"Initially I was hesitant to join Bri's group coaching because of the cost; where was I going to find the money?!? But with her encouragement to ask for help, I decided to be bold and it literally paid off. Bri inspired me to find a solution, then empowered me to create the outcome I wanted. Within two weeks, my friends and family supported my decision - and I registered. 
Bri has been more than a coach; she's been the friend who'll say what you wish your friends would say, even if it's hard, because ultimately she's there to support your greater good - your higher self. With the 10 weeks concluded, the other women and I - having cultivated intentional friendships - have continued the weekly group calls and check in daily via text to support one another and further the processes Bri has taught us. Bri didn't just coach us and leave us hanging, she reminded us who we already are and gave us the tools we've needed to continue living in that knowledge."

- Liz Von E. {Author} 

"After seeing Bri's "Power of Intention + Creating Magic" video, I was very interested in trying it out and creating my own; she suggested trying her "Future You Meditation" to help establish my goals. Last night I listened to the meditation and wrote a journal entry establishing a financial goal for my self-visualization...By 1PM today I reached my financial goal!
Being a yoga teacher and a new studio owner, money hasn't exactly come flooding in (yoga isn't abig thing in Indiana yet), but today we had a record sales day and I am able to restore faith in myself as a successful business owner. I'm still basking in the glow of the magic I was able to create!"

- Olivia O. {Yoga Studio Manager/Owner}

Stacy Testimonial.jpeg
"The 10-week program was exactly what I needed at this point in my life. It has been a period of soul searching what my purpose is. The group definitely helped me to see where I was suppose to be and do next. I feel more self love and know that it’s in my control - what I want my life to be. Now, I just need to focus on exercises taught in the program and allow things to come to me."

- Stacy R {coach}

"Going through the 10-week group sessions with Bri {and the other fabulous women that I am lucky to now call friends} was truly transformative. Bri is able to quickly and effectively give you the tools to focus on your dreams, give yourself a break when you need it and to bathe yourself in gratitude and self-love.
With these tools, I find myself closer everyday to the woman that I've already been, but needed to reconnect to. After these gatherings and the miracles that have happened in my real world, I know that absolutely everything is possible and that I'm the right person to get me wherever I want to go. I wish this group session was even longer!"

- Mi-Ri H. {Event Planner}

"I began coaching with Bri thinking I would reach a particular goal at the end of The Group Sessions. When I began I had just moved to LA a few months prior. I was having a hard time getting up of the couch and feeling very upset I had not focused on my career goal. In that 10 weeks what ended up happening is I got side tracked to working on something better - MYSELF.
I learned to start liking myself and instead of being critical of myself, coming from a place of love. I met 4 other wonderful women who helped me realize what I am going through is ok. What I learned from Bri are positive techniques to move me along my life path. If you work with Bri and don't make it to your main goal don't worry, you will have learned other lessons along the way to make you stronger for when you do reach your dream."

- Christa C. {Chef}

"My biggest takeaway from coaching with Bri was getting over mental barriers - ones I didn’t know I had. Bri uses a unique coaching approach and offers almost a personalized B-School that is not conventional way business women are supported. Under Bri’s coaching I was able to grow a business in 8-weeks with a full client roster of happy clients looking to increase their packages. I’m proud of my service and growth while in the group coaching program."

- Tanya R. {Public Relations}

"Words cannot describe how beyond grateful I am for Bri Seeley and her amazing coaching! Bri tailors each piece of advice to each individual but some how everyone can use each advice, which blows my mind in the best way possible. I first started the programs in hopes of transforming and to grow my blog, but it in turn spewed into my public relations career and my personal life and even my outlook on life in general. This course forever changed my life, pushed me to be my best, to realize that a 'No' from one person means it is leaving the door open for my 'Big Yes,' that my skills and creativity are more than good enough, and most of all that I create my own possibilities and results! This is a course worth investing in because it not only changes one area in your life for the better, but all areas of your life and you make life long amazing friends! Bri Seeley is passionate, amazing, caring, loving, great listener, a forever changer and an inspirational woman!” 

- Kerry M. {Blogger + Public Relations}

"Today was filled with golden nuggets as I spoke with Bri briefly for the first time. I came away with next steps and look forward to the process and development of my business. Thank you for the insight and I look forward to our next up leveling conversation."

- Heather S. {Functional Medicine Doctor}

"Bri is a joy. She's logical and positive and seems to just exist to help celebrate women and their strength, creativity, and success. It's always refreshing to be around someone like Bri, you leave a meeting with her feeling lighter and like the world is a place full of opportunity."

- Jacqueline D. {Fashion Model}