Jen K.
{Marketing Specialist}

Bri Seeley’s group course was life-changing for me. The things I was able to create in the course were nothing short of miraculous. First, I manifested a beautiful, new home and office. Then, I furnished it easily and quickly. When I had a specific new bookshelf or rug in mind, I would picture it and somehow it magically appeared in a store or online retailer. This happened over and over. Next, I upgraded my entire wardrobe for next to nothing! I commissioned an amazing piece of artwork and never worried about spending the money because my business is BOOMING! But the best thing I got from working with Bri (besides feeling calmer, more confident and powerful) were the amazing friendships. The other women in the group have become some of my closest friends – we still connect online, hang out IRL, text daily and make fun plans. Thanks to Bri, I have manifested an amazing life so that when my life partner finds me (I know he is on his way very soon!), I am ready.

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