Ask Bri Anything: December Edition

“I recently enrolled in a training to gain new skills so that I can move on from my current job. And all the sudden, my coworkers are being mean to me. They’re being petty and defensive towards me, and are upset that I don’t want to be in my current position forever. What gives?” -Frustrated at Work

Here’s the hard reality of leaping: not everyone is going to support you.

And here’s why…. You are likely triggering within them all the ways in which they are not saying yes to their desires. They see in you a confidence towards all the things they are terrified of.

This happens frequently when you decide to take a stand for your vision. Not only do people begin to see where they are not taking a stand for their vision, but they also begin to project the anger and frustration they have with themself onto you.

Because of this, it’s really important to be doing your own internal work to remain clear about what is yours and what is theirs. By not having a clear internal foundation, your perspective can begin to be colored by the opinions, vibrations and projections of the people around you (especially people who you are in such close quarters with day in and day out).

Earlier this year, I had someone in my inner circle approach me and give me some insanely negative “feedback” about who I am in the world. I happened to be in a very vulnerable, unsure place and because my inner foundation was feeling a bit shaky - I actually believed this person! Even though I felt into it and recognized that it didn’t feel like truth to me, I began to look for ways that I it was true.

After months of introspection, healing and inner work, I realized that it was simply a projection. This person was placing their issues onto me and expecting me to change my life because of it.

My biggest tip for when this happens is detachment. It’s hard to not care about people in our lives - we’re compassionate humans after all. But it’s important to remember that your decisions are yours, and their decisions are theirs. Allow them to have their decisions, and in turn, create space between the two of you so that you can make and own your decisions without taking on their projections.

Saying yes to happiness means saying no to things and people that stress you out. - Thelma Davis

Remember, it’s not selfish to put yourself, your needs, and your leap first. It’s necessary.

Love + Leaps,


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