Liz G.
{Author + Editor}

Initially I was hesitant to join Bri's group coaching because of the cost; where was I going to find the money?!? But with her encouragement to ask for help, I decided to be bold and it literally paid off. Bri inspired me to find a solution, then empowered me to create the outcome I wanted. Within two weeks, my friends and family supported my decision - and I registered.

Bri has been more than a coach; she's been the friend who'll say what you wish your friends would say, even if it's hard, because ultimately she's there to support your greater good - your higher self. With the group concluded, the other women and I - having cultivated intentional friendships - have continued the weekly calls and check in daily via text to support one another and further the processes Bri has taught us. Bri didn't just coach us and leave us hanging, she reminded us who we already are and gave us the tools we've needed to continue living in that knowledge.