How do you learn?

In my years and years of experience in taking leaps, entrepreneurialism and spiritual growth I have found that there are two main ways to learn and grow.



The first is listening to the whispers, feeling the nudges and following the breadcrumbs. The Universe is always around us showing us the way and it’s up to us to listen, feel and follow. We have the opportunity to take the guidance in front of us every single day and run with it.


This is what it means to be in the flow. The major benefit of this learning style is that it allows you to course correct on a regular basis, because when something stops working you receive another whisper or nudge to pivot. It encourages you to check-in regularly because you’re in a more frequent dialogue with the Universe about your path.


{spoiler alert: there is an ENTIRE chapter dedicated to this in Permission to Leap!}


The other way of learning is via the Universal 2x4. You know, the large pieces of wood that are used to frame houses? Yeah, that kind of 2x4.


This is the anti-flow.


It’s the kind of learning where you avoid or ignore all of the hints, prods and suggestions from the Universe (usually hoping they’ll disappear at some point, which they never do). You continue with what you know, refusing to course correct and eventually ending up so far off your path that the only thing to get you back on track…. is a 2x4.


It can show up in a number of ways - a severe illness, car accident, job loss, divorce or separation, death of a loved one, legal entanglement, or more. Why does the Universe do this? To get your attention because you haven’t been hearing, feeling and following.


You get to learn through ease and flow, or through a swift kick in the behind.


I was reading an article last week that illustrated this perfectly through a story about a routine passenger flight from New Zealand to Antarctica in the 1970’s. Did you know that 90% of the time, all flights are off their planned trajectory? Which isn’t a problem if you’re course correcting and following the guidance of the Universe to bring you back to your path.


But it’s a huge problem if you’re not. This particular flight wasn’t aware that the initial coordinates they were using to take off were a mere 2° wrong. And because they weren’t course correcting…. The plane ended up almost 30 miles away from its destination. Which doesn’t seem like a lot, but it becomes a huge issue when just 30 miles away is a volcano.


That plane never made it to the destination because it failed to course correct and crashed into the volcano. Had those coordinates been slightly adjusted in the beginning, this story would have had a very different outcome.


Are you following the breadcrumbs? Or ignoring the whispers?


Are you course correcting to return back to your path again and again? Or is a Universal 2x4 in your future?


With the Fall Equinox having just passed, this is a great time to reevaluate where you are in relation to your path, identifying what signs and signals you’ve been ignoring (and celebrating the ones you’ve been following!) and how you can come back into alignment to learn from a place of flow.


I would love to hear your insights on this - join me in the Permission to Leap group online and share your thoughts and realizations with me.


Love + Leaps,