What have you learned this year?

Is it just me or does it feel like time is speeding up? Seriously, how is it already October?

I have spent some time this week looking back over my goals + intentions for Quarter 3, and even all the way back through the entire year. To say that this year has gone drastically different than planned is a significant understatement.

Part of me wants to be angry and disappointed with the year as very few of my expectations have been met.

Yet, at the same time, this year has far exceeded what I could have possibly imagined.

I spoke a bit about this in a Facebook Live this weekend…. About looking at what’s not working, what’s keeping us from making an impact, and the focus that we place in these areas instead of focusing on the positive.

So instead of looking at the lack of impact I’ve made this year and where I could have done better in my life and business, I’m taking a minute to reflect on what I’ve learned this year.

  1. There are a plethora of people in the world who genuinely want to support you - unconditionally - and anyone who isn’t one of these people isn’t worth your time or energy.
  2. Always, always, always say thank you. I’ve had more opportunities and magical experiences open up to me this year just from expressing gratitude. It’s powerful.
  3. Cleaning isn’t just for the springtime. Keeping your physical and spiritual worlds clean and in alignment is an everyday job.
  4. Our abilities far exceed our perception. Whatever you think you’re capable of, multiply it by 10. And then multiply that by 10 again. That’s what you’re truly capable of in this moment.
  5. Honor the departures in your life as much as the arrivals. Saying goodbye isn’t a bad thing - it’s a powerful experience that should be treated as such.

What have you learned so far in 2017? How can you bring more focus to celebrating these things - regardless of the circumstances and situations that have altered your path this year?

Because by focusing on what hasn’t happened this year (vs. what has been created and experienced) diminishes your impact in your life and the world around you.

Love + Leaps,

Bri Seeley Life Coach Signature

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