Penelope W.
{Inspirational Woman}

When I started working with Bri, I was making some big changes in my career and wanted to propel myself forward and really aligned with her thinking. I had been sitting on the fence and decided the fence wasn’t that comfortable anymore. I needed Bri’s help to be able to transform. The greatest benefit in working with her has been my mindset change. I think so differently about things now. The way I consider options, the way I see the world, the way I respond to things that happen is just so different. I have removed all the titles and requirements and obligations of others and stepping into my true self, which enables me to be free, happy and have ease about what I’m doing.

I noticed changes straight after our first call. Bri asks the kind of questions you might get asked and you push aside, but Bri doesn’t let you push them aside. She will challenge you to change and grow and step into discomfort, which you’ll realize isn’t uncomfortable at all and that you should have stepped further.

As part of the work with Bri, I shaped what I really wanted in terms of my work, rather than letting other peoples need and wants shape what I was going to do. The thing with Bri is that it’s not just about one part of your life. You might think you’re getting coaching in one area but Bri digs into all the areas that impact on that so you’re a whole person when you’re getting coached. It’s not just one part, you’re having your whole self being shaped and changed for the better.

If you’re thinking about working with Bri - stop thinking and do it!