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Transformational Coaching to bring your dreams to life

And suddenly you know... it's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.


Your vision is waiting for you.

And what a beautiful vision it is.

I know, I know.... you want to know how it's going to happen before you fully commit. I get it.

You want to see the full road ahead. You want certainty about your path. You want assurances it will work out perfectly before getting started.

Leaps of faith don't work that way. Faith always comes first. Results and proof come after.

If you continue to live by the mantra of "I'll believe it when I see it," you're sure to be waiting a very long time.

This is the most daunting part about having a vision. You know the power you have to make an impact and create change. The possibility is palpable. And yet you look around your current "reality" and just can't see how it will transpire.

How do you get from where you are today with this idea in your head to the day where you are living and breathing it as your consistent reality?

Getting from here to there is going to require a whole lot of tenacity, dedication, focus and magic. 

There’s no roadmap, no guidebook, no path. And buying one of those “7-Steps to blah, blah, blah” will only lead you astray.

How much longer can you sit around thinking about your vision? How many more days, weeks and years can you keep saying "one day"? How much more time are you willing to waste making excuses and allowing your fears to squash your purpose?

You have greatness inside of you begging to be seen, heard and unleashed.

I am not going to paint a false picture for you. Saying YES to your vision is not an easy process. It's not like waving a wand that will eliminate all of your issues and resistance.

Bringing your vision to life takes grit, stamina and determination. It will require you to become a whole new woman. It will ask you to do, think and experience things in an entirely new way. It will change your perspective, your mind and your entire life.

AND - it's so freaking worth it.

In fact, the hardest days of being in my vision are still infinitely more fulfilling than the hardest days of when I was burying my head in the sand pretending I was ok living a life that didn't inspire me.

Even tough you won't have a plan at first, the good news is you will always be supported when you commit to your leap. Which is why this retreat was created - to help you say YES to your vision and move forward powerfully after having uncovered your path, clearly developed a plan and created momentum.

This retreat will support you in healing the underlying cause behind your doubts and fears, expanding your vision and revealing the next steps to help your vision come to life in 2018!!!

All this while being surrounded by the most phenomenal women creating their visions alongside you. Because if I know anything, it's that this experience can be a lonely one. It's likely you don't have a strong group of people around you who get it. 


Still on the fence? Think about all the people out there who need what you're creating. Think about how you're denying them of the opportunities and expansion that you are here to show them because you are unwilling to take the first step.

The world needs you.


Are you willing to give yourself Permission to Leap?


Day 1 - Conquer Your Doubts + Heal Your Fears

Ignoring your fears, doubts and hesitations will only allow them to continually rule your life. The best way to avoid this is by determining the cause and healing it once and for all. Because, just like weeding a garden, if you fail to get to the root of it... the weed will continue to grow back over and over again.

Day 2 - Expand Your Vision

What you can see of your vision is just a sliver of what is possible for you. Generally when we begin to look at the possibility, our inner critic gets in the way and tries to protect us. During Day Two of the retreat, you'll dive heart-first into your vision to get more clarity on how it looks, how it feels and the magnitude of what's actually possible for you.... while being held in the safety of the group to avoid spinning into self-sabotage.

Day 3 - Set Yourself Up for Success

Taking a leap of faith into your vision is a marathon, not a sprint. Without changing your ways of being, daily thought patterns and frequent habits, you will default back to what has been your 'normal' in the past. It's time to create a new normal. Our focus during Day Three will be all around looking forward into who you need to be, how you need to think + act and what habits you need to put into place to ensure lasting change.


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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This retreat is not like the other retreats and conferences currently on the market.  Other events like this will have you in your seat taking notes during the entire experience - leaving you to go back home wondering what to do with the information, unsure of how to apply it to your specific circumstances + vision and immediately reverting back to your old ways, beliefs and habits with zero transformation at the end of it all.

That's not how I roll.

These 3-days with me will have you processing, healing and making changes in real time. Because while sitting down to listen + learn is helpful.... it's not what will make an impact in your life. You will be doing the transformative work and applying the lessons in my presence so as to receive the support and guidance you need to heal, expand and move forward.

My goal is for you to leave this experience with:

  • an entirely new perspective on life
  • all new ways of responding to circumstances that arise
  • a superior ability to create what it is you desire
  • immense momentum to continue carrying you in an upward trajectory
  • a newfound understanding of what's possible when you're surrounded by other visionaries on a mission
  • an executable plan, the support of a community and the strength to touch your vision for the first time

This retreat is for you if you are....

  • serious about your personal evolution and growth
  • highly invested in yourself
  • unwilling to let another day, month or year pass without making the impact you are on this planet to make
  • overwhelmed by HOW to bring your vision to life
  • committed to an incredible transformation
  • deeply unsatisfied with your current results
  • eager to heal your fears + hesitations so they no longer hold you back
  • willing to embrace discomfort knowing that it’s necessary for your expansion
  • ready to finally stop waiting and say YES creating your vision 

What you can expect:

  • An immediate 1-hour conversation to kick off your journey. There is no need to wait for the retreat - get started now! includes developing a cohesive strategy, applying Universal Principles to work behind the scenes for you, and more.
  • Three intimate days to dive into and heal your fears, expand your vision, create your unique plan and implement habits. This is NOT a retreat where you'll take notes and then be sent home to "figure it out." You will be doing more inner work and taking more action than I will be talking. I am committed to you walking away from this 3-day experience not recognizing the woman you have become as you bring your vision to life.
  • A Facebook group to receive support, encouragement and perspective shifting before, during and after the retreat.
  • A 30-minute wrap up call approximately 6-weeks post-retreat to ensure your progress, momentum and alignment are continuing.

Note: Each retreat is limited to TEN women to ensure maximum support, personal attention and intimacy. Multiple spots have been claimed for each of the retreat locations already (Washington is already half sold out!). Do not wait to jump on this opportunity - it will not last long.

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