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Entrepreneur + Manifestation Coaching to build the path to your future

What if you could experience complete freedom from what’s holding you back?

Rapid Transformational Therapy™ is a hypnotherapy modality designed to remove your blockages to success, fulfillment, happiness, health, wealth and more in a single session! 

Let's get started creating the results you desire today!

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"The hypnosis has completely changed my life. I've taken more ownership over my choices, and don't feel remorseful after my decisions." - Ivy A.

"I experienced my first full-nights sleep in 8-months after one session with Bri." - Erika C.


"I was able to powerfully, peacefully and clearly release an unhealthy relationship after my first hypnotherapy session with Bri. Literally an hour later." - Calle M.


"I’ve carried around this one specific belief from my mom for 24-years and since my session I’ve been totally freed from that thought." -Genevieve L.


What is Rapid Transformational Therapy™?

Rapid Transformational Therapy™, or RTT, is a methodology which embraces many of the positive aspects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy known to produce a transformative effect on clients.

However, RTT goes beyond the positive reinforcement prevalent in most hypnotherapy methods to directly access and fixing whatever blockages are causing your issue and creating your current results.. 

Central to this methodology is the ability to transform many clients in a single session. You've been experiencing this issue long enough - you don't need to hold onto it any longer!

RTT was created as a one-of-a-kind healing modality {created by Marisa Peer} guided by the unconventional idea that you don’t need a lifetime to master and change your life.

RTT hypnotherapy success testimonial

"I had NO idea what to expect. None. What came up in the first session, blew me away. It gave me an amazing understanding of why so many situations in my life have turned out they way they have. All because of a few childhood happenings, which were out of my control.

The greatest part about the RTT experience was having a 20-minute personalized recording customized for me to solidify the transformation of these hidden feelings within my brain.

Do I feel the transformation of Hypnosis worked? YES YES & YES! I feel so much better on the inside than I have felt in a lifetime. Do I still get triggered by things in my world? YES, but I'm able to have a peace about it like I've never experienced before. I feel happier, lighter, & calm. I feel like I'm becoming a better version of ME. And the next best part is whenever I feel like I need a boost or reminder, I have the customized meditation to listen to!"

- Leah M.

What kinds of issues does RTT work for?

Depression. Phobias (ie. heights, needles, flying, dentist, etc.). Anxiety. Insomnia. Addictions. Weight Loss. Physical + emotional pain. Loveability. Worth. Attracting and maintaining wealth. Confidence. Inconsistent business. 

What can RTT hypnotherapy do for me that traditional hypnotherapy, therapy or coaching can't?

  1. Traditional hypnotherapy requires multiple sessions to provide relief to a single issue. It could take months or years of repetition for your brain to make the changes you are seeking. Also, while other modalities focus on positive reinforcement and altered self-talk, they miss the healing aspect which removes the blockages causing your issue.

  2. As for therapy and coaching, these modalities only access the conscious brain. Studies have shown, the conscious brain only accounts for 5% of the puzzle. So, while these modalities help, they are unable to address 95% of what's holding you back.

  3. RTT not only removes the subconscious blockages and replaces them with your desired results, it does so in a single session (followed by 30-days of repetition to ensure the changes become permanent in your brain). 

What is included in the 30-day RTT experience?

  1. The experience begins with a 20 minute assessment wherein we discuss the issue present in your life, as well as the results you desire on the other side of your healing.

  2. Next, we schedule the deep dive wherein you experience the hypnosis to access, heal and remove the root cause of your issue.

  3. After the session, you receive a custom 20-minute hypnosis for you to listen to everyday following for 30 days (your brain learns through repetition!).

  4. The subconscious rewiring is supplemented with a conscious coaching session in order to strengthen your healing + transformation with conscious habits, rituals and practices.

This experience approaches your healing from both the subconscious and the conscious perspectives. It is in combining these approaches that the highest probability for successful change, transformation and healing will take place.


“I know for a fact RTT was the piece that enabled me to SEE what exactly needed healed for me to get unstuck!“ - Lindsay H.


Note: Services provided do not include the practice of medicine, as hypnotherapist is not a licensed physician. These services are non-diagnostic, do not interfered with medically prescribed treatments, and are complementary to the healing arts services that are licensed by the state. RTT is endorsed by the General Hypnotherapy Register, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, the National and International Council of Psychotherapists, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the International Association of Complementary Therapists, the International Institute of Complementary Therapies and many other International bodies. Furthermore, Bri Seeley + Seeley Enterprises Inc. are supported by the Energy Medicine Professional Association.