I know exactly what it’s like to have a vision. One that is so incredibly massive, it seems easier to pretend it isn’t there.

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Taking ownership for this vision can be incredibly daunting. You’ve been tasked with a huge responsibility to birth greatness into the world using your specific gifts. But, it’s so much bigger than you….. so, what do you even do with it?

You see the massiveness of it. You see the whole, big picture and have a hard time zooming in. You continually struggle to translate this huge vision to your daily life. And it feels super overwhelming to tackle it by yourself. 

There’s a total disconnect between where you are today, and living and fulfilling that vision. It's a chasm that plagues you. Growing bigger and bigger with every day that passes.


You have no idea what tasks to prioritize to get you closer to that vision. You know you can’t eat the elephant all in one bite, but then how do you eat it? Which part do you eat first? How does it get prepared? So. Many. Questions.

You bury yourself in books to learn how the successful got where they are. You invest in all the webinar products from experts to tell you how it’s done. You subscribe to all the newsletters. You turn to social media to distract yourself or compare your ideas to everyone elses. You keep looking for answers in places outside of yourself.


Except…. Books don’t have your answers. You can do the recommended things from all the experts, sinking all the money and time in the world into learning and copying what they’ve done, and {more often than not} it will never work for you. Your distractions and overwhelm are just a symptom of an underlying issue that will continue to keep you from doing your best work.

The issue is: your path is different. It’s unique to you. The answers are all within you. And until you uncover your path, you will keep spinning your wheel like a little hamster in a cage, expending all your energy with little or no results to show for it.

But what does it even mean to look inside? And to uncover your path?


It means having someone on your side to show you how it’s done. To join forces with a mentor who has been where you are before, and can support you in eating the elephant - one bite at a time.

It’s easy to stay in fear and overwhelm. It’s easy to remain distracted. It’s easy to do all the “things” in life + business that don’t actually bring you any closer to your goals. It’s easy to not take responsibility for your current circumstances.


But then again, that’s not what you’re here for, is it?

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Getting new results requires a shift in perspective. You can't keep doing things the same way and expect the outcome to be different. It requires a level of support you've never experienced before. And getting uncomfortable.

It takes quantum leaps of faith + massive bold actions. Which can be terrifying.... But, what if it didn't have to be?

My private clients are women who are…..

  • highly invested in their evolution
  • overwhelmed by their creative vision, and need a powerful woman alongside them to lean on while assembling the pieces of the puzzle
  • eager to take massive, imperfect action despite their fears + hesitations
  • unwilling to let another day pass without making the impact they are here to deliver
  • committed to vast transformation in their personal + business lives
  • willing to embrace their discomfort knowing that it’s necessary for their expansion

Bri Seeley Coach Testimonial

I found Bri after 1.5 years of doing everything that entrepreneurs are supposed to, from automated social media posts to big launches to "hustling" (begging) for people to join my webinars and not feeling quite right about any of it. I've spent a lot of money on different coaches and courses, and most of it felt cookie cutter and money hungry, and while I do want to become financially free by doing what I love, serving and helping others is my main goal. I joined Bri's manifesting challenge a while back and immediately fell in love with her message. As my coach, she's helped me to identify how I want to serve my clients in ways that feel good and right to me, instead of following anybody's cookie cutter method to fame and riches. Since working with her, I feel like my authenticity is shining again and my confidence levels have shot through the roof. If I were someone who regretted anything in life, my only one would be not hiring Bri sooner!” - Jessica T.



Bri is someone who makes you think about, talk about, and do some of the most uncomfortable things you could ever imagine. BUT, she does this only because she knows it's exactly what you need. She is someone who is reliable and sticks to her word. Bri shows up whole-heartedly any time you need her and will do anything in her power to help you achieve you dreams. She pushes your limits while opening your mind and soul to things you never knew possible. I am so honored to have worked with Bri and beyond thankful for her help in changing my life by giving me the extra push I needed.” - Taylor T.

Bri Seeley Coach Testimonial

What you can expect:

  • Weekly 1-hour conversations. This includes developing a cohesive strategy, applying Universal Principles to work behind the scenes for you, and more.
  • One 1-day-long private intensive, including 6-hours of jamming on what needs to happen to catapult you forward, tea, lunch, and endless support. This day is yours to spend whenever + however you wish and can range from website creation, personal shopping support, speech writing, goal setting, to unlocking your creativity and more. There is no limit!
  • Consistent text and email support, as well as reviewing your assignments as needed.
  • Periodic love notes + gifts.

Note: I am fully invested in my private clients - if you’re committed, I’m committed. Because of the level of service provided, I only work with a small number of private clients at a time. If you are interested in learning more, please complete this short questionnaire and a member of the team will get back to you soon! Thank you!

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