You’re doing what you know, which has been enough.... until this point. You can feel yourself making strides in the world, but you’re ready for more. You’re ready to expand into greater things.

Yet, you’re not sure how to get to the next level. You’re not confident about what the next step even is. You don’t know what you don’t know, right? Well, this is your opportunity to learn.



Not only that…. but you deeply desire a tribe of women to go on the journey with. You crave an intimate inner circle of women who are on a similar path, that will grow alongside you. Because answering your calling can be incredibly lonely. Oftentimes the people in our lives just don’t understand, leaving you with no one to talk to.


You want to feel connected, supported, challenged, and encouraged by a group of women who are going through similar struggles and challenges. Change is better when you feel the power of a community that has your back.

That’s the experience of the Group Sessions. 


You can continue to ‘figure it out’ on your own, wearing blinders and supporting yourself day after day into a state of exhaustion and burn-out. Or you can rally with your peers {with deeply transformative guidance} to grow together towards your future.

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