This May Come as a Huge Shock....

What I’m about to say may be shocking to you, but bear with me.

Manifestation breeds victimhood.

I can totally hear some of you asking, “But weren’t you just teaching this last year?”

Why yes, yes I was.

I’m going to explain to you why I’ve shifted my teachings in the past year, because I’ve seen how, more often than not, manifestation makes people feel broken, like they’re “doing it wrong” and like the Universe hates them.

The majority of the manifestation trainings miss a rather crucial piece of the puzzle. The teachings tell you to sit around, change your vibration and then magically the check or the car or the man or the home or the money or the job will pop into your life.

So there are all these people sitting around thinking about the car and the man and the home and the money and the job. Thinking and vibing and thinking and vibing and thinking some more.

And sometimes it shows up.

But oftentimes, it doesn’t. Which is when the doubt, anger, mistrust and frustration shows up. And more than anything, the victimhood.

“Well, my man isn’t showing up because clearly I’m not focusing enough.”

“My job isn’t manifesting because I don’t want it badly enough.”

“The money isn’t in my bank account because I’m still holding onto too much doubt.”

And then, instead of our thoughts and intentions being focused on what we want. We spiral down into even deeper doubts, fears and complete fail mode. Frustration increases and all we can think about is how it’s not working.

“But so-and-so got their perfect job / husband / home / car. Why not me? Clearly the Universe doesn’t love me enough.”

And full-on victimhood commences.

This is why I pivoted my business last year. I saw this trend over and over again, leading me to shy away from manifestation (though I still very much teach some of the core principles) and into co-creation.

Why? What’s the difference?

Manifestation places the power in the hands of someone else - this magical, mystical Universe. Which is very magical and mystical. But, the core teachings of manifestation in this way causes people to give away their power, instead of using their power to be an active co-creator in their manifestation.

Because while vibrational frequency is a huge component for co-creation - it’s only a piece of the puzzle. The other parts of the puzzle require you to actively create your life by applying regular, inspired action and taking full, complete responsibility for the results.

Is there magic that happens in co-creation? Yes, absolutely.

For example: the day after my book launch an audiobook company {something that was so completely NOT on my radar} reached out to offer me an audiobook deal. Magic.

AND - I had to show up in my life and business A LOT to have that happen. It didn’t just pop out of thin air. It was months and months and months in the making.

I invite you to look deeper into the practices of co-creation to allow yourself to reclaim some of your power back in creating the vision you desire and taking responsibility for your reality, instead of giving your power away and playing the victim to manifestation.

Love + Leaps,

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