformation within every person I encounter.

My goal is for each attendee to walk away knowing their life is forever changed by the perspective shifts they experienced while I was on stage." - Bri Seeley 


Bri is known by many for her compassionate, yet tell-it-like-it-is guidance that creates massive and epic changes in everyone she encounters. From entrepreneurs, to corporate leaders, to college students, and everything in between, Bri gives her audiences everything they need to break their inner barriers and give themselves permission to leap towards their visions. Bri encourages her audiences to let go of the past and become their future selves today.

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“Bri Seeley brings a real perspective to the stage and while she provides immense motivation, she does so much more than that as she gives audiences everywhere the actionable resources to do something about their dreams.”



To book Bri for your next event, please contact