How I Wrote a 50,000 Word Book in Eight Weeks

Well, that’s ambitious.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

That’s not enough time.

Right, but it’s not going to be a FULL manuscript….


When I set the goal of writing a book this summer, most people thought I was nuts. No one believed that I would be able to get the bulk of my manuscript done during my 2-week trip to Seattle.


Except then I did it. And those same people who doubted me before change their tune.


That’s impressive.

Wait, how many words did you write?

Hold up - you’re launching it before the end of the year?

You wrote it in how many weeks?


Now, while the insights I’m going to give you are specific to this experience of writing my book…. they’re Universal insights that can be applied to any leap you are about to embark on.


1. I didn’t make it about me.

Let’s be clear - I’ve never desired to write a book. Ever. Yes, you read that right. I went from never wanting to write a book to having completed a 50,000 word manuscript in seven months. How is that?


It was January and I was deep in meditation with Peechez on my lap when I heard, “You’re writing a book this year. And you’re leaving LA for two weeks in June to do it.”


The book came to me. I didn’t seek it out. I didn’t force it. It was divinely inspired and remained so throughout the entire process.


Did I have some moments of freaking out? Absolutely. I had doubts about my ability to eloquently communicate, about having enough to say, about what people would think, about failing to finish it.


And every time after allowing myself to experience the fears and honoring my humanity, I returned to the mantra: This isn’t about me. I am the vessel. I simply allow the content to flow through my consciousness.


2. I was clear about my commitment.

When I receive such clear and powerful messages, I don’t question them. I accepted the guidance and, knowing that it came from source I took full responsibility for saying yes to what lay ahead.


I followed the signs. Allowed the Universe to create the path in front of me. And I dedicated myself to remaining committed.


On the days when I questioned what I had said yes to, I did the inner work to inquire about where my hesitation was stemming from. On the days when I wanted to stay in bed and not face the world, I gave myself a hot second to honor that and then figured out what I needed to get back on track. On the days when I wanted to run from it all and set my computer on fire, I allowed myself to breathe more deeply and sit in meditation for longer. On the days when I was so tired that existing felt like a chore, I held my heart with compassion, allowed the tears to flow, took a nap and then got myself up + out of the house to write.


Not finishing this book stopped being an option a long time ago…. Because I didn’t allow it to be an option. If I was gifted with this inspiration and I was committed to doing something about it. Period.


3. I invested in my success.


This is the biggest reason for my success in finishing and releasing this book. I know the power of investing in oneself. Not only do I support others in doing it for their life - but I walk my talk and do it in my own life as well.


In May I hired a marketing team to be by my side through the entire development, writing, editing and launch process. Saying yes to this is possibly the most terrifying thing I have done in my life.


I cried about it and had anxiety attacks for three weeks. I talked to my clairvoyant and my reiki practitioner and my friends and my guides. I prayed for money. I meditated for clarity.


And in the end, I knew that there wasn’t a question. If I was going to write this book in a short time, I needed people on my team to guide me in the right direction, educate me on the process, remind me of my greatness and kick my ass. I also knew that the level of anxiety I was experiencing was directly proportionate to the expansion I would be experiencing - and while it scared the shit out of me, I reminded myself that it wasn’t about me and that I was committed to trusting the Universe.


I can unequivocally say that if I had not said yes to this investment, I’d still be talking about my book. It is THE ONE THING that has supported me the most in turning my vision into my reality.


My invitation to you is to look at where you can apply these three lessons to your current leap. Where are you making it about you? Where are you failing to commit? And what are you willing to do about it?