Reflect on the First Half of 2017

Well, it’s official. 2017 is HALF over. I’m not exactly sure how this happened… or where it went…. But it’s an undeniable fact.


I don’t know about you, but the energy of this year has been drastically different than expected. 2017, in Numerology terms, is a 1 Universal year. This means it is a year of new beginnings, fresh starts, realignment, and birthing.


The part I always forget about in this process is that along with arrivals come departures. Because in order for there to be space for your new beginnings to exist, the things that are no longer in alignment with this newness must first be removed.


This can either be an easy process of trusting in the release of what’s no longer needed…. Or it can be a painful process of holding on and resisting.


I’ve recorded a meditation to support you in assessing and honoring the arrivals and departures over the first six months of the year, as well as an opportunity to breathe in what is yet to be created in your life in the coming six months.


You can access this meditation here.


Remember: whatever is existing within you has the possibility of existing outside of you as well. It’s up to you to first believe in the inevitability of what you desire.