Calm Amidst the Chaos

You know that feeling of being swept up in the chaos…... One minute it’s swirling around you and before you know it, you’re feet are no longer on the ground and you’re being thrown about, pulled into situations and circumstances that aren’t yours, getting drawn deeper and deeper into the energy vortex.


Then come the attempts to get out of it.


We dive head first into reacting to the circumstances to restore the calm. We consult friends and colleagues. We rearrange our external environment. We try to fix and manage and smooth out the situations.

And while it may seem to calm things momentarily, another round of chaos is just beyond the next bend.


Why is this? Why is it that we finally just get to the calm, and the world spins into chaos again?


Well….. It’s because while the world teaches us to react to external environments + circumstances {and we can fix these areas over and over and over again}, if we’re not addressing our internal foundation - chaos will be our normal…. Chaos will be our default setting. For life.


Because the truth is that it’s never about what’s happening TO you. There will always be circumstances and situations. And you can choose to be led by them, or you can choose to take responsibility and LEAD it.


I know…. I can hear you already. “But Bri, what does that even mean?”


Well, it means having a personal foundation that is so strong - nay indestructible - that you could step into a full on tsunami of chaos and not be affected by it.


Which translates to:

  • No more being tossed around from one circumstance to another.

  • No more feeling helpless and controlled by external situations.

  • No more victim mentality.

  • No more getting lost in the chaos.


It’s about you being the leader of your life. It’s about you building a solid inner foundation so that nothing can shake it. It’s about knowing that you’ve been lied to for your entire life by a society that wants to keep us looking outside of ourselves so that we stay in the chaos.


Imagine it. Imagine living a life that isn’t constantly being dictated and driven by circumstances.


What would it mean to you if you were able to lead your life, instead of being led by it?


And, more importantly - What is it costing you to not be there right now?


You can either continue to allow the world to dictate your experience of life and be in near constant chaos mode…... or you can take responsibility lead it and live from an unshakable inner calm regardless of the situation you find yourself in.


You have a choice.


Just a few days ago, I released a digital course to support women in doing just this. It’s a foundational course to support you in creating a life that inspires you. It consists of six modules that will allow you to become the leader of your life. They are designed to shift your perspective, step into a strong inner resiliency, and create the kind of internal foundation that is completely earthquake proof.


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This is my jam. I’m committed to women taking responsibility for their lives. I’m committed to women leading their lives, instead of being led by their lives. I’m committed to women being widely resilient so that they can be amazing in the world.


Being tossed around by life isn’t benefiting you or anyone else. There is another way. But it takes some deep internal readjustments. It takes some clarity, repairing the cracks in your internal foundation, and developing an unwavering internal strength.


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