Help me support victims of domestic violence #GivingTuesday

Happy Tuesday!

A few years ago I learned of a fabulous organization, Peace Over Violence, that is not only bringing awareness to rape and sexual assault, but they are actively providing support for victims of domestic violence.

Since at least 2015, Peace Over Violence has sent a Domestic Abuse Response Team Advocate to provide in-person response to the survivor’s home with law enforcement, to the scene of the crime to provide support, crisis counseling, emotional support, advocacy, information about their rights and options, assistance with restraining order paperwork, shelter placement and resource information to survivors.

40% of all paperback orders of Permission to Leap will be donated to Peace Over Violence today for #GivingTuesday.

(FYI: 40% is my entire royalty from each book sold, which means 100% of my royalties will be going to Peace Over Violence today)

Help me support victims of domestic violence today.  

If you already purchased a paperback copy, grab one for a friend - the holidays are quickly approaching and Permission to Leap makes a great gift!

Thank you for helping me so generously give to this organization.

Love + Leaps, 

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