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Entrepreneur + Manifestation Coaching to build the path to your future

"I don't speak to inspire. Inspiration is a dime a dozen in our world. No, I speak to create transformation within every person I encounter.

My goal is for each attendee to walk away knowing their life is forever changed by the perspective shifts they experienced while I was on stage." - Bri Seeley 

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Bri Seeley brings a real perspective to the stage and while she provides immense motivation, she does so much more than that as she gives audiences everywhere the actionable resources to do something about their dreams.


Bri is known by many for her compassionate, yet tell-it-like-it-is guidance that creates massive and epic changes in everyone she encounters. From entrepreneurs, to corporate leaders, to college students, and everything in between, Bri gives her audiences everything they need to break their inner barriers, give themselves permission to leap and shed their perceived limitations in order to step into the immense possibilities at their fingertips. Bri encourages her audiences to let go of the past and become their future selves today.

To book Bri for your next event, please contact or 323.902.7651


Speaking Topics

Breaking Your Inner Glass Ceiling

The biggest barriers standing in your way are not ones that can be seen with your eyes. They lay within and are often hidden behind years of conditioning, which become deeply held beliefs and limit your ability to create the success you desire in life + business.

In this combination speech + workshop, participants will learn how to break down the barriers within so they can be their best selves everyday in every way.

During this experience, audiences will:

  • Identify one belief which is a barrier to their success.

  • Break down the belief to its core + break it.

  • Create new beliefs to operate from a place of greatness + personal excellence.

  • Learn the cognitive psychology of beliefs + habit creation.

Permission to Leap

After training thousands of people around the world to create their dreams, Bri recognized a common journey that everyone goes through when they take a leap of faith. She saw person after person fail to commit to their dreams because of the unknown. Taking a leap of faith can be terrifying - how are you supposed to say yes to something you can't see or touch? In this presentation, Bri pulls back the curtain to reveal the keys to taking a leap of faith and help's attendees navigate their leap to live their dreams and create a life that inspires them. 

Audiences not only gain inspiration, but also practical tools and knowledge to implement immediately. Bri’s commitment is to go beyond motivation in order to create impact and transformation in people’s lives. During this presentation, your audience will:

  • Say YES to creating their dreams.

  • Walk through the phases of the leap process.

  • Gather the tools and resources to develop clarity, take aligned action + maintain momentum.

  • Learn the power of implementing a morning routine.

Activate Your Path Within

You know where you are and you know where you want to be.... But, HOW do you get there?

We all want a neatly laid out path ahead of us, complete with a map, instructions and a guidebook to show the exact steps to realize our dreams. Yet, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to building one's dreams. It's as unique as your fingerprint. Learn how to activate your path within in order to create from a powerfully, aligned place.

In this presentation, Bri will share her audience the mindset, understandings and tools to support them in finding their personal and professional successes on their own terms by following their path.

Attendees will learn to:

  • Connect with their intuition.

  • Implement a daily practice to help uncover the path within.

  • Identify necessary habits of success.

  • Learn applicable tools to support them in creating their roadmap.

Live Your Future Now

There is one major thing standing between your present and your future - you. Your current perspective and the narrative you tell is continuing to create your reality. What if you could shift your perspective and narrative to be more aligned with your future vision, as opposed to your present vision?

Bri’s work around connecting with and living into your future-self is groundbreaking. She teaches that by learning about your future-self, you can start to become that person today instead of waiting to become that person. By approaching your life from this new perspective, it will create transformation on all levels of your human experience.

In this training, attendees will:

  • Meet and speak with their future-self.

  • Learn techniques in order to become their future-self now.

  • Explore additional exercises to strengthen this new perspective.

  • Commit to daily habits encouraging their future-self to become the dominant, guiding force in their life.

To book Bri for your next event, please contact or 323.902.7651