Day One

I've experienced conversation after conversation over the last few weeks with women from all over the world. We've talked about the leaps they desire to take in life, the deep soul + heart yearning that this desire has sparked within them, and what is possible for them within this desire.

Sounds inspiring, right?

It is. It's so fucking inspiring. I get the opportunity to witness the epic potential that this world is filled with through each interaction. It makes my heart sing and my eyes tear up. This is what we're all here for.

And then.

And then immediately on the other side of this opportunity, I started seeing a trend that makes my heart break into a million little pieces.

Almost immediately after the expression of wants and desires, there's a contraction. It's a practice that has been conditioned into each of us.


You can't have what you want.

It's not actually possible.

You're going to fail.

You don't have the resources you need to succeed.


Let's pause for a hot second though. Why don't we allow ourselves the space to want? To desire? To dream?

What if you could want what you want without that immediate knee-jerk reaction of shooting yourself down and giving yourself a lashing filled with judgement and condemnation?

I'm inviting you to play a little game with me - just for today. Tomorrow you can go back to normal. But today, give yourself permission to try something new. I recorded a 3-part video series for you to explain it all. Click on the photo to get access to the videos now.

Once you’ve watched it, be sure to hop over to our Permission to Leap community and share your commitment to play today!

Also, I’ll be sharing a second video with you tomorrow…. So keep an eye out for it. It will open your eyes into another perspective.

I can’t wait to hear all about how your experience is with this adventure.