It's not you, it's me.....

I'm sitting here with my fingers poised over the keys.... I've been in the exact same position for an hour.

I figure that maybe if I stay like this for long enough, and stare at the blank page on the screen the magic will happen + the words will start to flow..... That's how it works, right?

It's the New Year. And our social media feeds are full of people bragging about their goals. And their focus. And their go-getter attitude..... photo upon photo of inspirational and motivating quotes and gym selfies {Am I right?}. But what about those of us that aren't feeling it?

The holidays are notorious for skewing focus and distracting us from our vision. Yup, it even happened to me. As if the fire that's usually raging inside has dulled to quiet glowing embers. Maybe it didn't get the memo about New Years having passed.

Sometimes rekindling that fire is as easy as getting out into nature. Or connecting with some inspirational women friends. But what if those things aren't working?

Maybe it's time to call in the big guns to create a plan of attack. Maybe it's time to do things differently. Maybe it's time to embrace what isn't working and make room for some new + fresh energy, habits, actions, and mindset. 

Because forcing your life to happen isn't how it's done. Let me support you in allowing it to unfold with ease.

In two weeks, I will be guiding a small group of women through finding clarity to connect with their WHY, rewiring their belief patterns, creating new habits, and becoming the INSPIRATIONAL WOMEN they were born to be. I want to personally invite YOU to join us.

Yes, the New Year can be a little over hyped..... but it is such a fantastic time to take stock of what is/isn't working in life + create a new trajectory for yourself.

This is YOUR LIFE we're talking about. And being anything less than extraordinary everyday isn't your path. You were not created to be mediocre. You were not created to live a status quo life. You are not on this planet to wash, rinse, and repeat outdated motions.

You were created as an INSPIRATIONAL WOMAN. And what better time than right now to set yourself up for success?

During this 10-week period, you will apply LASER FOCUS to one specific goal + completely conquer it, while becoming the kind of woman you envision in your dreams. I will be directly supporting you in your transformation + achieving this goal by:

  • Setting up your personal system for success to ensure you remain on track for the entire year.
  • Providing a new perspective to align with your desired goal.
  • Addressing + removing any obstacles and blocks that have held you back from achieving your previous goals.
  • Increasing your natural ability for positive thinking.
  • Creating a supportive and thriving environment with other passionate women.
  • Giving you the opportunity for daily accountability.

Know the best part about the skills you'll gain? You can use them over and over and over again to continue supporting you in your embodiment as an INSPIRATIONAL WOMAN.

Click on the button below to break-up with mediocrity {Yup, in total 'it's not you, it's me' style} and schedule up a time to talk with me about carving yourself a new path for the rest of your life.