Genevieve L. {Sustainability Expert}

When I met Bri, I was about to jump off the biggest figurative cliff I’ve ever faced. A cliff I hadn’t even dreamed about before that year. I had just started my own business and it was taking off. I had decided to quit my day job and pursue my new business full time, but I wasn’t quite ready to do it. I didn’t feel like I had the tools I needed to stay self motivated, and I needed some clarity to shape my vision. So I joined her retreat. It was wildly different than what I expected. It was an entire weekend in a peaceful space surrounded by powerful women shedding their doubts and fears and casting a vision for their futures. I got a clear picture of my future self. Some of the things Bri shared with us that weekend still shape my thoughts every single day, almost 9 months later. The way she thinks about productivity, money and the future is so transformative. What would I say to some one thinking about Bri? Do it. The best thing you have to invest in is yourself. And your road to success is an investment, not an expense.