Stephanie G.
{Fashion Illustrator}

Since shifting my fear based mindset with the help of Bri Seeley my life has slowly been becoming what I want it to be. I had no idea I would be doing live fashion illustration and design and doing so well with it several years later. Just a few years ago I wanted it but was terrified to take that step. Scared of negotiation, scared of setting my price point, scared of getting stolen from or copied again, I was also terrified that people would balk at my price and not give me a chance and I was also scared I would sell myself short - I was terrified of what people would think. These are normal fears for anyone at first, but the more I set my fears aside the more I grew into being able to shrug it off to make the best decision based on each circumstance. Those fears, while they felt real, I realized were not real and they were just holding me back from becoming who I am supposed to be {and the artist I have longed to be since I could pick up a pencil}. As I grew up people told me I shouldn’t be an artist because of the starving artist thing. Guess what world - I no longer care what you think. The fear of 'what if?' brought me so low. As my dreams are now starting to unfold into reality, Bri helped me over come that fear and I hope this helps someone else do the same. Thank you Bri Seeley for all you do!