Ditch overwhelm and find your flow

Do you ever feel like you’re so caught up in the grind of life that you don’t have any time for fun? 

Do you ever wonder, “What is it that I am working so hard for all of the time?” because… it seems like there is no end in sight?

As hard as it is to admit, do you find yourself getting resentful of your loved ones and your career because you are always taking care of everyone else but sometimes… it feels like… nobody is taking care of you?

If you said yes to any of these statements, you’re not alone.

The truth is, this is how a lot of women are feeling right now. Overworked and overwhelmed because they are chasing standards set so high that Superwoman herself couldn't even reach them. 

This chase for perfection has become normal in our society and especially what is portrayed on social media. However, if we all got really honest, what you would find is that no one is perfect and most people are stuck in a never ending cycle of trying to prove they are enough. 

The good news is that people are waking up and sharing their challenges transparently to help others know that they are not alone. 

And, there are a lot of experts and leaders, who know exactly how to help you to break free from the pressure - stress, burnout and overwhelm - so that you can awaken the radiance within you and live your dreams. 

If you’re ready to break free from burnout and chasing perfection, I have great news!

My friend and colleague, Sheila Viers, knows exactly where you are right now. She struggled with burnout and chasing perfectionism both with her body and her career for years! Then, she made the decision to take her power back and learn how to stop doing what everyone else said she "should" do and instead, live HER dreams.

Sheila has transparently shared her story of breaking free from yo-yo dieting, leaving a cushy job in the corporate world, starting a business that she later sold for multiple six figures, moving across the country to her dream location, going through divorce and finding her soulmate, and many other examples of how she had to listen to her heart above all else and expand beyond what was familiar in order to create the life of her dreams.

Now, she wants to help other women experience this kind of fun, freedom, and flow too with the 2017 Free Your Spirit Summit.

This complimentary virtual conference kicks off on Monday, December 4, 2017 and brings together over 20 experts (including me!!) to share their expertise on how to break free from stress, burnout and overwhelm so that you can awaken the radiance within you and live your dreams.

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When you go to the link above and join us for this powerful interview series, you'll hear personal, real-life stories and actionable tips on a wide variety of topics like perfectionism, letting go of fear and worry, self-confidence, masculine and feminine energy balance, overcoming subconscious blocks, making time for self-care, body-image, relationships, money and more!

Join us, and you’ll also discover how to:

  • Untangle yourself from social media so that you’re not triggered or depleted by what you perceive others have that you think you don’t.
  • Understand masculine and feminine energy balance so that you feel like a balanced, joyful person vs always in go-go-go overdrive OR needy and like a victim.
  • Rewrite your story and know exactly how upgrade your life. Imagine being able to wake up and get out of bed feeling excited about life!
  • Have conscious communication in all of your relationships so that you can ask for help and get exactly what you need to thrive. It’s time to give other people their power/responsibility back and for you to take back your own.

And so much more!

Plus, you'll receive some amazing free gifts and resources designed to assist you on this incredible journey toward more fun, freedom, and flow!

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I can’t wait for you to join us.

Love + Leaps,

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P.S. When you attend the “Free Your Spirit Summit,” you can expect to get practical, tangible tips. Sheila created this summit for go-getter, type-A women who want actionable steps to begin loving life, experiencing more fun, freedom, and flow!

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