Calle M.
{Screenwriter + Actress}

How can I put into words all that I have received, learned and become during the course of Bri Seeley's group training program. It was phenomenal and so much more than I expected. I connected with Bri at the perfect time & moment in my life when I was at a real crossroads. No coincidence for sure! So many things started to shift & improve in my life immediately. Right away the tools, community, and leadership of Bri started to shift my life in so much more of a powerful direction truly in alignment with my true self and core values, one of the things we learned about in the course. The tools caused me to dig deeper into my life and make changes that no other program or practice has ever done for me before. This was a missing piece of the puzzle for me. It has created so much momentum for me. The support from Bri & the other ladies has been unparalleled. Bri is a fearless leader who leads by example. The things I have learned and continue to learn from her will have a ripple effect in my life for ever more. I continue to benefit from this program and know that I will for the rest of my life. It has literally been like hitting the reset button. I have cleared, released, processed and created space for a whole new life of abundance and fulfillment. I feel like I am living and breathing again. I am actually experiencing my life in a profound way like never before, actively engaging in a very fulfilling way. I am enjoying my life from a place of presence rather than being stuck in the past. I have more work to do but this way of life and thinking is part of me now. I know I will continue to learn & apply these lessons on a daily basis. As one of our other members says: You can't un-know what you Bri teaches you. In this case, I will never let go of what I know know. I'm in for life. Thank you Bri Seeley for cracking my world wide open into the infinity of possibility. I will forever cherish you and love you for it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.