A Loving Reminder

A loving reminder this week to not allow anyone to invalidate your experience, feelings, or emotions.


Last week I had someone tell me that the feelings I was experiencing made me “too sensitive.” And that since I was “so sensitive” that we weren’t aligned to be connected as friends and colleagues.


And it fucking pissed me off.


I don’t get angry often. But I was (and still am a little) angry.


It is not the place of ANYONE in your life to tell you that your experience or emotions are wrong. The simple fact that you are feeling something makes your experience valid.


Your feelings are not wrong. They can never be wrong. You cannot be too sensitive.


But as it turns out, people can be too IN-sensitive.


And then they turn their insensitivity and discomfort onto others. Shaming others. And making others question their truths.


Simply because they “cannot handle you” or are not able to hold space for you does not make them right and you wrong. Period.


It is time for each of us to stand up for ourselves, and to stop letting the IN-sensitives of the world invalidate our experiences [and emotions].


You, my love, are divine in your sensitivity and perfect in the entire depth and breadth of your experiences and emotions.


Please never let anyone tell you otherwise.

And if they do - feel free to send them my way. I’d be happy to read to them my poem entitled, ‘Ode to an Insensitive Old Man,’ which you can hear in its entirety HERE.