Course Breakdown

Each month comes with a video training module, a worksheet, an EFT tapping instruction and a hypnosis to support you in learning, embodying and applying the lessons. You will have access to Bri on a weekly basis via video chat to receive live coaching, as well as space to ask questions, celebrate wins and receive support in the private Facebook community.


In order to know where you're going, you must know where you are. Assess the reality of your current experience during this month to determine what is currently taking up space in your life, as well as determining what is in + out of alignment and where you want to be in 6-months time. This first month will be all about developing a daily practice to commit to yourself, your vision, and your life as a foundation for what you're about to create.



Increase your understanding of what’s possible by hearing it straight from the source - you. Learn who your future self is, what matters most to her, how she lives her life, and what she believes. This month will  support you in shifting your perspective from what you currently see, into one that allows you to stand powerfully in the inevitability of your future. 



In order to get clarity about your path, you have to become your future-self. In order to do this, you need to be her everyday. The best way to do this is through a visualization practice. This month you'll be developing a specific visualization and implementing it into your daily practice. The more you can be your future-self, the more you just are her. And then she stops being your future-self and she becomes your present-self.



Your doubts will never be more present than when you're in the midst of a leap. This month will focus on healing your doubts from the root, dealing with your inner naysayer and making more space for your future-self to exist right now.



It's time to begin bringing that vision out into the physical world. The focus this month will be on developing a relationship with your intuition so you can receive inspired action. You'll put into place new habits this month and take steps everyday to turn your idea into your reality.



In order to ensure your learnings are maintained for the remainder of your life, we will focus on creating feedback loops, developing habits to support your continued growth and put together a plan for what's next after you complete your training to maintain your upward momentum.