Gratitude. It’s one of the three most important energies in the world {alongside love and compassion}.


Gratitude has the power of transformation on it’s side. Because when you’re truly in gratitude, it’s impossible to experience hatred, fear, anxiety, overwhelm, etc.


But what about those days when emotions are all to present? What about those days where the hatred, fear, anxiety, overwhelm, etc. is just too real? The days when no amount of rainbows nor unicorns can help.


Because it’s really easy to be grateful when life is going our way. It’s obvious to be in gratitude when life is handing us exactly what we desire. It’s natural to be in gratitude when we have a purring kitty on our lap and a cup of tea in our hands.


Except….. That’s not 100% of life.


Life is full of ups and downs, hits and misses, plans and surprises, effortless unfoldings and sticky transitions. The entire depth and breadth of our experience deserves our gratitude - not just the puppies and blue skies and brunches with our besties, but also the denial of opportunities, the rejection of our desires, the job loss, the breakup, the unknowing.


It is all worthy of your gratitude.


Here’s the trick though…. We don’t want to be using gratitude as a band-aid. Bypassing our “negative” feelings is all too real in our society. It’s very appealing to “gratitude” our way out of the hatred, fear, anxiety, overwhelm, etc. But that’s not gratitude. That’s a little technique more commonly known as ‘denial’ {which I’ll save for another day}.


So today, I invite and encourage you to look at gratitude past the perfect sunrises, and the ideal sales numbers, and the perfect new hair-do. Not that those things are unimportant…. But it’s just that so much of the juiciness of life lies in being grateful for the not-so-ideal-surprises and the unexpected detours.