Finding Joy in the Not-So-Joyful

2017 has started off unexpectedly. New Years Eve, I found blood on my carpet.... an unmistakable sign that my fur baby wasn't doing well.

I've been at the vet six times since then. And between her surgery, vet bills, specialized diet, quarantine, medications, and more..... Well, I'm emotionally spent.

Driving back from picking up another round of narcotics for my babe, I found myself overwhelmed and angry.

This isn't how 2017 was supposed to kick off. I'm supposed to be focusing on recording my digital trainings, and setting up my team for February's manifestation training. I'm supposed to be in creation mode + setting the energy for the entire year. 

I'm not supposed to be taking care of my sick cat and doing two loads of laundry a day. I'm not supposed to be running around getting extra litter boxes, and pain meds, and pheromone dispensers. And scrubbing every square inch of my apartment from having an incontinent cat. 

2017 is supposed to be my year of passion where I infuse joy in everything I do.

Oh. Shit. 

What if I was supposed to be infusing joy and passion into THIS?

What if this experience was exactly what was supposed to be happening?

It's so easy to believe in the concept of divine perfection - and to an extent practice it. But then, sometimes, I forget. Sometimes the circumstances seem SO real and SO overwhelming that I stop seeing the miracles all around me.

I spent a week feeling sorry for myself and Alliver. And it was no fun. I was worried and stressed and crabby and jetlagged. Really? This was my welcome back home?

Because it can be so much easier to play the victim to our external circumstances, rather than trust that the Universe / God / Spirit has it all handled.

Statistics say that by this time of the month, 90% of people have given up on their goals for the year. Why is that?

Because as humans, we start to focus on what's not working. Or what's wrong about our situations. Or why we're destined for failure and why we might as well just quit.

Or how we're not strong enough to handle what the Universe is gifting us with {yes, I said gifting - it is true that in the last two weeks I have been able to start calling cat urine a gift}.

Am I crazy? Maybe.

But what I do know is that if you continue to focus on the obstacle - you'll continue to live a life that does not inspire you. Being unable to trust in the divine perfection of every moment will result in disappointment, disgust, anger, frustration, and more.... keeping you from seeing the magic that is at your fingertips and enjoying the journey.

Today is a great day to focus on the possibility..... It's a great day to focus on the potential..... And it's a great day to lean into the perfection all around you and watch your life transform.

Because it's never about the circumstance; it's always about the perspective.

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