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Bring Your Vision to Life

In 6-months, step into your vision with confidence, clarity + commitment.


Permission to Leap

Take the leap to turn your inner vision into your outer reality:

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“I’ll do it tomorrow. Maybe now isn’t the best time. Maybe I’m not cut out for this. I need to earn more money at my current job before really committing. I’m working out the kinks right now, and then I’ll really start taking action.”

Any of this sound familiar?

I used to play these scripts through my head over and over again--until I learned to catch myself. I’m going to be brash for a moment: These are excuses.

The good news is that you can overcome them. I have to be honest with you, though: getting across the chasm of doubt comes with more mental twists and turns than you can possibly imagine, and doing it alone isn’t easy. In fact, it’s near impossible.

That’s why I’d like to invite you into my new program: Permission to Leap. Over the next six months, I’ll show you how to step into your full vision with confidence, clarity, and commitment. It’s time to get off the fence.

And it all starts with a quick + complimentary chat with yours truly :)

Staying in your comfort zone is a crutch. It’s debilitating--even dangerous. I should know. I’ve been there.


Eight years ago, I was in Italy. It was my first trip back since graduating with my Master's degree.


What was meant to be a light-hearted trip when I booked the flight quickly turned into a massive perspective shift. Turns out...I had gone back to Italy to run away.


It was only in the days leading up to my trip that I was able to finally admit the truth. I was fucking miserable. Depressed. Dying inside. Sleeping almost constantly. Doing anything and everything to avoid the life I found myself living.


I remember talking to a friend on Memorial Day, just before I left the country, about how miserable I felt. I even admitted that maybe I needed to leave my boyfriend. She reflected back to me that I was psycho. I had a {more than ideal} job with an amazing salary, benefits, and incredible flexibility. My boyfriend was stable, adored me, and brought joy to my life. I was surrounded by a loving and supportive community. I was young and incredibly healthy. I traveled where, when, and how I desired.


Was I crazy?


Everything looked amazing on the outside, but amazing wasn’t supposed to feel this way. Or, was it? Hell, if this was as good as it got, I should stay put. At least I’d be near family.


It was the first evening in Italy that I broke.


I’ll never forget sitting on top of the Duomo in Milan. The feeling of the cold, hard marble roof beneath me. The fresh air swirling around me. The warmth of the sun on my skin as it began its descent over the horizon. The indistinguishable flow of voices around me speaking all the languages. And the painful hole that I finally allowed myself to feel.


Thankfully, my oversized sunglasses covered the constant stream of tears as I admitted to myself that I couldn’t go back. I wasn’t willing to let this be it. I couldn’t live with this emptiness and this numbness any longer. I craved something. Something bigger. Something a little more…. Bri.


I spent two weeks wandering around Italy, revisiting all my old spots, catching up with friends, and getting really intimate on how I had gotten to where I was at. I thought about how many compromises I had made of my values, how I had allowed myself to concede to the ‘should’s’ in life, how I had quieted my desires. And more than anything, how I had constantly been on the run.


I ran away to attend college a year early because it wasn’t high school or my hometown. I ran away to study in Italy because it wasn’t college. I ran away to Washington because it wasn’t Minnesota. I ran away back to Italy because it wasn’t my present reality.


I had based my entire life around what I did NOT want my reality to be. But I had never consciously made decisions to create the reality I desired.


Fuck. I didn’t even KNOW the reality I desired.


Toward the end of my trip, I visited the Ponte Vecchio, my favorite bridge due to the shops along both sides of the bridge being filled with gold, silver, and precious gemstones.


I had found one shop that was totally my style: Innovative, bold, unique, and utterly unmistakable. I walked out just thirty minutes later with a new addition to my life--an addition I would continue to carry every day for eight years (and beyond). It was a ring. And I used it as a catalyst.


The ring would remind me daily of my commitment to stop running and start creating.


Eight years later, I still wear this ring every day.


Every morning, when I get up and put it on, I’m reminded of my commitment, and of why I am here. It helps me shed the expectations of the world, to live my live, and to support women everywhere to do the same in a time when the possibilities for us to create our desired reality is almost limitless. Because I know the majority of our world still lives by the constraints and constructs of what is deemed appropriate and acceptable by our society.


And I am simply unwilling to allow this to be the norm any longer.


I know the world around you, and around me, is constantly saying: “Stay in line, do not question anything, keep your dreams in the ethers, stay where you are. It’s safer.”


“To be nobody but yourself in a world doing its best to make you “everybody else,” is to fight the hardest battle any human can fight.”

The first step in the leap process is always a commitment. It’s a commitment to yourself, to your purpose, to your desires. It’s saying, “I am unwilling to pretend any longer. I am unwilling to run or hide or numb out. I choose myself. I choose my desires. I choose to listen to the whisper (or shout) that there is something more available to me. I choose that. And I am unwilling to accept any less.”


It’s that moment when you get to choose to create for yourself a life that is amazing and feels amazing, not one that just looks that way on the outside.


If you’re serious about taking the leap from ‘appropriate & acceptable,’ to ‘living life on my own terms,’ but don’t know where to begin or what’s next for you...


I am currently welcoming in a small handful of women to join the six-month 'Permission to Leap' training. The program will provide step-by-step guidance, intuitive visioning, and planning in the leap process. I’d love for you to experience it with us.

What's Included:


The training modules will be delivered straight to you via video. In these videos I will introduce concepts and principles to learn, as well as applicable exercises for you to explore in depth each month so that your life is transforming in real time.


Live Feedback

Speak directly with me and your fellow 'Women Who Leap' three times per month to get perspective and support around your leap. This is your opportunity to get a personalized, direct assessment of your leap process to guide your next steps.

Facebook Group

In between our calls, we will still remain connected! Receive encouragement, ask questions, celebrate your wins, and more! There will also be prompts and discussions in the group to help you dive deeper into the process.

BONUS: Lifelong Friendships!

The groups of women who go through my trainings remain connected LONG after the program wraps. Women have traveled across the country to connect with each other in person, they continue to hold calls after the training is over, and they become a lasting part of each others lives! This isn't an ordinary gathering of women.... it's a soul posse.

"This is the first group that I honestly felt support and true encouragement from on a deeper level. It's hard to feel things and energy from behind a screen in your phone or computer but somehow this group has done that for me and I'm sure for many others. So, that's also a pretty amazing and incredible thing in my book." -Sara K.


Course Breakdown


In order to know where you're going, you must know where you are. Assess the reality of your current experience during this month to determine what is currently taking up space in your life, as well as determining what is in and what is out of alignment. This month will be all about developing a daily commitment to yourself, your vision, and your life.



Increase your understanding of what’s possible by hearing it straight from the source - you. Learn who your future self is, what matters most to her, how she lives her life, and what she believes. This month will  support you in shifting your perspective from what you currently see, into one that allows you to stand powerfully in the inevitability of your future. 



Your beliefs determine your reality. What beliefs aren’t doing their job anymore? What beliefs are you holding onto that are continuing to replay + recreate out your present experience? It’s time to eliminate the beliefs that are keeping you where you are and the beliefs that are not aligned with your future, in order to make space for the creation + crystallization of new beliefs that will transform your trajectory. 



Eliminate the gap between your now and your destiny by becoming your future self. Because the more you can align with this woman in the present moment, the more quickly your future will become your now. Stop waiting to implement the habits, beliefs, and perspective of your future. There is no moment but the present.



Up the ante of what’s possible for your life.  Take a stand for your future. Develop an intimate relationship with your vision. Set goals and intentions from your new future perspective, then move past your goals to connect with your larger vision and map out what's next.



This is where the rubber hits the road. Step into the New Year with a clear path laid out before you. See your vision take shape and become your daily reality. Work with Universal energy principles to not only manifest your future, but actively co-create it daily.


The accountability was the most valuable thing. I wanted to put in the work and knew that I would need to talk about it seven days later. It’s hard to find someone to be accountable with in life because there’s always something that comes up. Knowing that all these women would be there consistently is what made it so powerful. It was a great investment and clearly something has worked because business is booming! This gave me the kick in the butt I needed to quit my job and follow my calling.” - Gabrielle N.


We've all been there. Resistance to change is natural. It's easy to play it safe. But will playing it safe let you follow your dreams? {hint: probably not}


Taking steps into the unknown feels risky.


Actually, let's be honest: It feels terrifying. It's a little like skydiving...without a parachute, which makes your comfort zone seem like a better option. But don't let appearances fool you, because comfort is rarely the best choice.


In fact, your comfort zone is an even more dangerous place to live than the metaphorical skydiving without a parachute, because when you know you have a deeper purpose to serve (that's being avoided), your life becomes overrun by: Doubt, disconnection, imbalance, stress, fear, indecision... Yeah, not good.


The conundrum is: What now? How do you know the first step to take in vacating your comfort zone? How do you begin to listen to the whisper of your soul and take a stand for your Truth?


It starts with a simple decision: Just one commitment that today you will choose something different.


Because by doing what you've always done, you will get what you've always gotten: A natural recipe for complacency, settling, and ultimately living a life devoid of fulfillment.


Deep inside, you know you’re here to live an inspirational life. You can feel the fire inside you. It hasn't gone out. It just needs a bit of stoking.


You have everything it takes to say “yes!” to your heart's desires and to follow your dreams. Your commitment will set off a cascade effect, turning that inner vision into your external reality.


And while the dedication to this is yours and yours alone... it doesn't mean you need to do it alone.


"The work I've done with Bri has been truly life changing and transformative on every level. She is an amazing leader - and as long as you do your part to show up and do the work: take chances, get vulnerable, be open and honest with yourself, stay committed, etc., your efforts will be rewarded beyond what you thought you were ever capable of. Just sayin." - Suzie S.


Imagine your life in one year....

You decided it would be better to not leap.


You saw the opportunity in front of you, but the risk just seemed too big. The fears and 'what if's took over, dominating your thoughts with the idea of failure.


And so, instead of trusting in your desires, trusting in your vision, and trusting in life to support you, you backed away.


You begged for the whispers of possibility to stop. You convinced yourself the world didn't need you to show up. You settled into what you've known. You continued to make the same decisions you've always made. You dimmed your inner fire. And it’s now just a faint smoldering.


No matter how much you like to pretend the door to your vision is closed, you can still feel it. Its lingering ghost haunts you.


You've spent the last year wondering: What if you had said yes?

Permission to Leap was created to support you in turning your inner vision into your outer reality.


I know how lonely and insurmountable visions can be, and how debilitating they can feel. It can often seem like multiple galaxies stand in the space between your vision and the actualization of it.


But I'm here to tell you it's an illusion.


Now, imagine your life in one year again--this time with a different outcome...


You committed to the leap.


You said yes to your vision without any idea of how it was going to happen. You released the concrete, “need to know,” and stepped into the magic of pure creation.


It was scary at first, but the more you showed up for your vision, the more power surged from your soul. Day by day, you said yes to the inner and outer work required to turn your ideas into your reality. And it shows.


You wake up every day with an entirely new outlook on life, remembering the power you hold to create your desires in each moment. You have more trust in yourself and the Universe than you knew was possible.


People who walk by you on the street can feel your confidence radiating from every ounce of your being, wondering “What’s her secret?”


This woman is almost unrecognizable from the July 2017 version of herself. She's aligned. She's powerful.


She's inspirational.

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Do you trust that the desire within you can be the reality around you? The simple fact that you have the desire means the possibility is real. I'm officially giving you permission to leap. Now it’s up to you to make the next move.