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Transformational Coaching to bring your dreams to life

I will show you HOW to go from where you are to where you want to be.

Activate the Path Within

In 6-months, uncover the path to your dreams and create the life you desire with confidence.

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You know where you are….

Things in your life look far from perfect. Or at least, far from what you would prefer.

Your days are filled with things, experiences and situations which look nothing like the dreams living in your heart.

You know what you want. And it’s not this.

The problem is... when you think about taking steps towards your dream, your heart catches in your throat.

It's the familiar fear of 'what if it doesn’t work out?'

Day after day, your thoughts bounce from complete possibility to fail mode.


Some moments you feel exhilaratingly close to touching your dreams…. then you spiral down, crashing back to your now as you stomach sinks. Because the distance between where you are and where you want to be seems impossible. 

Plus, even if it was manageable you don’t know the path to get from here to there.

You keep looking for answers outside of yourself. You may have gone out on a limb once or twice to try some of the “proven methods + strategies” from the experts, but none of it works. The pathways they have laid out for you just feel off. Plus, they don’t create the results you’re seeking.

Maybe you’re not meant to live the life you dream about. 

Maybe the life you have is all you will ever know.

Maybe you should forget about your dreams.


This can't be the best life will ever get, can it?


Instead, visualize this….

You get to wake up every morning with a smile on your face and a full heart. Why? Because you know the day ahead will be filled with the life you’ve created for yourself.

You approach your life with an unshakable confidence - knowing the life you desire is not only possible... it’s inevitable.

It’s true that you still experience circumstances, but you’ve stopped allowing them to derail you. Instead of reacting to what’s happening around you, you choose to respond knowing life is happening for you {not to you}.

You’ve shed the uncertainty, the frustration and the doubts about your future. And have replaced them with complete faith in life.

You feel calmness in all areas of your life because you trust yourself deeply and rely on your inner guidance to create a path for you.


You have become the person you envision in your future.

You have activated the path within.


I always knew the well-worn path which others followed without question was not for me.

I knew the exact destination I was heading towards. And I fully believed it was possible The problem was - I had no idea how to get there. 

If my journey was going to be off the beaten path, how in the world was I supposed to figure it out? How would I know which trail to follow to reach my destination?

Of course, someone had to have the answer. I mean, all these successful people had gone before me so I should just follow their guidance, right?

Wrong. On my journey, I have put my success in the hands of others more times than I can count - trusting them to know my journey better than me.


But then, I reached a point where I realized - the only way to my success was on my terms and in the palm of my hand.

I stopped listening to the people around me telling me their path to success was the only way. 

I stopped creating my life based on what worked for others.


I learned to trust myself. I learned to listen to my intuition. I learned to believe in my dreams more than ever before and turn inwards to find the answers I sought.

And magical things began to happen.

I began to create things that had only ever lived in my mind. From my home, to my business, to my relationships, to my travels and more. I watched my entire world transform before my eyes.

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It was when I finally learned how to uncover + activate MY inner path that my entire life {and business!} shifted.


 You are writing your future every single day. What do you want your story to say?

You are writing your future every single day. What do you want your story to say?

Why do you need to activate the path within?

You need to discover your unique path because it is going to look remarkably different from anyone else’s path. 

You can not expect to take someone else’s path to your peak of success. It doesn’t lead there. Their path leads to their peak, not yours.

Anyone that tells you that you can take the exact same steps they took to their success and achieve the same level of success... well, they are lying to you. 

I get it... if you follow someone else’s path you don’t have to do the work to find yours. You just get to follow the easy, shiny steps. It doesn’t require any internal searching or soul work. You get to bypass the growing pains. You don’t have to put in any work.


I know it seems easier that way. But, let me tell you a secret - at some point you will have to activate your inner path if you truly want to create the life you desire.


You have to find your own unique combination of actions and steps in order to create the path to the dreams you desire. And you can do it now, or you can waste years trying other people's 'recipe for success' only to return to this very same spot with the very same invitation to discover your recipe for success.

Remember in the Wizard of Oz how Dorothy was looking and looking to get home? Remember how she asked all the opinions of all the people she met, each one having a different recommendation for her? But in the end... she had to stop searching outside herself and learn she had the power all along, she simply needed to do the work to see it within herself?

My job in your journey is to be Glinda and show you HOW to find, trust and be guided by the path within. 

Are you ready to activate your path and take the steps towards finally creating your dreams?


‘Activate the Path Within’ will teach you the tools you need to access the life you crave.

I know what you may be thinking, “But Bri, here you are saying I shouldn’t follow anyone else’s prescription…. so what makes ‘Activate the Path Within’ any different than the success formula’s being sold on the market today?”

Great question!

Here’s my philosophy on being a coach: I do not give my clients fish in order for them to eat, I teach them to fish.

‘Activate the Path Within’ is not a success formula program. It’s an inner discovery program. Each month I will give you trainings, tools and modalities to help you explore your inner landscape, get to know yourself and begin to uncover the Truths hidden within you.

The coolest part of this program is that I will be giving every participant the same tools, however the answers each and every participant receives are unique to them. I will not give you a success formula. I will teach you how to discover, activate and create your own formula.

It’s kind of like baking - you know how you start with a recipe, but there are always tweaks and modifications that make the recipe taste better to you?

This program is not me forcing you to bake my recipe. I’m going to give you a basic framework and then empower you to find a way to make it work for you.

And... I’m going to be by your side throughout the entire process to help on the days when you can’t figure out what modification you need or how to make the changes you need to find + walk the path within.

During this 6-month experience, you will learn how to transform your life and yourself on your terms.

This course is your opportunity to take a stand for your life once and for all. While being completely supported and guided to break down your inner barriers and activate your path within.

Enroll in ‘Activate the Path Within’ and...

  • Transform your entire life from doubt + uncertainty to confidence + faith.

  • Receive individualized feedback to accelerate your results, reach new heights and have accountability.

  • Learn how to find, hear and follow the answers within to create your path to your dreams.

  • Support and be supported by an intimate community {because doing this work alone is so overrated}.

  • Take in all of the wisdom through video trainings, guided audio meditations, hypnosis sessions, live coaching calls, bonus content and more!

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Let me help you create the life you desire! 


Your Journey Towards Your Dreams Begins Here:

This experience can begin the day you schedule your consultation. If you decide to enroll on the call, we will schedule an immediate {bonus} private coaching session so you don’t need to wait until May 7th to get started! This call is meant to prepare you for what’s to come and start your transformation immediately!

Upon your enrollment, you will also receive an invitation a private online community filled with other people ready to activate their paths alongside you!

Once the program begins on May 7th, your journey will kick off with monthly video guidance, plus easy to follow worksheets and weekly live coaching calls.

Become an expert at navigating your inner world, thus healing the roots of what holds you back, listening to the guidance within and activate the path towards your dreams.

Your experience in this course will be strengthened with audio meditations and hypnosis sessions to clear the path towards your dreams.

Everything about this course was designed to support your transformation from doubt + frustration to confidence + clarity.



Meet Penelope. In 2017 Penelope gave herself a self-imposed gap year and quit her job. She had done very well in her job, but it no longer aligned with the idea she had for her future. She knew that this year of her life would be her time to completely redefine who she was, how she approached life and what she did as a career. Penelope knew her zone of genius and she knew people needed her, but she did not know how to turn that into a career because it wasn’t traditional.

Plus, she had very specific parameters about the kind of pay she wanted, the hours she was willing to work and restrictions on the location.

Penelope knew where she had been in the past and she had a general sense of where she wanted to be... But she had NO idea how to create the dream job she saw in her mind.

She enrolled in this course and it changed her life. Penelope not only walked away having the confidence to ask for what she was worth (and for part-time work, no less!), but she also allowed her participation to shape and change her whole self for the better. Within a few weeks of completing the course, Penelope received a job offer for her dream job (for the right money, the right schedule and the perfect location).

“As part of the work with Bri, I shaped what I really wanted in terms of my work, rather than letting other people’s need and wants shape what I was going to do. I noticed changes straight after our first call. The greatest benefit in working with her has been my mindset change. I think so differently about things now. The way I consider options, the way I see the world, the way I respond to things that happen is just so different. I have removed all the titles and requirements and obligations of others and stepping into my true self, which enables me to be free, happy and have ease about what I’m doing.” - Penelope W.

Course Outline

Month 1: The Now - Your transformation will begin with the radical acceptance of what is. Until you are radically honest with where you are, you can’t move forward. I will teach you tools for acceptance and alchemy as you work to apply them to your life. This month also includes a hypnosis to upgrade your life and free you from old issues.

Month 2: The Future - The biggest thing standing in the way of you becoming your future self is your perspective. Once you learn who your future self is, I will teach you how to see through her eyes everyday. This month also includes an audio meditation to meet your future self.

Month 3: The Path - You know where you are + you know where you want to be, now let’s start activating that inner path. I will show you how to get into alignment with your dreams  in order for the steps of your path to reveal themselves. This month also includes the creation of a daily audio meditation to accelerate your path.

Month 4: The Roadblocks - The roadblocks currently keeping you from your dreams are not ones which can be seen with your eyes. This month, I will teach you how to break down the barriers within so you can go be your best self and bring your dreams to life. This month also includes a hypnosis to get to the root of what's causing your biggest barrier + heal it once and for all.

Month 5: The Creation - After all the inner work you've done, it's time to go out into the world and bring your dream to life! I will show you the process of going within to determine how to bring your dreams to life on a daily basis. You'll learn how your actions today will directly impact the 5-year dreams you have within. This month also includes an audio meditation to use for guidance on creating your dreams.

Month 6: The Maintenance - This 6-month training is only the beginning for you. You've created some remarkable changes during your time in the training. In this final month, I'll show you how to use + apply everything you’ve learned in a manageable and sustainable way to continue the momentum forward for the rest of your life.

BONUS: Financial Freedom - I am super committed to my clients receiving more abundance in their life. In addition to the training outlined above, I will be teaching you how to increase your ability to generate more financial freedom.

You've got questions? I've got answers.

Q: Six months, Bri? That seems like a lot.
A: My group course was much shorter in the past. And what I found was, I was throwing information at the participants without them actively applying them. This course was designed for mastery, not consumption. I want you to take your time in order to become proficient + apply the lessons. Because it's not enough to just learn them. Plus.... the 6-months will be passing either way - you might as well make the most out of them and use them to change your life.

Q: I'm not sure I can pay the entire tuition up front. What are my options?
A: I offer monthly payment options for individuals who need it. Paying in full means you get a month free, however the option is available for a payment plan.

Q: What's the benefit of group coaching vs. private coaching?
A: The most powerful aspect of group coaching is the community. The people who are brought together in my group experiences form lifelong connections - even across oceans. It's amazing the bonds which form between people who are experiencing transformations together.

Q: Have any of your clients ever walked away disappointed?
A: Yes. I've found one very important factor in the success of my clients - those who are willing to go all in, do whatever it takes, get uncomfortable and expand their capacity for life are the ones who get the most out of our time together + walk away in awe of what has transpired. It's the clients who refuse to apply the lessons, step out of their comfort zones and transform that walk away disappointed in their experience. And, to be completely honest, they don't walk away disappointed with the program or the curriculum. Their disappointment is in the lack of their transformation {which was available to them if they had truly wanted it}.

Q: What is the weekly time commitment:
A: There is a 1-hour weekly coaching call, plus a recommended 20 minute/day soulwork.

Q: What are the dates of the training?
A: May 7th to November 5th {with two breaks during the week of July 2nd + September 3rd)

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Meet Liz. Liz came to me having no idea who she was or what she wanted from life. She had completely lost direction of her life. She knew she wanted something more, but had no idea what was available to her. In fact, she didn’t even think the training was available to her because of funding, but she trusted in herself and the process enough that she created the abundance very quickly after committing. After uncovering her unique journey, her life took a complete 180° turn in under a year.

Now, Liz has not only figured out what she wants to be when she grows up (she’s currently enrolled in school to become a Book Editor, and was my book editor for Permission to Leap!), she got her dream job at her dream company (where she recently received a promotion into a position more aligned with her goals), moved into her dream apartment in her ideal city, has strengthened her relationship with herself and is living life 100% on her terms.

"I needed to try something I’d never tried before and figure out what that path was. It’s brought to life things that already existed within me, but I didn’t believe I deserved to do those things or that I was actually capable. It gave me more confidence to move into that and trust that I could do whatever it was I wanted to do. Bri didn't just coach me and leave me hanging, she reminded me who I already was and gave me the tools I needed to continue living in that knowledge." - Liz G.

Are you ready to activate the path within and give yourself permission to create the life you dream about?

I can't wait to speak with you!

Get ready to change your life + Activate the Path Within!

Love + Leaps,