The Amplify Collective

A lot of times in life, we are convinced that we know what is best for us. We have a vision that is SO strong and guides us SO fiercely. We plan and scheme and schedule and overthink and we plan some more...... which usually leads to us preventing the magic from sneaking in to surprise us. 

This is why I love the founding story of The Amplify Collective

I doubt I will ever forget that afternoon. It was Tuesday, August 4, 2015. My intern and I were in the office doing the usual Inspirational Woman stuff.... when I got a call from my friend Thaís. We had met in March, but only really started developing our friendship when she moved to LA in June.

An out of the ordinary meek and soft spoken Thaís rang my cell, "Bri, I'm hosting that dinner tonight and I have food poisoning. Can you cover it for me? I cannot cancel."

I looked to my right at my intern, "What are you doing tonight?"

The rest is history. One dinner party led to THIRTEEN sold out events in under eight months.

So why is this special or exciting? It was during a time in my business that I was frustrated. The things I was focusing on were not going the way I desired. I could not create the results I wanted, no matter how hard I tried.

Yet, with The Amplify Collective.... I wasn't trying. And event after event sold out. October was three weeks early. November was five weeks early. December was 8 weeks early.

I never placed pressure on The Amplify Collective to succeed. And that's exactly WHY it has succeeded so brilliantly.

Well that, AND...... the events are creating powerful connection + community in the lives of every woman it touches. #NoBigDeal

So when Thaís and I both came together in March and {practically in unison} said, "I just got the most amazing idea for how we can take Amplify to the next level and impact the women of Los Angeles in an infinitely deeper way!" It's no wonder that our epiphanies were EXACTLY the same.

Once you take stress and obligation and pressure off of a situation, it has NO CHOICE but to flourish. The water always boils when you look away. And the grass always grows when you focus on something else.

Magic happens when you allow the Universe to do it's job. Because it is only our job to envision WHAT we want. It's up to the Universe to figure out the hows. And when you're squeezing the how's out of your what's..... well, let's just say that it doesn't work very well.

I know what you're thinking - what was this great epiphany? Am I right?

Well, in order to deepen the experience for The Amplify Collective women.... we have launched The Coterie. A Coterie is a small group of people with shared interests or tastes. In this case - a group of women who want to connect in a different way. Women who don't want to network in the usual way {aka. walking out of the event with a pocket full of business cards of people they don't know and will NEVER contact}. Women that desire deeper and more meaningful connections.


The Coterie is officially open to ALL women in Los Angeles. Get more information about membership and its benefits by clicking the button below.

There is a new wave of connection happening in the world. One that doesn't revolve around surface level conversations to generate business. Be on the forefront of this movement and join us in The Amplify Collective.

And don't forget to tune into KTLA's morning show on
Thursday, April 14, 2016 to see us announce The Coterie to the world!!!