How my Skincare Routine Can Change Your Life

Over 10 years ago I picked up a small jar while shopping for my personal care products. Who knew this purchase would come in so handy to teach alignment and growth years later?

What did I buy, you ask?

Anti-aging serum.

Hear me out. I promise this is going somewhere.

At the time I purchased this, I didn’t need it. I was in my early 20’s with a fresh face and zero signs of aging. So, why would I feel inspired to purchase it? Because I was being proactive. If I waited until I actually needed it, it would be too late.

The thing which has saved me more often than not - in any and every life experience - is being proactive. I have done the work to know myself well enough to recognize when I’m being pulled off the path, derailed from my vision and out of alignment with my heart.

Is that to say that I haven’t had crazy, random, tragic stuff happen in my life? Absolutely not. However, I’ve been more prepared for the unexpected because I already have the tools which I need to face and handle these situations.

This year I even started an intense meal prep routine on Sunday mornings to increase my proactivity. Why? Because if I’m not proactive about my food intake, I will walk into the kitchen an hour after I’m hungry and throw together the easiest and most convenient food. Notice how I didn’t even call it a meal - because it usually ends up being string cheese, scrambled eggs or chips with guacamole.

And instead of waiting until the last second and scrapping something together, I get to nourish my body because I am prepared to.

Unfortunately, this kind of thought process is not a dominant mentality in our culture. Instead, we think things like, “the house isn’t on fire right now {otherwise known as: yet} so I don’t need to prepare for it.” or “Yeah, something is not quite right, but my life isn’t falling apart so I won’t do anything about it. I’m comfortable *enough* in my discomfort…. I’ll prepare another day.”

Remember the email I sent out a month-ish ago about hearing the nudges vs. receiving the Universal 2x4? The differentiating factor between these two is proactivity. If you wait until the moment you need the tools, it might be too late.

I mean, it won’t be too late to do anything about it…. Just too late to have prevented the severity of the situation.

  1. I was not proactive when my pay was cut in half. In the final three years of my eight year career as a Vocational Counselor I knew that I was out of alignment. Simply looking at my laptop would spin me into a panic attack. I stopped doing my job. I was six months or more behind on my monthly reports (mostly because I had nothing to write since I was not working my cases).

    It was clear to me my job wasn’t working for me any longer. Yet, I failed to apply my proactive approach to it and as a result my employer cut my pay in half - leaving me with 6 months of unemployment (barely enough to pay my bills) and zero plan. I was forced into hustle mode and had to work ten times harder to get myself back to baseline, whereas had I formulated a plan concurrently with being employed I could have facilitated a much smoother transition and expansion.

  2. I was proactive with the ending of my second business, The Amplify Co., this year. I began to receive guidance and nudges in January that something was off. The energy felt different. The momentum shifted. It began to feel like more of an obligation than a desire. After sitting with the discomfort, I began to have conversations with my business partner. Conversation after conversation I walked away still feeling as if something just wasn’t right.

    When we finally came to the realization that we would be closing the business, we had originally discussed December 31st as the closing date. But I knew that I couldn’t keep my energy aligned for my clients, my book and my business with The Amplify Co. in my life…. So I spoke up about my desires and we closed at the end of September. My proactive nature to deal with the discomfort and address the signs meant that the dissolution of the business was more smooth than not, and that I got to say goodbye with honor and reverence rather than animosity and disdain.You don’t have to wait for your metaphorical house to be fully engulfed in a fire in order to pick up the extinguisher. I mean, you can wait for the house to be charred…. But you don’t have to.

You can start to learn, adjust and make changes even when you see the slightest spark or sign of smoke. You can take inspired action and begin to realign before disaster strikes. You can listen to the nudges and do something about them now, instead of waiting for the pain to be so great that your life erupts.

Where could you begin to apply some anti-aging cream on your life and be more proactive about creating what you desire? Standing up for + communicating what you want? Preventing the explosion of pent up, misaligned energy? Where can you make small adjustments using your foresight to create a more aligned future for yourself?

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Love + Leaps,

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