I just experienced the most crippling heartbreak.

Last week was one of the hardest weeks I’ve faced in a long time. Yes, even harder than election week.

I couldn’t open my Facebook or my Twitter without breaking into tears. My heart bled for every woman I passed on the streets. My anger towards men in power reached an all time high.

How is it for over three decades a man was allowed to abuse and assault woman after woman after woman all around the world? How is it no one felt confident enough to stand up to him? How is it so many actually enabled this behavior - including other prominent men and women in Hollywood?

There are people saying this issue materializing isn’t going to change anything - this kind of abuse will continue again and again no matter what anyone does or says.

I say bullshit.

I know what it will take to tip the scales - it takes each and every one of us.It is not just my responsibility, or your neighbor’s responsibility….. It is also your responsibility. Every single person reading this {and beyond} has a responsibility to speak up, stand up and act up. If you see something, speak up. If you hear something, stand up. If you are outraged, act up.

Whether or not you were personally victimized by Harvey Weinstein, the fact that one woman was means we all were.

What breaks my heart even further is so many women {including many in this community} believe they have nothing contribute to the world and their voice doesn’t matter.

The world is literally screaming for each and every one of us to bring light and healing to this planet.

Yet, we can’t get out of our own way enough to do anything about it.

This is me literally begging you - please, identify how to get out of your own way. I understand you have fears. I know women have experienced massive persecution in the past. I totally get feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of issues in our world right now.

But the answer is not hiding, or retreat or ignorance.

Find a way to move past your shit. The world needs you. It needs your voice. It needs your passion. It needs your vision.

How will you serve as a light, a warrior, and a champion for all women today?


Love + Leaps,