Kathryn C.
{Digital Marketing Strategist}

“When I met Bri, it seemed quite serendipitous - a past client of mine emailed me introducing us, then I shortly after remembered my close friend also raving about her and her retreats! I was at a place in my life and my business when I felt like I needed a LOT of answers. Solutions. And I needed them RIGHT. NOW. So, I enrolled in the retreat thinking I would receive answers. And that I did, but they weren't the answers I * thought * I needed. I thought I needed a surface-level "everything will be okay" peptalk (as if receiving one peptalk was going to change the trajectory of my entire life and business). What I really needed was a kick in the pants, a confidence boost and a reality check. The reality check is that I am capable of anything - everything and anything I set my mind to. Abundance is real and it's around us all the dang time, we just need to lean into it and ask the universe for signs. We either have the option to sit on the sidelines and wait for life to happen to us and complain about it, or be an active participant in our own life and embrace the ebbs and flows because they are natural parts of life. The retreat with Bri was incredibly empowering, giving me the tools I needed to weather the lows of life and business, and more fully embrace the highs. If you're considering a retreat or one-on-one work with Bri, sign up today - you will thank yourself for your decision forever! Bri is a huge blessing in the lives she's touched so far and there's a reason she has fallen into yours.” - Kathryn C.