Manifestation Training Bri Seeley

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here!

I'm so thrilled you have decided to join The Anti-Manifestation, Manifestation Challenge!

These six days are going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE! No joke.

Here are the actions you need to take now to make sure you're prepared to start:

1. Mark your calendar!!! The trainings will be delivered to your inbox starting in ONE hour. In order to get the most out of this and create the best results, you will want to make sure you prioritize all of the trainings. You will get out of this training what you put into it - make it a priority and you will see more results!

2. Whitelist our email ( to ensure you receive the training links - each training video will be emailed to you daily.

3. Join the Facebook Community here! This is where you will be able to receive coaching + feedback from me, celebrate with the other participants, share your wins and discuss your insights.

4. Invite a friend! The reason behind this is two-fold.... 1. Everything is more fun with company and 2. You are more likely to succeed and show-up fully if you have an accountability partner! Send them to to get registered and join you.

Remember, pick a time everyday for the next six days and put it in your calendar! Committed CREATORS see results... while participants and spectators simply don’t. See you then!

Love + Leaps,


P.S. As a reminder, you have no obligation to remain part of the inner circle. This is a place to have fun, learn a ton and apply the learnings to your life for as long as you need the support.

I'll be sharing with you loads of things you can use right now (today!) to begin making shifts in your inner world.... to change your outer world. The things I teach have change the lives of thousands of people around the world. 

And now, you get to experience it for yourself for as long as you wish! You are free to opt out of communications and interactions with the community at any point by unsubscribing {although, I would like to note: I hope you stick around for a lifetime!}.