Ask Bri Anything: December Edition

“I recently enrolled in a training to gain new skills so that I can move on from my current job. And all the sudden, my coworkers are being mean to me. They’re being petty and defensive towards me, and are upset that I don’t want to be in my current position forever. What gives?” -Frustrated at Work

Here’s the hard reality of leaping: not everyone is going to support you.

And here’s why…. You are likely triggering within them all the ways in which they are not saying yes to their desires. They see in you a confidence towards all the things they are terrified of.

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Ditch overwhelm and find your flow

This complimentary virtual conference kicks off on Monday, December 4, 2017 and brings together over 20 experts (including me!!) to share their expertise on how to break free from stress, burnout and overwhelm so that you can awaken the radiance within you and live your dreams.

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Help me support victims of domestic violence #GivingTuesday

Since at least 2015, Peace Over Violence has sent a Domestic Abuse Response Team Advocate to provide in-person response to the survivor’s home with law enforcement, to the scene of the crime to provide support, crisis counseling, emotional support, advocacy, information about their rights and options, assistance with restraining order paperwork, shelter placement and resource information to survivors.

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This one practice will change your Thanksgiving forever

You can disagree with someone and tell them so, while still loving them fiercely and compassionately. Allow them to have their beliefs. AND stand firm in your boundaries. Loving another person and setting boundaries are not mutually exclusive experiences.

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My book, Permission to Leap, is here!

146 days ago I boarded a plane to Seattle with the intention of writing my book, Permission to Leap. I remember the visceral fear coursing through my body and all the ‘what if’s pounding in my head. All I could see was whatever was right in front of me through the entire three week writing process.


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