Darcy S.
{Self Investment Advisor}

Bri is blessed with an amazing ability to create a safe environment to share, whether it’s one-on-one, a group call, Facebook post, etc. and this is no small feat. The giving of her authentic self is genuine and it’s refreshing to know that she is truly in this role for the collective benefit of all involved. I am grateful for her transparency and the courage she has to show the less than glamorous aspects of this journey of self-development. I also appreciate how willing she is to acknowledge and give credit to the sources of her personal growth and how she is very clear that there will be trial and error, the lessons she shares are not a quick fix, and that it requires commitment and consistency. I trust her to listen and hold space for me. I am honored by her willingness to celebrate even the tiniest of my victories. I am fortunate to have her on my team through this on-going life experience of growth.

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