What Happens When Divine Timing Is Late?

What a great question, right? Because if timing is fully + completely divine, then it would be impossible for it to be late.

I know several of you are experiencing this in your life right now. And, to be honest, I have been as well. You’re showing up, doing all the things, putting your heart and soul into your leap, and yet the results just have not appeared.

What gives?

In December, I got the opportunity to experience this mis-match of my energetics with the Physical World. I spent 2017 becoming the kind of woman who owns and operates a 7-figure business…. yet the reflection of my Physical World hadn’t caught up to that reality.

I arrived to December 1st being unable to pay my rent.

Say what? Just a few weeks earlier, my book had become a best-seller. What happened? Where were my results?

Allowing energy to transform into physicality takes time. It’s not an instantaneous process. As humans, we like to project, manipulate and control the Physical World. But that’s not how it works.

Divine timing is not always OUR timing. And…. that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

By labeling the situations in our lives as ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ in some way, it colors the experience with distrust and projects your current {read: limited} perspective all over it. Spinning into fear, anxiety and continually playing into your current reality will only produce more of the same.

Situations and circumstances are 100% fluid all the time. Our free will can change a situation at a moment’s notice - towards what we want {via trust} OR towards what we don’t want {via projections of fear, failure, etc.}.

Remember - there are infinite possibilities around you in every single moment. Your perspective is what allows the Universe to reveal them to you. If you’re focused on what’s not working, dwelling in fear, projecting your anticipated “failures” and not allowing yourself to see outside of your current situation - it will limit the possibilities you have access to.

Faith, trust and surrender are what bring the infinite possibilities to the forefront. Faith does not mean waiting for proof. You, and only you, get to choose the perspective you embody about your situation. How you see it and how you respond to it are the only things that matter.

More importantly than anything - you can change your experience in a single moment (in fact, you can change it in this moment!). Which is exactly what I chose to do.

After reaching out for help, I crumpled into child’s pose on the carpet and cried. And cried. And cried. I allowed myself to witness all the judgements I was projecting on myself. I gave myself permission to wallow for a hot second. I surrendered to my “weakness” of needing help.

And then - I got up and decided a new reality for myself. One in which I embodied that million dollar woman I had become. The reality in which I ruthlessly serve my clients and support them through their own transformations. I scheduled a hypnotherapy session. I asked some friends to support me with an energy healing. And I got to work.

In just two weeks, I doubled my private coaching practice, filled the Los Angeles intensive, and sold half the spaces in the Olympia intensive. I signed over triple the amount of client contracts in this time, as I did over the course of the 3rd quarter.

Every day we each get the option to lament about the fears and the what-if’s or we get the option to do the inner healing work to move past them. We get to choose between being defined by our current, subjective reality or we get to choose to see past the illusion and remember our Truth. We get to allow the Physical World to hold us back or we get to allow the energetic world to propel us forward.

This is an invitation to shake things up, lean on your faith, trust, and take the leap.

Believe in the infinite possibility around you, despite what you can see. You’ll need to do this before it becomes a tangibility. Because the tangibility usually doesn’t come in the timeline you’ve decided is appropriate.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not coming. It doesn’t mean it’s not already here. It just means you simply can’t see it…. yet.

Love + Leaps,

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