You are the Leader of Your Life

I recently asked the Permission to Leap online community what makes a great leader. Know what the most common answer was?


I love this answer. Because it’s true. And not just for big-scale leaders…. But for all of us, as each and every one of us is the leader of our individual lives.

Are your words matching your actions?

Are your thoughts in alignment with your desires?

Do you practice what you preach?

Do you evaluate your commitments before you say yes?

Personally, integrity is the cornerstone to my value system. Of course this doesn’t mean I’m perfect at it…. There are still a few difficult conversations on my list to wrap up before the New Year and a few outstanding energy completions that I need to attend to. But as humans, it’s always best to strive for excellence over perfection.

As we close out the energy of this year, finding completion and closing energy around difficult conversations, unsettled relationships, open and incomplete promises, and even simple things like cleaning + purging the house can be incredibly therapeutic. Because, integrity.

I like to think of my energy container as a pipeline. When I put energy towards something, it comes out the end of the pipeline. But, when I am out of integrity with people, situations or my word…. It creates holes in the pipeline. Which means, when I go to put my energy towards something important - it leaks out the holes and diminishes its impact.

All the little projects around the house, like hanging photos or taking the recycling out create energetic leaks. Promising to do something or committing to an activity and not following through, failing to respond to messages, or putting off conversations are all forms of leaky energy.

With the New Year approaching, I encourage you to look at coming into alignment with your integrity by patching as many holes in your pipeline as possible. Take responsibility for being the leader of your life. And begin to see how you can take action on your words, say yes to things that light you up and become the version of yourself who has the utmost integrity for herself in 2018 and beyond.

Love + Leaps,


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