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Manifest with Bri

'Manifest with Bri' is a training to learn Universal principles that will support you in expanding into attracting more of what you desire in the world!

This is our most popular training to date! Thousands have used this training to successfully manifest jobs, homes, relocations, relationships, and more!

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Future Self Meditation

Use this meditation to gain additional clarity about your future - FROM your future! During this 15-minute experience, you will receive guidance and insights from your future self.

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Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude is one of the highest frequencies that we can experience. Use this Meditation to access a deeper state of gratitude and anchor it into your body to access frequently.

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The Inspirational Woman Project

Own the book that started it all.

The Inspirational Woman Project features interviews with 99 women who are living life on their terms - lives that inspire them everyday.