Final Call for Pre-orders of ‘Permission to Leap’

This is it - the final call for you to get a signed copy of Permission to Leap (or ten - just think of having all your Christmas shopping done in one place!).

Reserve your copy here.

Hundreds of people are already reading the manuscript and have sent me their preliminary thoughts:

“Bri, I am loving the manuscript! This is a crisp how-to that will be referred to time after time. You’ve got something special here.” - Claire K.

“I read through almost the entire book last night in one sitting! I love how many personal stories you share in there. Thank you for sharing your voice to the world!” - Jessica T.

“I’m almost done with the book. Ahhhmazing and so perfect for some transitions I’m going through myself!” - Sheila V.

“The manuscript is inspiring and thought provoking. So many times your words keyed a memory, a time when I stopped or lept. And I see what worked or not. More importantly, I’ve got great tips on how to improve my track record.” - Sheri B.

“My heart is racing! I just finished Chapter 1 and the intro… and I swear it’s like your words could see me through the screen! I’m really looking forward to diving in more.” - Sara A.

Reserve your copy here.

Permission to Leap is like nothing you’ve ever read before.

How do I know? Because in a world of perfect social media feeds, there are very few people sharing every intimate detail of their leaps of faith, and even fewer who are willing to pull back the curtain to reveal what to expect during your leap process.

Our culture is so obsessed with the rags to riches story that we gloss over the most important part - the day to day realities of leaping. And in this glossing over, it means that you are unable to be prepared to say yes to your vision.

Permission to Leap opens the treasure chest of emotions and experiences to give you the perspective I only wish I had when I first embarked on my decades long journey of leaping.

Reserve your copy here.

Remember: today is the final opportunity to place your pre-order (shipping early November).

I can’t wait to hear your experience reading it, as well as the insights, transformation and expansion that it brings to your life!

Love + Leaps,

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PS. But seriously, Reserve your copy here.