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Bring Your Vision to Life + Give Yourself Permission to Leap

You know where you are....
You know where you want to be....

But, HOW do you get there?

In 6-months, bring your idea to life with confidence, clarity + commitment.

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You can't see the full path ahead - you know, the path which bridges your now with your future. And because you don't know HOW it's all going to happen.... it means you can't possibly get started bringing your idea to life, right?


This is the perfect time to get started.


But, I have to be honest with you: getting across the chasm existing between your now and your future comes with more mental twists and turns, as well as emotional ups and downs, than you can possibly imagine, and doing it alone isn’t easy. In fact, it’s near impossible.

That’s why I’d like to invite you to join me {and a community of other visionaries} for 6-months wherein I’ll support you in learning how to bring your idea to life in the way only YOU can do. 

Because continuing to sit on the fence of indecision {thinking + dreaming about your idea, but not actually committing or taking action on it} will only create one thing in your life - stagnation. Not only does this keep you from moving forward towards your vision, it keeps you moving forward toward anything and keeps you playing out the same loop over and over and over again.

Set up a time to talk with me about saying YES to yourself + your idea today, so you can get started bringing it to life!


The best gift you could ever give yourself is the time, attention and dedication to finding + creating your own unique path... it's time to bring your idea to life! 

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We've all been there. Resistance to change is natural. It's easy to play it safe. But playing it safe and staying in your comfort zone will never bring you the peace, happiness and fulfillment you crave. 

I know that the natural propensity is to go out and purchase some sort of step-by-step program to guide your journey. Here's the problem with that - your journey is as unique to you as your individual fingerprint. So following someone else's formula will never work.

But, if you're not supposed to follow the well worth path, what are you supposed to do?

Make your own path.

It is the only way you'll ever successfully bring your idea to life. 

Yes, I am proposing that you draw your own map and write your own guidebook. Why? Because a map which isn't yours will never lead you towards your destination.

This training will assist you in making the necessary inner shifts and taking the necessary inspired action to write your own story.

You know the old saying, "Give a man a fish you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you'll feed him for a lifetime."?

Where the current 'expert' formula approach will give you a fish {temporary answers that require you to be dependent, coming back again and again for more answers once the initial ones stop working}....

This training will teach you to fish, giving you the knowledge, tools and perspective necessary to use your inner guidance to illuminate your pathway - igniting within you the autonomy to continue writing + following your journey throughout your entire life.


I so get it: Taking steps into the unknown feels risky.

Actually, let's be honest: It feels terrifying to create your own path. It's a little like forging through the woods without a map... which makes the comfort of the step-by-step process seem like a better option. But don't let appearances fool you.

Those formulaic trainings are designed to keep you dependent and to hand over your personal power. That, along with your comfort zone and the fence of indecision, are incredibly dangerous places to live. 

The conundrum is: What now? How do you know the first step to take in vacating your comfort zone and creating your unique path? How do you begin to listen to the whisper of your soul and take a stand for your Truth?

It starts with a simple and small decision: a commitment today to choose something different.

You have everything it takes to say “yes!” right now to your heart's desire to bring your idea to life. 

And while the dedication to creating your unique journey is yours and yours alone... it doesn't mean you need to do it alone.

The journey to bring your idea to life is one filled with more twists, turns, bumps, roadblock and detours that you could ever imagine possible. It is a journey where your fears and doubts will never be more present, tricking you into thinking you need to turn back.

This journey is better, easier and way more fun with a mentor by your side.... AND a group of connected, supportive, and encouraging people who are going through similar struggles and challenges.

Change is better when you feel the power of a community that has your back.

That’s the experience of this training!

You can continue to ‘figure it out’ on your own, wearing blinders and attempting to support yourself.... inevitably spinning yourself day after day into a state of exhaustion, frustration, overwhelm, lack of clarity and burn-out.

OR you can give your power over to someone else and follow their path.... inevitably creating a circle of dependence where you'll need to keep going back to the drawing board attempting path after path after path {none of which lead to your ultimate destination}. 

OR you can rally with your peers {with deeply transformative guidance} to grow together towards your unique future.... inevitably creating exactly what it is you desire, igniting your power, learning skills which you can apply throughout your entire life and bring your idea to life- finally.

Which one sounds like the better option?


What's Included:


The training modules will be delivered straight to you via video. In these videos I will introduce concepts and principles to learn, as well as applicable exercises for you to explore in depth each month so that your life is transforming in real time.


Live Feedback

Speak directly with me and your fellow colleagues four times per month to get perspective and support around your creation process. This is your opportunity to get personalized + direct feedback to guide the next steps of your journey.

Facebook Group

In between our calls, we will still remain connected! Receive encouragement, ask questions, celebrate your wins, and more! There will also be prompts and discussions in the group to help you dive deeper into the process.

BONUS: Lifelong Friendships!

The groups who go through my trainings remain connected LONG after the program wraps. Many have traveled across the country to connect with each other in person, they continue to hold calls after the training is over, and they become a lasting part of each others lives! This isn't an ordinary gathering of people.... it's a soul posse.

"This is the first group that I honestly felt support and true encouragement from on a deeper level. It's hard to feel things and energy from behind a screen in your phone or computer but somehow this group has done that for me and I'm sure for many others. So, that's also a pretty amazing and incredible thing in my book." -Sara K.

This training is about so much more than 6-months of your life. It's about giving yourself permission to become the visionary you already are. It's about changing the entire trajectory of your future. It's about writing your story. It's about creating your legacy.



My Story:

Staying in your comfort zone is a crutch. It’s debilitating - dangerous even. I should know. I’ve been there.

It was 2009 and I was facing a fork in the road. I was fucking miserable. Depressed. Dying inside. Sleeping almost constantly. Doing anything and everything to avoid the life I found myself living.

For the prior 3 years, I had been living my life by other people's rules. I got the great paying job (including multiple promotions). I had the retirement account. My boyfriend and I had moved in together and settled into a routine existence. 

I remember talking to a friend about how miserable I felt. I even admitted that maybe I needed to leave my boyfriend. She reflected back to me that I was certifiably insane. I had a {more than ideal} job with an amazing salary, benefits, and unheard of flexibility. My boyfriend was stable, adored me, and brought joy to my life. I was surrounded by a loving and supportive community. I was young and incredibly healthy. I traveled where, when, and how I desired.

Was I crazy?

Everything looked amazing on the outside, but amazing wasn’t supposed to feel this way. Or, was it?


Still sitting at the fork in the road, I found myself looking left and right almost constantly. I'd look left to see the path continue towards what I knew and what I had been feeling {yet questioning, because it frankly sucked}. Then I'd look to the right and see this possibly unrealistic, probably insane unknown. This path that was shrouded in fog with no discernible points of reference or outcome. And even though it was unknown, I found myself pulled to the right again and again.

Something - anything - had to be better than my present reality. I had to believe that this was not the best life could be.

A few weeks later, on a rooftop in Milan, it came to me. I would leave my boyfriend when I returned to the states and buy a house. During my two weeks in Italy, in between wandering, visiting all my old favorite places, and catching up with friends, I focused my energy and attention on being intimate with myself to determine how I had gotten to this place of pain, depression and frustration in the first place. 

My answer was pretty simple: I had constantly been on the run. My entire life up until that point had based completely around what I did NOT want my reality to be.

But I had never, not once, consciously made a decision to create the reality I desired.

Fuck. I didn’t even KNOW the reality I desired.

It was time for something different since that tactic clearly wasn't working. I decided to take the path on the right and consciously create my reality {on my terms, with my rules} from that moment forward. And in order to maintain my commitment to myself, I made an investment in a reminder to carry with me day in and day out.

A piece of jewelry that, yes, was totally my style {innovative, bold, unique, and utterly unmistakable}, but more importantly a piece of jewelry that I could wear everyday which allowed me to recommit to my desire to stop running and start creating.

Nine years later, I still wear this ring every day.

Every morning, when I get up and put it on, I’m reminded of my commitment, and of why I am here. It helps me shed the expectations of the world, to live my live, and to support women everywhere to do the same in a time when the possibilities for us to create our desired reality is almost limitless.

And most importantly, a reminder to keep my faith in the path ahead even when I can't see it.

I know the majority of our world still lives by the constraints and constructs of what is deemed appropriate and acceptable by our society. And I am simply unwilling to allow this to be the norm any longer.

I know the world around you, and around me, is constantly saying: “Stay in line, do not question anything, keep your dreams in the ethers, stay where you are. It’s safer."

I'm here to tell you - it's not safer. And, not only that, it's not what you're here for! Are you ready to believe in your possibility and give yourself permission to leap?