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Transformational Coaching to bring your dreams to life

The 'should's of life getting you down? I'm here to tell you a secret... You're here for more than you realize. And I think you know it {let's be honest, why else would you be reading this right now?}

You have greatness within you. But you've been told a lot of lies about what's possible for you.... And, boy, have those lies caused an avalanche of doubt, fear and inner turmoil about stepping off the well-worn path!

Let me do you a quick favor and strip those lies away to reveal a massive truth: You are not your doubts and you are not your fears - this is just an illusion. The suffering you have been experiencing is optional. Your life is a gift. You are an important part of the world.

Are you ready to gain clarity about your unique purpose on Earth and create your individualized path to freedom, alignment and impact?

I am here to be a catalyst in your life. This is a reminder of how life is meant to be lived. This is an invitation to step away from the lies and step into your true, authentic existence.

I'm here to remind you whatever your soul is calling for, it's possible. The world is craving your gifts and your vision.

Yes, I realize I'm not telling you anything new.... Because you know, deep in the very fibers of your soul, the status quo is not your path. But sometimes you convince yourself the lies are real - so all I'm doing is shining a light on what you already know to be true:

You have no limits. You were born for more than what you're living right now. Your life have a unique purpose. It's time to uncover it and share it with the world.

This is YOUR life... it's time to design it to look and feel how you want.


Your presence on this website right now is not an accident or a coincidence. 

This is an invitation into a better experience of life. Your experience of life. Because living by the rules and expectations of other people + society will leave you with a trail of regrets, missed opportunities and disappointment in yourself.

Living anything other than your soul's path will always lead to misery, frustration and discomfort. The good news is.... You don't need to continue walking that path - you can choose to journey down your soul's path today!

Imagine waking up every morning feeling inspired for the day ahead. Holding your coffee (or tea!) mug with an overwhelming sense of peace, freedom and ease - knowing that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, doing exactly what you're here to do and experiencing the kind of wealth and time freedom you have always dreamed about.

Of course, the specifics of this will look different for everyone - because no two people want the same things in life. Maybe you are waking up and walking out to watch the sunrise on a veranda in the South of Spain. Maybe you're cozied up in your home with your significant other and pets on either side of you. Maybe you're venturing into your office to run the business of your dreams. Maybe you're on your way into the office of your dream job.

No matter what it is you desire for your life.... this is your invitation to put aside what's holding you back and take the leap onto your soul's path.

Your desire isn't going anywhere. It will keep knocking again and again until you answer it's call. What if you were to give yourself permission to open that door and walk towards your future?

Are you ready to to let go of who you have been and become who you were meant to be?

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The members of this transformative group journey are people who...

  • describe their everyday experience of life similarly to fingernails dragging slowly down a chalkboard.
  • are so over being undervalued and underpaid.
  • want to create something new for their life and can't live another moment in their own personal "Groundhog's Day" misery.
  • need to try something they've never tried before because they know continuing to move forward on auto-pilot will never change anything.
  • refuse to arrive at the end of their life filled with regret and resentment for choosing a life of frustration.
  • wake up in the mornings feeling numb, burying themselves in the covers and praying for a miracle to take them away from having to face the day ahead.
  • are overwhelmed by anxiety and panic when they think about their life or job or business.
  • find themselves surrounded by people who recommend they stay the course of misery and abandon their dreams. 

Imagine if you knew that in 1-hour you could experience the breakthrough and clarity you are searching for.


"I noticed changes straight after our first call. Bri asks the kind of questions you might get asked and you push aside, but Bri doesn’t let you push them aside. She will challenge you to change and grow and step into the discomfort, which you’ll realize isn’t uncomfortable at all and that you should have stepped sooner." -Penelope W.


And that's just the beginning....

I am officially inviting you to join this community based transformative journey to turn your back on the status quo and create a thriving existence completely aligned with your soul's path.

Will you give yourself Permission to Leap?


{hint: click the button and tell me more about your vision}


Transformation begins with a single, conscious decision to take a stand for yourself, your life and your unique place in the world. Why not start today?

{Psst! Can I tell you a secret? In 6-months you will have WISHED you started today.... So, what are you waiting for?}

This 6-month journey is broken down into monthly segments:

Month One: Radical Awareness

  • Transformation begins with the acceptance of what is.
  • Assessment of what’s working and what isn’t working.

Month Two: Meet Your Future Self

  • Connect with your future self on your soul's path.
  • Identify ways to become your future self in every day.

Month Three: Create Your Vision

  • Get clear on the vision for your life.
  • Apply practices to connect with your vision.

Month Four: Demolish Your Fears

  • Face the fears, doubts and issues preventing your vision from materializing.
  • Identify and heal the root of what’s stopping you from moving forward.

Month Five: Bring Your Vision to Life

  • Create a daily routine to receive inspired action.
  • And then take the inspired action!

Month Six: Keep Going!

  • Looking forward to see your soul's path clearly. 
  • Maintain momentum and plan for the future.

How is this journey designed facilitate your best transformation?

  • Once per month training modules with worksheets, meditations and hypnosis sessions.
  • Once per week live coaching calls with Bri to receive guidance + feedback.
  • A highly engaged online community to provide support + encouragement.
  • Access to Bri in between calls via the online community for additional help.

Why is 'Permission to Leap: Activate Your Soul's Path' different?

  1. {Guidance} This is NOT an information based training. Let's be real - if you could do this work from a book or podcast, you'd already be living your truth unapologetically. You don't need any more information.... You need direct feedback and support from someone who:
    • has been exactly where you are.
    • has decades of experience helping people transform + reinvent.
    • is immersed in her soul's path.
    • knows how to teach theory AND practical application.
  2. {Community} This community is remarkable. The connections made in this setting blossom into lifelong friendships. Past participants have traveled across the country to visit one another, gone on trips together, maintain weekly phone calls and continue to find support in each other long after the training ends.
  3. {Results} Committed and enthusiastic participants of my trainings generally begin to see results within the first month. My theory is: you don't need to wait any longer to make the changes you desire - you will be applying the lessons immediately and thus, getting new results for yourself. Past participants have changed environments, quit their jobs, been hired for new jobs, started businesses, increased their wealth, found clarity, left old relationships / created new ones, and more - all while enrolled in the training.