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Genevieve L. {Sustainability Expert}

“When I met Bri, I was about to jump off the biggest figurative cliff I’ve ever faced. A cliff I hadn’t even dreamed about before that year. I had just started my own business and it was taking off. I had decided to quit my day job and pursue my new business full time, but I wasn’t quite ready to do it. I didn’t feel like I had the tools I needed to stay self motivated, and I needed some clarity to shape my vision. So I joined her retreat. Some of the things Bri shared with us that weekend still shape my thoughts every single day, almost 9 months later. The way she thinks about productivity, money and the future is so transformative. What would I say to some one thinking about Bri? Do it. The best thing you have to invest in is yourself. And your road to success is an investment, not an expense.”

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Kathryn C.
{Digital Marketing Strategist}

“When I met Bri, I was at a place in my life and my business when I felt like I needed a LOT of answers. Solutions. And I needed them RIGHT. NOW. So, I enrolled in the retreat thinking I would receive answers. And that I did, but they weren't the answers I * thought * I needed (which was a surface-level "everything will be okay" peptalk). What I really needed was a kick in the pants, a confidence boost and a reality check. The retreat with Bri was incredibly empowering, giving me the tools I needed to weather the lows of life and business, and more fully embrace the highs. If you're considering a retreat or one-on-one work with Bri, sign up today - you will thank yourself for your decision forever! Bri is a huge blessing in the lives she's touched so far and there's a reason she has fallen into yours.” - Kathryn C.

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Christa J.
{Entrepreneur + Stylist}

When I met Bri I was feeling very conflicted about my business and seeking clarity as to what my next steps would be.  Bri came highly recommended by a friend who I have a lot of respect for in the business world. After talking with Bri, there was no decision to make! I couldn’t wait to learn and grow. My experience was life changing. I went into the work thinking I was looking for answers about my business, when really it was about my life in general. It brought me back into alignment with my life and my true priorities. If you’re thinking of working with Bri - DO IT! You won’t regret it. Bri has a unique way of inspiring and challenging you to bring about the changes in your life that you’ve been dreaming about, and teaching you to continue this type of growth throughout your life.” - Christa J.

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Maggie C.
{Financial Adviser}

“The biggest change in my life is a greater sense of comfort in who I really am - not who I thought I was. I had this perception of what made me good at what I did and I’ve realized that’s not all of me. Bri encouraged me to delve deeper into my truth and embrace my vulnerability. I feel so much more confident in my vision which has resulted in massive expansion in my business. I have been getting clients left and right out of nowhere. My new client investable assets have increased five-fold every month consistently since hiring Bri. I am on track to give myself a 28% raise so far this year.“

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Meg O.
{Athletic Trainer}

Bri is enthusiastic about TEACHING people how to do the work to reach their dreams and create the life that they want. She taught me insights about myself and the world around me and helped me to focus in on what I truly wanted, which was a new job making more money closer to my family.  And, that is exactly what I created before completing the program!

I continue to listen to Bri's advice, intelligence, and insight.  She is super relatable and genuinely wants you to find and achieve your dream. Bri Seeley changed my life and continues to be a shining example of living your truth and raising up others to do the same.

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Tamika A.

Bri is definitely a force to be reckoned with! She definitely assists you tapping into different parts of yourself and provides you with the guidance towards a breakthrough!  My time with her and the group was rewarding and I will use the tools and resources going forward.  She's high energy and raw as well as empathetic and real!  I highly recommend her work!  You will be grateful!!

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Bridget S.

Bri Seeley helped me transform how I start my day and how I feel about others and myself in a much more positive way. After working with her, I now have the tools to leap. This experience I had with Bri Seeley has transformed how I look and act in life. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to take a leap to hire Bri Seeley and take that leap!

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Anndi R.
{Motivational Speaker}

Bri is not merely a coach, she is a motivator and a guide. She holds space for you to think for yourself. She asks you questions that you never thought to answer and that push you to achieve more than you thought possible. Bri helps you to discover what you need to know and then how to put that new found knowledge into action. 

Since you are reading this, I know you are looking for some guidance and direction in this thing called life. With other coaches you will be given just that. Cut and dry assistance. With Bri, you are placing yourself on a life altering journey that will change you in ways you never thought possible. You will be rejuvenated and able to conquer your world. Look no further that this women right here; Bri Seeley.

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Elizabeth M.
{Actress + Producer}

Working with Bri was one of the best decisions I've ever made! She helped me to clarify goals, stay on track and rewire my mindset making those hard to take Leaps possible! 

She also has an amazing online community of women and men that support one another even though they are mostly all strangers to one another. It doesn't stay that way for long! Your vibe attracts your tribe and Bri's tribe is one of the best out there! Don't hesitate to take this opportunity! DO IT!

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Kathryn C.
{Marketing Strategist}

Working with Bri totally changed my life. Meeting and talking as if I were my future self was so empowering. Since then, I’ve been able to bring her into my life now. It’s expanded my horizons to things I would have otherwise shut out, caused me to take more risks and significantly lessened my fear of being good enough and imposter syndrome. It lit a fire within me and has made me more passionate. Plus, I’ve been eating better and prioritizing my health. Thank you for you and everything you do, Bri!”

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Janelle V. {Nutrition Therapist}

I walked away from working with Bri having the confidence and skills within myself to make my dreams happen. I worked so hard to become the person everyone thought I “should” be and now I’ve let that go. My spirit is shining through more and everyone around me from my coworkers to my husband to my parents have noticed. I am so incredibly thankful, I can’t even describe how much difference and positivity this brought into my life and how much it’s meant to me to find the tools within myself to create my dreams. Everything is coming together - I have my first two paying clients and I feel confident in the path before me. Thank you for helping empower me to live my best life.”

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Stephanie G.
{Fashion Illustrator}

Since shifting my fear based mindset with the help of Bri Seeley my life has slowly been becoming what I want it to be. I had no idea I would be doing live fashion illustration and design and doing so well with it several years later. Just a few years ago I wanted it but was terrified to take that step. Scared of negotiation, scared of setting my price point, scared of getting stolen from or copied again, I was also terrified that people would balk at my price and not give me a chance and I was also scared I would sell myself short - I was terrified of what people would think. These are normal fears for anyone at first, but the more I set my fears aside the more I grew into being able to shrug it off to make the best decision based on each circumstance. Those fears, while they felt real, I realized were not real and they were just holding me back from becoming who I am supposed to be {and the artist I have longed to be since I could pick up a pencil}. As I grew up people told me I shouldn’t be an artist because of the starving artist thing. Guess what world - I no longer care what you think. The fear of 'what if?' brought me so low. As my dreams are now starting to unfold into reality, Bri helped me over come that fear and I hope this helps someone else do the same. Thank you Bri Seeley for all you do!

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Penelope W.
{Inspirational Woman}

The greatest benefit in working with Bri has been my mindset change. I think so differently about things now and have stepped into my true self, which enables me to be free, happy and have an ease about what I’m doing. I noticed changes straight after our first call. Bri asks the kind of questions you might get asked and you push aside, but Bri doesn’t let you push them aside. She will challenge you to change and grow and step into discomfort, which you’ll realize isn’t uncomfortable at all and that you should have stepped sooner! The thing with Bri is that it’s not just about one part of your life that transforms. You might think you’re getting coaching in one area, but Bri digs into all the areas that impact you - you’re having your whole self shaped and changed for the better. If you're thinking about working with Bri - stop thinking and do it!

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Laura K.
{Grief Coach}

I hired Bri as a coach about 7 months ago and my entire life has changed. With her knowledge, tools, support, and insights I have been able to step into the woman I am today with confidence. Bri has helped me bring my vision to life and now am proud to say I have created a business that I am so excited about. While being coached by Bri I have actually closed the door of my last chapter, sold my business that I had for 12 years and been able to open the new door to my purpose and mission in life. I couldn't have done it without Bri and I am proud to say I have shed my old skin and been reborn into a new woman I never thought was possible.

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Carol K
{Jewelry Designer}

If you feel ready to change your life in a more positive direction I would recommend working with Bri Seeley. It really helped me gain a new mindset, shed negative beliefs, and create new daily practices that align with what I want to manifest. But the best part of it was the support of the group. I think that helped reinforce things even better than having a one on one coach situation. I feel I am living my life with more clarity and with focus on what is meaningful to me.

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Liz G.
{Author + Editor}

Bri has been more than a coach; she's been the friend who'll say what you wish your friends would say, even if it's hard, because ultimately she's there to support your greater good - your higher self. With the 10 weeks concluded, the other women and I - having cultivated intentional friendships - have continued the weekly group calls and check in daily via text to support one another and further the processes Bri has taught us. Bri didn't just coach us and leave us hanging, she reminded us who we already are and gave us the tools we've needed to continue living in that knowledge.

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Mi-Ri H.
{Event Planner}

Going through the group training with Bri {and the other fabulous women that I am lucky to now call friends} was truly transformative. Bri is able to quickly and effectively give you the tools to focus on your dreams, give yourself a break when you need it and to bathe yourself in gratitude and self-love.

With these tools, I find myself closer everyday to the woman that I've already been, but needed to reconnect to. After these gatherings and the miracles that have happened in my real world, I know that absolutely everything is possible and that I'm the right person to get me wherever I want to go. I wish this group session was even longer!

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Christina C.
{Editor + Writer}

Bri's group training program was an amazing, life-altering experience that has forever changed the way I look at life -- all for the better. I've worked on an incredible set of skills that is already having a positive impact on how I embrace challenges and view my work, career, and personal life. The bonus is because our group dynamics meshed so well, I'm connected with nine other women who are an ongoing source of support, collaboration, and inspiration. I almost did not sign up and now can say that I absolutely made the right decision to commit to this program because it helped me create inner peace, trust, and faith, amongst other things.

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Calle M.
{Screenwriter + Actress}

Bri's course was phenomenal and so much more than I expected. Right away the tools, community, and leadership of Bri started to shift my life in so much more of a powerful direction. The tools caused me to dig deeper into my life and make changes that no other program or practice has ever done for me before. I know I will continue to apply them every day. This was a missing piece of the puzzle and created so much momentum. It has literally been like hitting the reset button. I feel like I am living and breathing again. I am actually experiencing my life in a profound way like never before, actively engaging in a very fulfilling way. Bri is a fearless leader who leads by example. As one of our other members says: You can't un-know what you Bri teaches you. In this case, I will never let go of what I now know. I'm in for life. Thank you Bri Seeley for cracking my world wide open into the infinity of possibility.

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Kala M.
{Event Conductor}

The biggest change I've seen in myself since Bri's training is been the way I handle both success adversity. No longer do I immediately spiral down into a pit of despair when I am faced with a challenge and no longer do I label a huge success just a fluke. Each action and reaction seem more purposeful to me, and I love that! I am now able to look a situation squarely in the face – whether positive or negative – accept the feelings I have towards it, acknowledge it for the lessons it shows me, and move past it with grace and upward motion. As with most things, you get out what you put in and the tools Bri teaches are tools you have to keep working at every day... and it's something I'm still working on.

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