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Laura K.
{Grief Coach}

I hired Bri as a coach about 7 months ago and my entire life has changed. With her knowledge, tools, support, and insights I have been able to step into the woman I am today with confidence. Bri has helped me bring my vision to life and now am proud to say I have created a business that I am so excited about. While being coached by Bri I have actually closed the door of my last chapter, sold my business that I had for 12 years and been able to open the new door to my purpose and mission in life. I couldn't have done it without Bri and I am proud to say I have shed my old skin and been reborn into a new woman I never thought was possible.

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Jessica T.
{Holistic Pain Coach}

Working with Bri was the most amazing experience - I “graduated” recently feeling more at peace with myself than I ever have in my LIFE. I know and stand tall in my value and worth, and I know that no one can ever take that away from me. I know that I can achieve whatever dreams I set my mind to, and I know what it feels like to take actions that are aligned with who I am and what I believe in. The peace and joy that I feel in my daily life is priceless.

Bri is a lot more than a business coach, or even a wellness coach - she’s a transformational coach, and I highly recommend her for anyone who is feeling stuck in any part of their life and are ready to transform herself and the world for the better!

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Suzie S.
{Photographer + Director}

Bri is amazing! She brilliantly blends business with spirituality in a smart, kind and no nonsense way. She expertly guided me through some personal and business transitions to help me come to a whole new mindset on these that have helped me move forward in a very positive and productive way. The work I’ve done with her has been truly life changing and transformative on every level. She is an amazing leader and, as long as you do your part to show up and do the work, your efforts will be rewarded beyond what you thought you were ever capable of. I can't recommend Bri enough!

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Lamar L.

There's an undeniable quality about Bri that puts her on par with the great female leaders of our time. She more than helped with a "life problem" I had been struggling with; she equipped me with tangible reachable goals that will systematically lead me to the success I've always dreamed. There are no quick fixes with Bri; with a ready and caring ear, she listens closely to your story, then swiftly lays out the work ahead for you, while igniting the light of confidence within. She got me to connect the dots of my life, set me firmly on my path, and helped to realize that my own brand of brilliance had been there all along. I know without a doubt that she changed my life.

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Taylor T.

Bri is someone who makes you think about, talk about, and do some of the most uncomfortable things you could ever imagine. BUT, only because it's exactly what you need. She is someone who is reliable and sticks to her word. Bri shows up whole-heartedly any time you need her and will do anything in her power to help you achieve your dreams. She pushes your limits while opening your mind and soul to things you never knew possible. I am so honored to have worked with Bri and am beyond thankful for her help in changing my life by giving me the extra push I needed. Thank you for helping me change the world!

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Elizabeth M.
{Actress + Producer}

The biggest benefit from working with Bri was her helping me get ready to take the big leaps I wanted to take in life. If you look at my life now from where it was a year ago, I’m making double what I was making, living in amazing house, doing more producing, and have landed a few amazing acting gigs. Bri helped me graduate to next level of “adulting" without knowing it. If I hadn’t worked with her I would be less happy and still be living in smaller apartment that was stifling. I don’t think I would have taken the leap to expanding into my new space with the knowing that the universe my business and money would be there to support me, because in the moment in time it seemed like an unclimbable mountain.

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