Day Two

Note: This is part two of a three part series. If you missed yesterday’s blog, be sure to check it out here.


What wants and desires came to the surface for you yesterday? Were you able to let them be present without talking yourself out of them?


I want you to turn the tables for yourself today and look at all the things stopping you. Sounds like a bad idea, right? Why would we focus on all that negativity?


Well, think about kids at night being scared of monsters and shadows in the dark.... how would you get rid of the darkness? Turn on a light.


I recorded another video for you to begin to get clear about what is standing in the way of your desires and what to do about it. Click on the photo below to gain access to this 3-part video series.

I would love to hear the results of this exercise for you today! Come join our chat in the Permission To Leap community and let's shine our lights together.


There's a third (and final!) video coming for you tomorrow. Make a note to catch this one because it's going to help tie the entire experience together for you and support you in moving forward. If you didn't catch the video yesterday, be sure to sign up to receive all three videos HERE