What you'll walk away with:

  • Clarity on the next steps to take to fulfill your future vision
  • An understanding of the reality of generating abundance (it's not what you've been taught!) and massive amounts of tools to bring more into your life every day
  • The ability to allow and receive the miracles surrounding you at all times
  • Skills to identify and remove beliefs that are out of alignment with your goals, and re-write the with beliefs aligned with your desires
  • A lifetime of positive, daily habits and practices to support your evolution
  • Mastery of Co-creation with the unseen
  • Knowledge to work with that pesky inner voice who is always bringing you down and exercises to support you in using it to support your growth + transformation
  • Plus, loads of surprises!

While this training teaches the Universal Principles and Law of Attraction…. it’s taught in a completely different way. Instead of teaching from an intangible 'woo' perspective, the material is presented in the form of tactical exercises and activities to support you in producing results in real time. 

Because it’s one thing to TALK about concepts, and another thing to actively create change in your life. It’s absolutely transformative to apply these lessons with the opportunity for immediate feedback from someone who has been there before.


I have been trying to find my groove since quitting my job last month and this is what I needed. I feel more clear headed, more confident and more powerful. I have less fear of taking bold actions and going after what I want and deserve. It has helped me to get out of the poverty mentality and away from thinking I don't deserve certain things. It has helped me realize that I can get what I want and will get it if I continue to make all that we learned, felt and practiced, a daily part of my life." - Betty B.